Battlegrounds poor balance mechanics

Something im very tired with in game, and has been around for a long time, badly balanced Battleground teams ?, the game mechanics seem perfectly happy to place a 10 man organised no doubt team speaking horde guild up against a 7 man pugged alliance team, this obviously is slaughter, and enables some horde battlegrounds teams to rake in endless honour and tokens like theyve rigged the system. The unfair fights syndrome as I call it. The following things should be added to battlegrounds :

1. The graveyard/reserection point should have a force field around it that prevents a team from GY camping ie prevents rogues getting in to close to where people are ressurecting.

2. IF a 10 man team all from the same server go in together against say a 7 man pug team, it should first equate the players eq and build and rate them a certain number points for each player on a team, discounting points to people who are pugging it, then it should add up the difference in value between the two sides, if one team appears massively stronger than the other it should shrink the team which is stronger in man numbers to be equal in potency points value to the other team until their is equalibrium.

3. The racial abilities of alliance chars need improving to balance them against the racial abilities of the horde teams, for instance the gnomish racial ability “escape artist” proves useless in the battleground in comparison to ‘force of will’ that undead have, “escape artist” should at least work against stunlock.

4. Rogue stunlock capability is way too potent in Battlegrounds and must be nerfed! because it is an I win button, if theyve nerfed warlock fear, Curse of tongues etc, then the least they can do is nerf stun, cripple etc likewise, speed stun Melee is too potent in comparison to genral casting in BG’s, it means that if you want to play pvp and win the only class to roll is a rogue. Blizz need to stop booning the horde racial abilities and claiming that they have got everything balanced, when they quite obviously haven’t. If theyre ot going to going to nerf stun then at least make such that if a char resists fear then it doesnt blow the cooldown or diminish the potency of the next cast of it.

5. if you leave a battleground because your in a 7 man pug against a 10 man guild team you should not be penalized with the deserter buff.

6. Battleground statistical analysis should be in place to check whether certain teams or classes are just abusing the BG system for their own benefit, and are entering into the runaway zone(ie their so good its just like free honour and tokens for whenever they enter their chosen BG as a team), where they deny and demoralise other players any chance to progress, thereby eliminating the competition from bothering thereby making themselves endlessly stronger, these teams should get a limit on how many times they can play in a day together to avoid the suffocating the battleground play. ie after 3000 honour and 20 tokens or six victorys each day they can only play once every hour or something. statistical analysis should also check to see how many people are leaving a battleground, becasue this is usually a heavy indicator of an unfair fight. Also if there are long queu times for battleground’s becaseu mainly one faction doesnt want to play, this is a sign the play balance is all wrong.

7. A variable buff to be applied to the underdog side, called ‘power of the underdog’ which attempts to the weaker side to have a better chance if the opposing team has well geared rogues then the buff might give say stun resistance increase etc

8. For Blizz to remember the purpose of people playing battlegrounds in not to be HK fodder, for some overpowered horde team who’ve practically got the bg rigged for them to get free honour and tokens. and like nothing more than the fact that nearly all alliance sides are pugs and all horde sides are pre-mades with only specific classes involved for their pvp benefits, and what theyre aiming for is an unfair fight in other words the reason they play so intently is because they no they can push BG’s into an scenario whereby they know theyre going to get 75% more honour and win 90% of the time then it a makes it much more worthwhile for them to play insanle to egt the rewards and invest all their time in that to rig the game. They should be penalised for not playing game content and just pvp-ing, that is why they play so much if they new that it would require more skill every time they wanted to win than last time it would give them more of a challenge.

9. Im not sure teams from pvp servers should play aginst pugs from non pvp servers when it comes to which realms are in which Battlegroups.

10. All builds should get a fair chance at pvp, whatever of the three specialisations you choose, ie with warlocks I have to spec talent wise for pvp ie (affliction build is the only way to go) becasue instant howl of terror and Curse of echaustion, which means when I wanna switch between raid and BG play i need to spend 100 gold to do so which means theyre forcing me to play raid for a week or pvp for a week at minimum to make the switch worthwhile, which is crap in comparison to classes where the raid build is the pvp build.

11 no durability loss should occur in Bg’s or arena’s

12. A single self Buff for each class should be selectable as auto applied on ressurection similar to the way pets are auto ressed on ressurection.

13. Beef up curse of exhaustion for gods sake ? if I can be taken out of play by rogues until im dead !!!! without a chance to respond, the least you can do is provide a warlock with some talents that negate or improve on the current ridiculous situation. Ie give me some spells that stop or slow opponents that actually come off and work, at least give us spell lock ! or something and stop nerfing the duration of all my spells just for pvp ! and stop every spell we have being bloody dispellable, unless you want to be melee dispellable as well !! Or at least make it so that though since were weak against melee combat make it so that are spells do commensurately more damage than melee classes to compensate for choosing to be casters, after all if im as weak damage output wise as a warrior why the Hell am I wearing cloth ! Casters should be able to outdamage all other classes by quite a way as compensation for the the knives go through us like butter close up and we have hardly any instant damage, and it all takes time, least warlocks have hardly any instant damage which limits us in pvp. certainly none in comparsion to mages who can also add bonus spell damage to instant cast’s too ?

14. If your gonna make the only decent damage spell we have Soul fire take so long to cast and cost a bloody soul shard then the least you can do is let use them for free in pvp.

I think we should have a No BG day, where no alliance sides play in protest to indicate to Blizz how crap the game balance is in this area.