Healthcare in the UK GP’s NHS outer london

Whomever is to blame, the patient isn’t concerned with whom, all they know is the GP system is often failing for them as a system, out of the 5 visits I’ve made to a GP in last 15 years, I would not consider I got £1600 worth of treatment ? 100k a year on average seems excessive. The field of medicine imo relative to the issues that people have, is till in its infancy regardless of the all knowing 1950’s parent aura that some Gp’s seem to exude. The box of cures rattles half empty it seems, except for elements of physical surgery, The box of treatments is stuffed with chemical imbalancing, side effect causing, mediocre treatments that sometimes successfully alleviate symptoms, but often leave the patient worse off in the long run. The 1920’s colonial from 12 feet viewed, style of symptomatic visual diagnosis is completely out of date, I’d rather have as much scientific testing / screening done as possible by a machine, and leave the rest that cant be done by a machine or is of immediate urgency done by doctors, its not good a doctor seeing the quantity of people they try to get through in a day, if he wants push those cases to some useful form of health resolution for each individual patient. Id rather a system in which surgery’s/GP’s were paid for treatments, consultations, and outcomes, the current whether government engineered or gp engineered system, seems to lead to a situation in which gp’s profits are created by deferring people from visits or treatment, as they make a greater profit from the total they are given if they spend less themselves on the patient, GP’s should be paid on a time / healthcare outcome basis, especially since the falsely perceived vocational element seems to have gone completely or lost all of its respect, I think that respect for gp’s has died with the complete cultural fragmentation of our culture down to the bedrock of monetary divide, this situation only wasn’t so … for a brief period of time post the formation of the NHS, in its heyday 1948-1976. If healthcare were private completely in the UK, it would be a form of healthcare ransom shakedown / robbery as it is in America, whereby people who work in healthcare even in relatively basic posts are excessively wealthy compared to to other people around them in culture, which leads as always to further divide and erosion of trust, and leads to the standard situation found globally, which is also true in Britain but not as excessively so. If your poor, you die earlier, and you will often lead a less constitutionally sound life, for those years in which you are on a doctors books.

If like me you live in urban poor outer london, this will be the scenario: the appointment delay is 2-3 weeks in being seen, you will get 15 minutes of someones time who is being paid 100k a year, who will make short shrift of you and your ailments and persuade you in general to take a form of painkillers or antibiotics if your lucky and say come back in 2 weeks, or if your really lucky put you forward to a specialist who is equally overloaded, the only time a gp will push your case forward is when he’s reminded of your case when staring at the computer screen in that 15 minutes you might be able to book once every 2 weeks, other than that your healthcare is your own affair, The system mainly revolves around waiting for something to break major style, heart attack etc and going to A&E to get something done about it, rather than preventative care to catch complex subtle illnesses that go on to kill later, The GP profession in my poor area seems mainly loaded with foreign asian doctors whom turn over more frequently than my visits, or locums. and sadly reception staff who have lost any sense of care due to them at them being at a frontline of a system that seems perpetually under collapse, I’m sure as always its mainly the sharp operator Gp’s who benefit the most from the system, by placing their own financial comfort first, rather than their patients. The NHS should employ NHS only Gp’s recruited directly and pay them on the basis of hours and outcomes, and make sure they employ a range of native people, who understand its a vocation, but at the same time do not exude any ego, and are completely honest and clear about the failings of medicine currently, and where it has domain over ailments and where its understanding is currently sparsely informed and lacking, because allot of the time a patient gets a diagnosis that has little or no cure and limited treatment, arriving at this point is no doubt a written down in reports as successful resolution and diagnosis of an issue, but doctors should start to be very clear with patients that naming and recognise some ailment doesn’t mean doctors understand anything useful about it, and is only the beginning of the journey of medicine.

The prescription systems needs complete overhaul the idea that to renew a prescription in this day and age, one has to hand a scrip form in at the surgery and then wait 2 working days (meaning over bank holiday weekends (5 days?), illness doesn’t take a break on “non work days” and then return to the surgery to pick up the scrip then go to the chemists to pick it up, is archaic ? If amazon can like clockwork, deliver a vitamin to my door once a month on time, then why not the NHS ? this to me seems like a lack as usual with the NHS of getting with the technological times and putting in place the infrastructure to make things happen ? Amazon could certainly do the delivery to peoples door better than the NHS will ever manage.

