bellydancing done right

bellydancing done right, the first demonstrates a minimal sensual confident slinkyness that beams out of her.

and Nanna demonstrates an almost a ticky quality that is equally hypnotising. which is I think what all bellydancing should aim for. You need to be charmed and hypnotised by bellydancing in a way you dont fully understand.

to be honest the percussion work in Nanna’s work is amazing also, the music and movements are in real harmony.

rachel brice here demonstrating a slightly more modern take, with intricacy and detail and control the require close observance to truly see what shes doing so well. lifting techniques that could be perceived to be stemmed from video editing of footage, slow mo, speed change & reverse and pause techniques of body motion.

Farcical Workspace London ltd

Was looking for Studio space in london, came accross what must be one of the grottiest looking expensive workspace available :

Workspace london limited, definately has a foreign run mean-ness to it, but I could be wrong.

The price list is amusing and this if for garages half the time ? London is definately an overpriced over competetive, aggregious shithole, artists have to move somewhere else not to be milked by the likes of workspace etc.

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Quad core Mac Pro just too expensive

The real point of a hackintosh is only as a replacement for a quad core macpro comparable machine, anything below a quad core macintosh pro and you may as well buy a real mac, and anything above and you may as well buy the real 8 core Mac Pro, consider this scenario:

base quad core mac pro from apple store UK : £1899

You can build from website based component suppliers a quad core hackintosh that beats it, from parts including 4gb instead of 3gb memory, a 9800gtx+, and is completely overclockable, for a price that when i made my pc came in at at £370.00 exc VAT. Continue reading

Bloody Lumley class and family histrionics

Joanna Lumley is making a mistake on this issue, something typical of her class, seeking rights for people in Nepal rather than poor people in her own country, she wouldn’t deign to enter the houses of some poor people in this country without corpsing in disgust internally, at the way they live. Certainly the ghurka’s are some of the more deserving immigrants perhaps, but to be honest, from the perspective of most nepalese village persons, they already hit the jackpot, by becoming a ghurka in the first place, it is the ghurka’s who own the big houses and business’s in these villages. This retrospective act is just the older gurkha’s trying to equalise their rights, upto a par with the rights which more recent ghurkas already have, so the ghurkas pre a certain date can also enter this country. To be honest, a simpler solution, might just be to axe the ghurka regiment as a whole. People emigrate for their own advantage, im sure they perceive that being british citizens living in this country, would mean they are better off, which is why they are seeking it.

Violence is a shortcut to getting what you want kids, the upper class are teaching you threatening behavior again as a usefull tool (See Joanna waving a Kukri below kids, how she or the ghurka’s didnt get arrested by new countrywide security about knives is just another example of double standards). Especially if you have a face that the general sheep recognise off the boobtube, ala the 45 pages in google images that represents Joanna’s, almost narcisistic vain belief, in the power that should be rightly attributed by appearance alone, and the self benefiting use of it.

threat of violence is a shortcut : see joanna proves it by waving this bent knife about.

threat of violence is a shortcut : see joanna proves it by waving this bent knife about.

To be honest I remember theyre campaign, for retroactive extended pension rights etc, this is just the latest in demands. To be honest the only reason we would have chose to create a ghurka regiment in the first place, was because it was good value, to have some cheap throat slitting thugs that could scare the enemy in war (‘par example’ theyre reputation in the falklands). Now when the cost of having a ghurka regiment, becomes as expensive as employing british soldiers why would you do it ?

The truth is the ghurkas were undoubteadly created as some kind of devisive favouritism by upper class twits in the divide and rule colonial days of India, as evidenced by spychotic class ramblings on them, like this extract taken from wikipedia page here :

Professor Sir Ralph Turner, MC, who served with the 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifles in the First World War, wrote of Gurkhas:

“ As I write these last words, my thoughts return to you who were my comrades, the stubborn and indomitable peasants of Nepal. Once more I hear the laughter with which you greeted every hardship. Once more I see you in your bivouacs or about your fires, on forced march or in the trenches, now shivering with wet and cold, now scorched by a pitiless and burning sun. Uncomplaining you endure hunger and thirst and wounds; and at the last your unwavering lines disappear into the smoke and wrath of battle. Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you.

