Address Book not saving ? Apple spying on users ?

I made a shed load of edits to my address book yesterday, only to discover this morning the changes were not saved, so I did a date modified including system files (Grr another bloody gripe) to see where the address book put all my address book changes, and started to investigate what files it changed. I did note while i was editing my addresses, address book seemed to want to connect to some kind of syncservices of which i promptly told it to fuck off as im not syncing my data with a handset or mobileme any longer. If saving my address book changes to my local machines address book is dependant on net access, then there is something severely wrong with the way address book is programmed.

so this morning i was digging around in the following files to discover some weird stuff : the following file :


found in the location :

/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/clientdata/then inside a folder with a long filename of gobbledygook letters

which was modified just before i went to bed appears to contain allot of encrypted junk plus list of every application ever installed on my machine ?

what my machine is doing compiling a list of every application installed on my machine even ones ive removed, i dont know ? especially when it failed to write my address book !! and why it is in a folder related to syncing I dont know either ? All I wish is the peice of shit address book had saved the addrees book changes I damn well made considering I now destroyed the bits of paper the addresses were manually written on.

Typical of Apple my operating system is busy amending a list of applications without my knowledge, rather than saving my fing address book !!!!

Its a major problem with apples attitude which is to treat the user like a shmuck whilst stroking there brow with wizzy bullshit visual distraction, when you get under the hood a little you discover Apple are a vain self obsessed company who have contempt for the user. And dont bother to inform any of their users, the way the operating system attemptively works ?

Why if my address book couldnt save my changes …… did it not fing tell me it couldn’t ? was it so fing ashamed it had to slink off like a turd and pretend nothing was wrong and say nothing ? it should not be possible for my changes not to be saved !!

This is what comes of programs saving their own data automatically, and the coders not putting in a routine to protect the users data first above and beyond the embarassment to apple of implementing a code routine that highlights the programs failing at writing the data. Which of course from a Steve Jobs marketing scenario would be perceived to be a “lose lose” scenario informing the user of any program failings, theres probably a dickhead edict from the top saying its best not to write the routine to detect any operating errors occurring in ones own software, that way Apple get to look slickly cooler even though theyre not implementing a full set of program error detection routines and informing the user of such errors.

My suspicion is that the drive was running out of space even though is has 720mb available, due to the fact i was streaming video on a web page whilst editing the changes, It may have run out of space due to mac os x’s complete inability to reserve a small amount of unwritten space to write files with, considering the video buffer is a temporary web cache it should have less priority.

My prediction … is address books save data routine has no catch in it to pause quiting and alert the user when there is no space available to save the file, or it has failed to do so, its either that or there was space and address book failed to write the changes because of some corrupt preference, though I doubt it as this morning it has successfully written changes. Without any preference deletion.

In this day and age it should not be possible for a peice of software to fail at saving data and not inform the user, after all how difficult is it for a program to check the save it just made, was successful, before quiting ? and for essential data from an adress book, you would have thought such protections would have been afforded as industry wide standard for the users data. After all I now feel I can’t rely on address book’s save routine to keep me covered whatever the circumstance.

Crazy Prep School Voice

check out the indian family who host Rick in delhi, and their crazy english accents in episode 6 of rick steins far eastern odyssey.

How foriegn people can deliberately and artificially adopt and assume accents … they do ? or dont ? fully understand the negative class meaning of, is beyond me. Be carefull not to step outside an upperclass club and into the real world or peoples reaction to such accents maybe incalculable.

PLUMMY darling in the extremis, ie this accent doesnt signify clarity alone, no its been modified to indicate i’m of a certain class.