Uk taxes paid amazon apple google

There is indeed a relevance in apple amazon and google paying more corporation tax in the country’s in which they generate revenue. But let’s be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing the value creation that amazon generates for the customer, also happening from governments to the voters, lets say the governments of the eu get an extra 1 trillion by closing loopholes, and thankfully luxembourg stops getting stuffed with revenues ? what’s the betting those same eu governments have an ever greater ability to squander that tax generated ? investment wise than amazon do ? That money would be instantly sucked up and disappear into a bloated benefits system often exploited by foreigners, it maybe we need to recoup that tax. But I can assure you the government will squander as usual whatever is raised . And in terms of tax avoidance I’m sure the the foreign owned and run small shops and cafes in my high street would be closed and empty if it weren’t for the cash economy and the shenanigans of claiming losses year in year out, not that rates aren’t killing most businesses there. But It seems to me that most businesses in my high street must survive by making big losses, with hidden cash based cash flows that don’t register, that’s my conclusion anyway ? Of course there are the success story retail outlets in the high street paying taxes but I think they represent just a small portion of the struggling high street. But weirdly the entrepreneurialism just goes on, even after I’ve seen 6 restaurants open and close within a year. The sector where are still making silly money and paying little tax if any the property rentals sector. That needs tackling just as much.

Crucial M4 or C300 SSD, definitive to patch trim support on or not, and best imac ssd install guide

here is some info to back up the idea that even even crucial suggest that trim being on is good idea and anandtech say you should run with trim on for the M4 even though it has garbage collection, I got this info from another site :
apple support forums M4 trim discussion post
in the above forum post it references two articles below about crucial SSD’s and whether garbage collection is sufficient, the jist of it is, in the crucial c300 and M4’s ssd drives case it is worth running the drive with trim on.
crucial forum post 1
crucial forum post 2
and an anandtech article clearly stating that the crucial M4 needs an os with trim support to make sure that performance doesn’t degrade long term, with performance metrics to back it up.

and if you need help in enabling trim i recommend to enable trim using this method :

if anybody is finding that there trim support got disabled in 10.8.3 12D78 or the instructions to enable trim didn’t work with their ssd on ML 10.8.3 12D78, then I recommend having a look at this python patcher,
python trim patcher & instructions
but bear in mind its not for amateurs or the faint hearted, but it worked for me in getting trim support enabled on a crucial M4 128gb drive when the terminal commands in this article didn’t work. place the python file in root and sudo run it with the apply argument as noted in the instructions and bear in mind instruction get the file name wrong compared to that in the zip so you will have to be aware of this and correct for it. please read the instructions etc.

if you have got trim enabled a while after the SSD has been in use ? and what to clear freespace on the SSD to ensure that trim and Garbage collection is done, then >

“You can do it by booting into single user mode (CMD + s) and then typing fsck -ffy at the root prompt and it will erase all free spec and prep for TRIM.”

once the fsck command has worked enter

to restart the computer, and a fuller explanation re fsck process here why apple has decided to remove the erase free space option for SSD’s i have no idea ? except they presume TRIM has been on since install, although I know of plenty of users who have apple SSD from purchase that claim they have come with trim OFF, so i’m not sure thats a valid reason to take this option from the GUI user ?

not at the point of needing to enable trim … as you have yet installed one ? Need a guide to install an SSD in a mid 2011 imac ?
click on the link below ?

if you need the best/simplest and cheapest method to install an ssd in your imac mid 2011, I recommend the best ive found by toby guide here

App store more detailed post

This is a formal complaint and desire for feedback from Apple support Admins (simple apple loving forum trolls beware my wrath) as to how to sort various issues, with the OS X app store application, I’d prefer to have a separate software update system for operating system updates, as at least the previous system seemed to work cleanly whereas the new app store version does not ? another 3 hours of my life dedicated to solving problems with an operating system which didnt exist in the previous versions of the OS ? rather than actually getting work done with my 27″ imac recently updated to mountain lion.

