Comment to 38 degrees banking questionaire

Set up some kind of banking oath the banks traders and all employees have to sign up to, I think separating off the trading arms wouldn’t benefit the individual customers bank interest rate which is already appalling, I think what is best is get rid of the shareholders from the equation, by depositing only with co-op building society style banks where only the depositors are shareholders. and any risk taking as agreed in advance and benefits the depositors, not just shareholders and employees, and to make this more viable attempt at regulating these international selfish societal destroying twats, and put in place proper jail time for shady and criminal financial practices and make some proper examples, ie damn well jail some people, as monetary crime seems only in the rare exception in which the bank are offended to garner a prison sentence(madoffs etc), also get a public guarantee from the government that they’re will never again under any circumstance be any bailing out of banks, and that government will work to never be in the banks power, by limiting governmental borrowing from the banks to reasonable levels, as currently this has turned democracy into a 4 yearly popularity contest for a different set of idiots to come in and screw this country up, by the implementation of fiscal prudence at a societal level.

OS X degenerating, the popularisers of GUI are driving the os plebian

can I have an explanation as to why under 10.6.8 im getting large numbers of errors using disk utilitys restore features to restore a .cdr file to usb stick partition when i did not suffer these issues before under leopard ?

errors like resource temporarily unavailable when attempting to mount a .cdr file
and other errors when attempting to restore the .cdr file involving it needing scanning of some kind ?

I know there are no errors or issues with the disk the .cdr file is stored on it is no way corrupted or damaged I have done this exact restore procedur before in previous versions of disk utility, lastly in leopard without issue, I also know I dont suffer these issues when using asr (the command – disk utility uses) through command line – terminal. So these are fresh problems that have somehow been introduced into disk utility ?

I did not leave the command lines of cpm and dos all those years ago and start using the gui of macintosh systems, so as to, at this later stage in my life be forced back to using terminal to achieve anything marginally non plebian, things have got worse since leaving OS9 as control via guis over the functioning of the operating system seems to have been systematically removed, os9 as a gui had a much grander scale of gui led user based control than OS X offers, as far as im concerned everytime I have to resort to the “terminal” you have failed me as a provider of a gui ! When macs are networked and sharing communal files from a mac the default umasks and permissions aren’t even sufficient for group collaboration or work ? and rarely consistently work ? fat formatted nas disks work better by default than a osx based machine serving files from a permissions perspective ? why when dragging files from iphoto to a shared volume does it seem to ignore the drives umask etc, So little can i rely on the umask setup on shared volumes, I have had to train my users to use batchmod locally on those drives in order to avoid endless support calls as to why files aren’t accessible etc ? also turning off permissions on the drive however unsecure, never seems to work either as it turns itself back on ? and having to edit launchd.config using nano is a horrible poorly documented solution to set the umask anyway, where is the gui for this default new file permissions control ? this was vastly superior and easier under mac os 9. I dont need your new rubbish wizzy visual features launchpad, mission control etc I need a GUI that enables me to set all the settings i need without resorting to terminal and i need it to just work ? stop adding features and fix your OS ? also while were at it where is my gui for control of spotlight indexing ? and where oh where has my ordering of search results by file size gone ? why does search default to content and not specifiably by name ?!?!?! why is it not capable of searching invisible and system files by default, more and more you treat the user like a muppet by default, and expect anybody who wants any greater control to use terminal, thank you for destroying the idea of full gui control of a computer by a user ? why does os x, so often fail to find files, even ones I can plainly see ? why do you keep removing the functionality I need from the OS and replacing it with features I dont use ? Im not saying coding an operating system is easy im just saying fix the old and aging bugs in it and make it function right before adding other features ? Can you please add a template to installers so I can specify how the preferences are set on an install, why must I go round the same loop of preference setting (yes i do want to see document extensions by default and yes i would like to see internal, external and network disks on my desktop !!!!) every time I setup a fresh system, Oh I could image and restore a pre preferenced system you say ? not if disk utility has got worse and stopped doing what it used to without unnecessary grief and trouble ?

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