Praise indeed … but most often perceiving the ghurkas, in some form of class focused patronising way “peasants” etc, “faithful”, what are they equal to shooting dogs ? that we throw at other peoples lines in a war ? Certainly with the whole passage above, the subject of the peice ‘the ghurka’s’ could so easily be substituted as to be about some feudally descended dewey eyed cunt, referring to the passing of his his favourite gundog, last shooting season.

The Ghurkas, were created by people of a certain class, and are the responsibility of people of a certain class, who today still defend the ghurkas rights rather than the natives of this land.

To be honest a few more ghurka more or less … here in the UK, whats it matter? The native lower classes are so culturally overun in london and ‘done for’, it will make little difference. Something I am sure of, these people will not be living next to Joanna Lumley. Not unless the social housing system is that corrupt, but who knows it probably is, least it is if you read those rags, that would get you branded a racist and slapped down for comic effect, before youve even opened your mouth. To be honest im sick of everyones rights, mainly because ive never excercised mine ? Worse they might actually be middle class wealthy enough, just to buy houses outright after all army wages are probably enough, whichever way they increase pressure on housing for the natives of this land.

One way to cut the cost implications of this, Axe the ghurka regiment, and if this ruling proves an expensive decision, thats hopefully what will happen in the long run, to this paid for standing force of foreign projectable violence.

The things I have disliked about this whole escapade is mainly because its being led by some Highly vocal media vanity model from the 60’s, from an upper class colonial internationalist background sticking up for peoples rights abroad, when shes exactly from a class that has shat on, oppressed the disenfranchised natives of this country for years, with general dis-interest of those classes that do not admire or wish to immitate the thinking of her own..

“Joanna Lamond Lumley was born in 1946 in Kashmir, the daughter of Major James Rutherford Lumley, who was serving in the 6th Gurkha Rifles. He had previously married Thya Rose Weir in 1941, during the Second World War, and after Indian independence in 1949 Major Lumley brought his family back to Britain to settle down to provincial life in Kent.”

The Lumleys are a military family through and through, serving with distinction at officer class from the middle of the 19th century. They also provided clergymen, curates and rectors. Definitely upper middle class.”

quotes from the daily telegraph article here

“provincial life” god that sounds pleasant ? beats … my going to 12 schools living in 16 homes, well as we can see from the quote above joanna’s family has big history associated military colonial India, her father being in the Ghurka’s, and not in a foot soldier capacity ;) probably helped form and expand their role or something. Her interest … I doubt could be more vested, as she probably feels some sense of family obligation in this manner especially with her patronage role, but that obligation mainly stems from her pre-decedents choices and decisions, how a few egotistical decisions can practically roll on for eternity.

And joanna is not going to be around to pick up the bill in the future, like all the shoddy egits that seem to have power and influence in the current times, 20 years give it ? 85 maybe ? nah probably 95 with her money privilege and sex to account for her, god how awful, and she will probably get more histrionic as she goes along.

Perhaps when shes 80 she’ll marry a ghurka veteran or something that would be amusing.

Tea Bags consistency of flavour for a standard quick brew shootout.

Recently bought a 40 bag box of PGtips : highly dissappointed :-( pyramid bags is just bullshit marketing and they appear to contain less tea per bag in my opinion …

pg tips pyramid bags

also they appear to spend most of their time bragging and doing marketing bullshit with their monkey puppet, cute though it maybe, this aint great tea.

should have gone “Tetley” tetley tea bags, a tetley brew is in my opinion consistently a better performer than pg tips, which may well be overbranded tea warehouse floor sweepings in my opinion, that tips business sounds like some kind of ploy.