Some updates appear twice simultaneously in the app store updates section for example the imovie 9.0.9 update appears once as an individual update and once within the system updates ? in the image below, not noticing it was bundled within the system updates, as I had that folded up at the time, I clicked on the individual separate 9.0.9 imovie update. and the following badly written error dialog appears :

app store updating bugs

app store updating bugs

But I did discover doing the same update, but from the top system related software updates section instead of the singular lower app updates section, meant the update would install, but with some other bugs, including the singular update remaining in the lower list and the icon of the installed app being blurry/pixelated until I had restarted the machine.

this same error also happened for the singular iPhoto 9.4.3 update, which was only installed successfully when installing from the software update section link, and once it had installed, the icon for iPhoto was blurry and pixelated until I restarted the computer, but even then once the iphoto 9.4.3 update had installed it refused to then remove the update from the singular section of updates at the bottom of the screen, the app store seemingly still thinking it needed installing ? this really isn’t good enough as a system

some application update failed to install at all and then refused to appear as updates that needed doing afterwards, so I lost two system updates entirely, a safari being one of the updates which disappeared and now im stuck on 6.0.4 as the app store doesn’t think they’re are any updates for safari needed and doesn’t show them ? or maybe the 6.0.6 update was withdrawn as I can find no reference to it on the web at all ? and the log doesn’t mention it either ? this is where a user viewable history of app store activity with purchases and updates installed / apps installed etc would be very valuable.

I have also seen the app store mis-register whether apps are installed at all, ie perceiving them to be installed when they’re not etc ?

and refusing to allow the deinstall or re-installs of apps properly through app store interface ?

OK here is my point …

its one thing to foist on your users, your software cash till the “App Store” onto each and every machine and run your own DRM system through it which by default attempts to prevent the installation of software other than through your own cash till the App Store but >

Its another thing entirely … to replace a system that at least worked for system software updates, ie the old “software update” system, with a new app store system software updates system, which in relative fair comparison is shot through with bugs and annoyances, this is completely a backward step in my actual experience in comparison to the system it replaced ? here are a list of the bugs i’m experiencing as a user of this “app store”

1: conflicts seeming to occur between system software updates and singular app store app updates which the app store then come up with an error for that doesn’t explain the issue.

2: App store not properly registering which app’s are installed or whether they’ve been uninstalled manually ? this maybe indicates that app removal should be a part of the app store. and that perhaps it should be able.

3: no decent way of reinstalling app’s completely, that consistently works

4: system software updates failing to install and then not successfully being to recover from a filed update and offer the same update again, no in my scenario those updates just vanished from being visible to the app store system, what was it marking them a successful install beofre it had succeeded at updating them ?

5: no way, as within the previous software updates system to select multiple individual updates and have them queued to install sequentially whilst skipping a specific update I don’t want ? ie say itunes 11 for instance, this was easy and completely feasible with the previous software updates system tick based system far superior in my opinion ?

6: secondarily I could within the previous system software update system choose to store specific system software update downloads and use them to update other machines rather than having to spend time afresh red-downloading the same updates on other individual machines, which is much faster on poor bandwidth scenarios, for large combo updates etc than the current system ? especially for those people who support many many machines for a living like I do ?

7: some updated app icons being blurry after update until I did a restart of the machine

8: I have even had the scenario where the ‘app store’ mistakenly thought an app in this case which was free ie ‘blackmagic speed test’ was installed when it was not and then refused to allow me to download the app again, yet it was only available in the app store ? and this issue could not be got round by downloading the app from the makers site, as they were foolishly relying on your ‘app store’ as its only delivery method to their users ?

9: Without a deinstall option, I have as i’m sure many others might attempt a de-install by clicking on the x next to an installed app, only to realise that does some weird kind of hiding of the purchase, that then has to be reinstated in some complex way, which only accidentally discovered by chance, and manual uninstalls do not seems wise expecially when drm is involved but the app store does not seem to have any un-install system ?

10: there is no list of licences ore serials purchased when you purchase an app so that you can see what seats/family licences have been used and on what computers, and no way of making the purchases on the app store portable to any other setup, thereby making the licences that are purchased int he app store much less valuable than purchasing an actual serial numbered piece of software

11: certain applications, are no longer un-installable mail being one of them, which if you attempt to remove it from the OS will completely knacker your os install and mail setup such that it is no longer possible to cleanly reinstall it, any application even if produced by the OS provider should not be so deeply wound into the os such that it cant be removed cleanly and reinstalled, not allowing this is a this is a major failing.

12: No decent history system to see which updates and apps were successfully installed, apart from trawling through and decoding install logs, highly non user friendly.

