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First Story

“literacy and confidence in challenging UK secondary schools and their communities.” can you smell agenda disguised Horseshit … I can ?

ie – making immigrants children feel more secure in a culture not their own and spending money on such schools where an overburden of mass immigration has largely replaced supplanted the native populational groups. So we have to spend extra money to try and educate the children as to what english and english literary culture is about, and give them a ‘voice’ only in the PC enshrined sense – as long as its passes the ‘politically correct filter’ – of pro multi-culturalist agenda, that has and is being rammed down this cultures throat, desired or not for the last 60 years or so. Whose cultural dilutory affects on the struggling native classes are obvious irrevocable and everywhere.

and why is it ‘first story’ well because its all about catching the young schools kids isn’t? and why is it young people ? I know 40 year old people who’ve never fully expressed themselves to others in literary form who might be equally deserving, its young people not because, we really care about their furtive first expressions – its because we teachers and organisation like first story, can direct and guide their expressions to fit the correct mould – the mould of engendered and endless positivity towards multi-culturalism and diversity and enshrined mass immigration, if this program was about bringing largely immigrant children into a better understanding of british literary works and history then fine – but that wont be its agenda will it – because thats not politically correct enough.

Will we get a website for the literary efforts of those who no doubt too young to even know the real impact of the last 60 years – can put into words, the effect on their native communities of largely unfettered and class driven mass immigration ? I very much doubt there voices – will get published – they will have to publish themselves – for the classes that have power and security aren’t interested in these native voices.

no we cant spend lottery funding on the native peoples literary education specifically or taxpayers money, no thats not possible, because they’re not a “community” are they, theyre just the background and thats about as much attention as we give them. And the upper classes the wealthy the power set, they just cant see they’re betrayal of the struggling native – they’re blind to it – and this is why in the end, the true native turns aggressive and divisive in their political viewpoint, when they see the agenda, because they’re are literally being ignored its a stonewall kind of deafness. The Struggling english native is abused in full view and for the benefit of the foreign, by a class who are now reaching back toward the full roots of their feudalcy or who rest so fully on a fat cushion politically correct programming of propaganda, that has been going for a long time, native kids born in the last 20 years cannot now – even know, what was done to their culture in the last 60 years, endlessly the history will be re-written to paint the endless multiculturalist agenda further back unrealistically into history, until the deliberate start and attack of this agenda cannot be discerned any longer.
Maastricht ensured we no longer had a border, and that was the real dissolution point – of this culture.

One of the pro agendered tweets reads >

“Thank you @giveabookorg for donating a book to every #FirstStory pupil – amazing. Requests range from Malala’s memoir to Malorie Blackman!”

ie the range of books wanders from foreign people to a female black author, the two ends of any politically correct agendered spectrum, as these are all the vogue in the politically correct educational set – because of course —- its not divisive to deliberately select foreign authors or authors on the basis of – skin colour !? but then Malorie Blackman is an author who works the pro discriminatory skin colour angle by the sound of her own soundbites “”I’m just Malorie Blackman, a black woman writer.”” not just a straight off writer note – she couches herself as a “black woman” writer – she’s working those angles, truth is your just a writer and if you haven’t worked that out yet you haven’t grown up yet, or your literally trying to use your skin colour and sex to some advantage from a positive discrimination scenario.

This stinks of the “Music of Black Origin” scenario as though skin colour is what makes the music ? pfff you either write or compose full stop – everything in your experience and cultural background obviously contributes to your output but you don’t need to precede those titles with denominational affectations and descriptive list of skin colours or sexuality. I don’t read ‘De Profundis’ because Oscar Wilde was gay – I read it because its truly a wonderful piece of work that stands up in its own merit without framing as regards sexuality or skin colour. If anybody precedes their activity title with gay or lesbian or black woman – I’m quite likely in fact – not to read their work, because they have already identified their own level of stupidity.

The invictus Games – the power set – charity – and those caught in the machinery – the upper classes and their sports pursuits

Have you ever noticed how nothing or no-one and now it seems … not even fictional characters can now exist in the public view, without having three or four secondary causes tacked onto them. To me the increase in ‘neccisi-tous charity’ is directly in line … with increased feudalcy and inequality and the power grabs of the aggressive classes, charity is sign of something wrong in societal structuring, life should never be a matter of ‘tug forlock’ ‘outstretched hand’ … ‘gor blimey thanks guvnor’, thats NOT how culture should ideally be structured. And here the powers that be … the establishment that approve of global policing wars elsewhere whilst our own borders lie undefended open to immigrant invasion, and whats the compensation for those who get caught up in the machinery of war ? created by this class who approves of such power games ? ……… hmm……some upper class sponsored sports day … is what … those who return maimed get ? the upper class and their love of jolly hockey sticks, they think its a compensation for anything, Mainly because most of them are only capable of walking to the top of a mountain nobody asked nor needed them to … again and again in different and more obscure ways.