Some own brand finest ranges aren’t too bad but i guess tea is very variable and its very much dependant on how long the stuff been sitting around and how long its been exposed to too much air and oxidised a bit too much. sometimes you buy a box and the flavour is good, but often nowadays its just dissappointing. but I would say that a tetley brew up is consistently, of a better quality for basic tea brew than PG’s offering. Obviously there are other brands that can be thrown into the ring yorkshire etc, barrys, bewley etc, the problem there not always available nore are they particularly any better or consistent either, this is the problem with commercially packaged and distributed tea bags, so really my comparison here is really between two brands you can get almost anywhere in the UK, I basically beleive tetley is more consistent and of a better quality than PG. And this is the real problem buying tea bags which really do perform flavour wise, and can be consistently purchased wherever you maybe and whatever time of year, maybe its the blends involved etc, but i would say that tetleys blend is better and wherever ive been has generally been more consistent in quality and flavour in comparison to PG, though neither of them are really bright performers, quality wise, those mythical cuppa’s seem to get fewer and farther between in my old age, but it is a surprise when you taste a cup and all of a sudden you have a nice cup of tea, tesco red label aint bad probably better than PG but still not great. And the value brand teas seem to taste like PG tips but worse ie even greyer and weaker in flavour.

Im sure someone in the industry could tell us whether the problems involved relate mainly to the blend choices, time of production, warehouse storage, packaging, general manufacturer buyer trends, put it like this I think the taster who buys for PG, must be a heavy drinker whos recked their pallete as this tea is just not satisfying.

Although obviously a well sealed loose tea kept in an airtight teacaddy from a quality loose leaf label, and brewed in a proper pot, has a chance of being a much better performer.

PG tips too often to me seems to come out a grey dead looking tan brown colour and lacks depth of flavour and fresh vigour to its leaves, whereas tetley often has a less jaded more subtley orange palour with a stronger and fresher vigour to its pallete.

migration assistant and transfering mail folders

How can i in mail on 10.5 get it to properly recognise and bless a manually transferred 10.5 mail folder from a backup i made, without using a full-on user migration, as the setup on my old machine is at least 5 years old and has a lot of cruft, and possible slow down issues i dont want to bring to my new system, obviously i can import the mail if i want to but what i really want is to transfer my whole old mail folder lock stock and barrel in functioning form to the new machine without using migration assistant to transfer the whole user.

Once i force may way through first setup and after having placed “mail” and “mail downloads” into the user library mail still treats them like they were intruders, and brings the mails themselves : into a “on my mac” section when i really i wish it was little bit dumber and just recognised and blessed my old mail folder accounts rules signatures the lot. any ideas i was thinking of creating a fake partition with just those bit and getting Migration assistant to just move that mail folder from this fresh and fake user folder but it seems a bit over the top considering there must be a way to get mail to bless and use a users mail folder ?

Southern Rail cheap tickets marketing ploy.

Exactly what were the quantity of £3.00-£7.50 southern network discount tickets ? as when i checked for availability for may/june/july there appear to be no such tickets available, it is noted your little * indicates there is a limited availability, I Would therefore like to Know the quanity of these tickets that were available ? and what that quantity represents percentage wise in comparison to full price tickets over that period. Its one thing to lure people in with cheap headline ticket prices for them then only to be presented with singles at £21.00 is a partial con. And something that know doubt needs to be assessed by a watchdog/ombudsman as to whether it is just a dubious marketing ploy. ie how many tickets do you have to offer at the lower price in order to legally run the promotion ? without it being misleading.

If I was prime minister I would re-nationalise you in an instant, privatisation was not an improvement for the customer. finding profits for shareholders always make something less effecient. When i calculate in a fuel effecient car, the cost of petrol to the same destination, trains do not work out any cheaper at all, and when the car sharing equation comes in, cars are much more economic, the current pricing systems of the railways is ridiculous, how a system that is a form of mass transit cannot be more price effective than private individual transport I do not understand ? There must be a hell of allot of wasted money in my opinion, mainly taxpayers in order to eek some profit for private investors. visiting the south coast to visit relatives has become an exhorbitant endeavour, which must be considered in advance and budgeted for with great pains, having been a rail traveller for the last 35 years, who possesses a driving licence i have seen it get worse and become an expense to rival that of driving a car to the same destination, privatisation and not ‘the mcalpine road building, beeching criminal alliance of the 70’s”, may yet be the death of the railways. perhaps a penny a mile electric car such as the G wiz is the solution to all this.