13: It needs a way to establish which application and where installed its trying to update, like a reveal in finder button, as its is fully possible depending on the drives connected to have older apps and alternate version of apps installed in more than one place, and this confuses the apps tore as it doesn’t understand such intricacies and doesn’t know what to manage and what to ignore.

14: And of course as per usual because if it all operates of just one apple ID only at a time, it doesn’t take account, households with more than one apple ID and being logged in with more than one apple ID on one computer at a time, which is one of the reasons to run the system off serials and licences etc.

15: And if apps are installed system wide how do separate users even with separate apple ID’s handle being logged in on the same machine or not ? do they all gte access to the apps or just the user etc etc etc, the potential and possible problems go on

16: how do you specify that a machine should be removed from the licensing for for an an app ? you only appear to be able to do this by removing the entire apple ID at a time.

17: how do you transfer a licence from one apple Id to another ? basically currently an impossible no no.

18 what happens when a couple share an ID separate how can you separate who gets what apps ? you cant, the system is to some extent limited and flawed and will remain so, cheapening the value of software purchased from the app store, from a value perspective over time, or if eventually the App store eco system or Apple itself has its demise, how does one transfer the value out of the apple app store apple ID ecosystem in general ? you don’t – your setup currently to lose that value as its more a kind of rental license, but lets say you to reinstall the software on another system other than apple you couldn’t ?

all these bugs are much worse than the old software update system ? which it now seems was much more finessed and without such stressful issues ? recently i feel like im getting a worse operating system with the newer releases, lion and mountain lion etc, and as a tech support have cause me massive amount of unecessary work to sort out the problems your new OS have caused. Snow Leopard was the last decent improvement in my opinion, what on earth were you thinking with removing “save as” or locking files after 2 weeks without being opened ? it seems your making more booboo’s than getting things right, and I think its best you hear it rather than living in a dillusion ? why are you finding it so hard to make the right user interface decisions creatively ? if your intending on dumming down os x to make it operate like ios and converge, you will not find me as a customer willing to put up with it, computer operating systems have to be functional for doing real work ?

solutions please ASAP to this currently buggy system ? and don’t suggest a “clean install” otherwise i may as well use a Microsoft operating system ?

Having attempted to put this post to apple on the support communities it appears to have been summarily deleted, as per usual indicating to me that apple support forums really just offer them the greatest form of censorship possible for their own software products. And proof if any were needed that all company forums should be independently run separate from the company by law.

os x App store is a pile of DRM shit compared to the old software update

It’s one thing to force us to use, this DRM cash till app store on us, its another thing to foist a load of buggy shit that doesn’t work and degrade our experience of the OS through the app stores crappy functioning, why does apple seem to be making such backward fucking steps these day, my prediction is the company is too large and they have too sucessfully insulated themselves from user feedback, meaning they’re incapable of seeing how shit they’re software is in the field in actual operation.

App store is a pile of DRM shit compared to the old software update

same updates appearing twice but only one working from the os x update iPhoto 9.4.3 being a case in point and it not explaining why the update wasn’t working ?
app icons appearing wrong and blurry after updating in the dock
some appilcations failing to install at all and then not appearing up as updates that need doing afterwards, lost two system updates after this safari 6.0.6 being a case in point and now im stuck on 6.0.4 as app store doesnt think theyre are any updates?
mis-registering whether apps are installed at all, ie percieving them to be installed when theyre not etc ?
and refusing to allow re-installs of apps

App store is badly written and buggy as crap compared to the old software update system

And the fact they attempt to deny you from installing apps any other way than the app store by default is fucking criminal, considering the kind of crap they’ve thrown on Microsoft over the years for anti competitive practices.

grr this is annoying at least software update didnt fail like this, and why doe we have this new system so apple can tie in the cash register deeper into the OS thats why.

Why the mental healthcare system currently doesnt work

Care in the community was over and indulged ideology, Deyan Deyanov is a perfect example how open borders policys and the data protection act, and the current mental healthcare system is creating a triumvirate of total failure.

The re-development of psychiatric hospital’s and mental asylum’s into housing estates, has basically been a total disaster, murderers should not be entitled to the use of the data protection act. this has to be rectified immediately

The open borders policy of europe means our systems are open to abuse and pressure from every mentally unwell person in europe this is unacceptable. Also you need a translator for every foreign case who comes along, the cost of that alone is ridiculous. people should be repatriated for mental healthcare to their country of origin regardless of the “ECHR” view on human rights. What they’re entitled to is the healthcare system of their country of origin.

