Exchange v imap v pop > which two are internationally agreed open standards and which one is microshaft in action …

Your review above is a bit weak, “Ghodmode” has it right in the first reply, exchanges appaling client support cannot be ignored, also which way exchange is setup at the server end HTTP: IMAP or POP which is most often out of the end users control will massively effect the end users in terms of email client selection, I know allot of people who pay uneccessary amounts of money to have exchange based email setup by MCSE certified drones who seem to think only microsoft products exist in the universe, only to leave all users not on outlook unable to send emails at all except by another paid for smtp relay service, Exchange is not an open standard, its just more microshaft. Regardless of how good the server end features are, its non standard user setup and client limitations demotes in my eyes.

IMAP is the best protocal an agreed open international multi platform standard, and google apps imap mail service some of the best email setup some of the no cost or lo cost email service you can use, including calendar and notes, the only other features of exchange that once seperated it out, if its good enough for virgin to outsource their entire isp user email address base to, then its good for enough most enterprise users down to most single users, and as a big business if you are prepared to pay for their paid service you will get proper support.

If some Microsoft fanboys of exchange want to fight fors it worthiness, versus say imap > then im prepared to listen please tell me the killer features that make it worth paying microsoft for ?

what neuralmap was supposed to be

basically the idea i wanted to put on the nerualmap domain, many moons ago when I purchased the domain was a linguistic mind map connections site, which is effectively what this site below has now commercially done ? well sort of :

who knows whether it will be successfull ?

so it took about 10 years for someone to fall into the same vein of thinking, good luck to em, its interesting for me as it shows me how my idea might have fared if i’d been bothered to build it :) lol …

looks like the kind of thing google could do for free as a 25% project, as they have all the necessary muscle and data to do it perfectly, but lets see whether the website above makes any money or becomes big ?

Zelda geek flight of the conchords

we live in an era thats so post ironic or is it reverse ironic, I dont know whether this is comedy or real or both ? or just what it is, which is more disturbing ? do you guys rock i don’t know ;-S Is this a geek “flight of the conchords” ? why am i the first to comment on this ? the internet is disturbing most of the times one looks at it. and even when one isnt looking directly at it, we remember its disturbing quality ? I must sleep now … my work here is done …

OH shit … the paranoia that this video might be a highly successful Zelda viral marketing campaign has crept over my fevered imagination. hush … brain … sleeeeeeeep now

Cultural Shift and the hero figure in fiction

As regards Saints Row Three :

Saints Row III seems to be as offensive if not more so than GTA, its wierd to think in games, american gang culture, and the hero figure being an uncouth, ghastly muscled thug is what sells these games, where does this end ? and why does this stuff have such a draw on the imagination ? I can only assume you enjoy Saints Row in an ironic way ? If you were to bring a victorian forward through time to see this, theyd probably have an apopleptic fit over what culture lauds as worth indulging in ?

just so you can get an idea of where are culture has come from and is going to in relation to the hero figures we identify with in fiction :
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