monsanto … hmm … roundup ready – let me explain – pesticides are poisons – because the dose is small enough they kill insects but not humans – BUT – toxins ‘build up’ in larger organisms, roundup ready is just making specific plants that can tolerate a higher toxic load them in themselves and thereby more effectively kill insects, ie roundup ready means either the toxins are in the plants already or they can handle more toxic compounds being sprayed onto them, The overall result is a great push to increase the toxic load of foodstuffs that people eat. Not all GMO’s are as bad as each other but many are about poisoning the food supply whilst increasing the volume of it. Monsanto are pretty much globally hated except by the vested interests who have shares in them. They are trying to gain control of all the food supply, where countries like South Africa are 98.5% gmo they’ve pretty much done it, They Buy up seed-banks to destroy native peoples access to them, so they can patent more life and DNA that is not theres to do so, they are a very dangerous and evil company – we should hammer them into the ground. monsanto should die under the weight of lawsuits re them polluting the environment, and destroying biodiversity and traits of plant stocks.

Benefits for Obesity ?

We have to draw a line with government expenditure somewhere, public sector expense is far outweighing the private sectors tax generational abilities as things currently stand, if you want the numbers to add up and make sense ? A nation should not bankrupt itself to pay for a benefit system it can no longer afford, when the great man Aneurin Bevin forced through the NHS it was to initially protect the “the very poor” who worked hard but could not afford medicine, it was not to protect the numbers of people today who seem to depend on benefits.

pay for laporoscopic band surgery maybe ?

Geo-political meddling and ISIS taking kobani

I don’t believe the turkish army is not capable of defending kobani ? all the sensible people know that whats going on at the moment globally is ridiculous, what with the EU and US trying to manipulate the Ukraine.

And crazy religious nutters overrunning lots of areas trying to create a caliphate, the truth is this other regional powers are going to have to start policing their own areas, and the EU and the US need to stop meddling geo-politically and wasting taxpayers moneys we cant afford.

UK disability Un investigation

People with ‘genuine disability’ should be protected within the fiscal means we have, and not in some reactionary absolute rights based … or go into debt to do so type viewpoint. Though admittedly if anything is going to tip us over the edge its probably the benefits spend caused by house price inflation and income support not disability benefits disregarding the endless stories of those who have abused it … re houses see below. The ECHR the UN the EU, sticking their noses in I mean … really, these organisations never have to reduce a budget deficit or face realities like some form of fiscal sign off of accounts or prudency, they leach off taxpayers, with a deep sense of entitlement to their bureaucratic expense, somebody has to pay of money in if money is to mean anything, and yes financial inequality and disparity needs resolving fast. From my viewpoint we need to Tax second / third homes and buy to let property empires and the no Tax on foreign property investments in to the ground, and cap immigration to reduce housing pressure as basically all the money that is being earn’t by the poor is being sucked into landlords hands, property and rent prices is whats creating the greatest in-equality and fiscal issues in Britain today.

abstraction of immigration

And when does the corporate appetite and cycle for the replacement of natives with more compliant foreign labour end … tell me ? it doesn’t … do they’re children want that job in the spar ? No they’re aspirations for themselves and their progeny are as high as anyone and why shouldn’t it be ? They want the middle class and upper positions just as much as the native and they will rightly and by all reason pursue and attain them, with positive discrimination on their side, minority pressure group lobbying that will outweigh one person one vote. Their children and babies are the soft cudgel to bludgeon once relatively harmonious peoples and cultures to add division to them, and more immigrants will follow them on the same route to the spar job, that is the cycle, this is a process of replacement – resist it now – it will only get harder in the future. It is not mean-ness … to not desire this replacement, it is natural, it is the darwinian nature still resident in the human host, the competition for space and resource to breed for survival is endless even in this supposed more civilised age, and people will do and say anything to get a greater share of what they feel they need to do so. Truth is there is enough planet space wise if run efficiently, everyone is running endlessly to one side of the ship, those who will desert their history their origin for a better standard of living elsewhere, are they the new irish you need, and when will they desert you in turn as they did once before. In Britain we now contain of ‘just’ the muslim demographic … 2.8 million people … be warned, the people would never have democratically chosen that situation … if they were ever … given the choice. Self determinism is a precious thing … as well you know, … defend it.