Secondarily care in the community basically means a scenario of rotating people into and out of a bed, maybe people get a bed for a week or two two then they are turfed out and another person is rotated in. resources aren’t the issue, the destruction of the long term asylum, is the issue.

“Our detailed investigations, into the treatment provided to Mr Deyanov are continuing and it would be premature to offer comment at this stage”

bullshit language used by political types

“any response we are able to provide is likely to be limited due to confidentiality restrictions imposed on us under the Data Protection Act”

the data protection being used as a shield to hide behind in terms of not providing any useful information, the behaviour of evil self preserving shits.

dayen dayenov

posts from the archive : wow warcraft rant

At this time

“aaargh … now were getting at the truth … in another words were too lazy ‘right now’ to develop such a facility, like we might bother if our customer numbers got real low, but right F****N now the earnings we have, which are greater than the GDP of many small countrys ~ just isnt enough ? money ? to put any people ? on this quite obviously insane region transfer idea you have, not even ‘TOM’ from technical support here’s salary, for instance ? what we would rather do is employ him at 30k a year, to say nothing of any value, in as many a varied & complicated no commitment marketing spiel like ways as possible, to all our customers, via email instead. Because that seems from our giant corporo perspective like a better use of money ?!!?! in relation to our three highly over exploited gaming ip’s ?

And truthfully were just making way too much money, to give a shit about the 130 days of your sorry life, you put in to your fire mage ‘flimflam’ or whatever dickwad name your char goes by ! (you should have chosen rogue) even though if land and building materials costs likewise, weren’t outrageously priced, you could have built yourself a real-world house in that 130 day timeframe, instead of deciding to invest it all, in a virtual epic orange cloak called “the cover of absolute dick mastery +9″, which we will of course nerf the stats on and make pointless, as soon as the next inevitable upgrade comes out, and we will change the textures on your entire outfit so instead of glowing and shining, just some kind of stinky gaseous emanation will float up from it with a few flys now, and also because blizzard only employ cultists, weve decided for a laugh to rebalance your class as a kind of prada wearing jester fag who gets bonus attack points by bending over and playing his instrument, and at the same time you must reacharound and service the boss before his “engage me tenderly timer” runs out whilst remembering to juggle your own balls every third second of every third minute or else your HP will halve on every proc of cockmastery that your cloak no longer protects you from, and also weve decided to program your talent tree to detect when when youve just worked out your perfect build, all invested points will then rotate 67 degrees into a fifth dimension, further to that weve decided to label all addons when your ass twitches or every update whichever comes first as incompatible, because its not like addons are needed to raid or anything! just look at youtube raiding videos no addons visible there ?!?! and the people who write addons don’t contribute to the success of our game in any way ?! (insert deep sense of irony here) their just more f*****s to screw like you the customer who also have no role to play in the success of blizzard ? except in your ability to be addicted in a masochistic way, and therefore no say, but in our genorosity, we decided we will give you the opportunity for 4000 gold to choose to tatoo your character in the face, with a limited 10 million edition “I suck blizzard cock logo” but obviously this mission will only be available to those dedicated players who are prepared to pay 15000 gold and gain 2,000,000 rep, to buy the mount and ride off and meet the challenge in azeroth part 10 : “gain rep with the clan of the cock until you die” prepare to explore the fleshy depths of windy hole and the mighty towering bluffs of gaping chasm and meet your date with destiny and the final final twice removed cousin of the last guy you didnt get to meet : the boss of ultimate cock, who resides in the murderous lair of creaking crack, behind within and somewhere around the box within a box mythology that ties all this crap together, that even we have lost the will to shape in a way, that makes any sense at all, you will of course need a doctors certificate, to certify that your migraine-al myopia and lack of vision beyond the surface of your lcd was engendered by enough warcraft play time, being logged.(logs will be checked) and like the last expansion you will of course be required by agreement in the 30th page of small print to sign over to blizzard corporation, every fourth born child.

(how the hell did i get all that from “At this time” ? I think I have some issues ?)( that makes up for all those 1% wipes on all those bosses phew cathartic)