The propogation of the idea that borders are bad

reddit rests its hat on the partisan binary use of trite wit and not balanced argument

F**k Borders ey – ? John Lennons “imagine” as he clearly suggests in his own lyrics, makes him a dreamer, No borders means – no sovereignty, means no cultural self determinism, means no natives, and eventually no identifiable meaningful cultural differentiation, except for a few dances for the tourists, ask how the native indian population would be without the mild respite of reservations and lands ? where giant international corporations get to move the cheapest most pliable labour forces and migrate them to where they wish to conduct they’re business, admittedly merica was founded on immigration in its modern sense, & can never shirk that statement, but imposing such ideologies on other nations is another matter, I for one quite clearly realise that a borderless world, could lead to the most depressing form of consumer based totalitarianism human history could have ever imagined, the world run by corporations for they’re benefit, and people just an abused permanently en-debted labour force within it for the sake of a roof and food to survive, democracy effectively a spineless mirage to distract the masses, some say were already there. Give the immigrant three generations and see what he thinks of the border then.

The Mastricht Treaty in 1992 combined with schengen in 1995 effectively dissolved european borders and effectively by implication sovereignty and national self determinism also, all of this done without resort to a referendum for all but three of the european nations populations involved, that was the turning point, ask europeans how they feel about it now and you will discover there average citizen who struggles has become worse off, Europe is run by the germans for the germans, there is almost complete economic dis-harmony between the nations, that isn’t what Churchill imagine when he created its predecessor the EEC for trade, had he realised it would eventually end up dissolving sovereignty, he would be appalled, as it would have undone his prior defence of britains sovereignty.

Stephen Fry using his fame for a politically active agenda

Dear Stephen much as I did and still do admire your wit at points, your attempt to use your fame to unfairly sway political / societal agenda at every turn in cultures other than your own, and for the seemingly un-ending array of pet causes, I would take the advice of your agent whomever that may or may not be in imagining you may already be over exposed, your are not this ages Oscar Wilde, as a person who believes people of any sexual denomination can be decent people and have rights to their own sexual behaviour within their own home, they do not IMO whether heterosexual or lgbt have the right to shove their sexuality in other people’s faces, as I believe western culture if anything is over sexualised , and the idea of “sexual rights” a rather odd phrase in the sense that society has rarely any way of guaranteeing any rights ? they generally must garner them for themselves, the governments responsibility on the matter is to make clear, and this I think we can agree on . . . active prejudice toward other people of differing sexual orientations LGBT etc is emphatically wrong, to the extent that governments may not by their silence on such matters encourage societal hatred or physical violence toward such groups.

I on the other can also see Russia’s right to say That they do not wish to encourage the idea of allowing the dissemination of literature that biases or encourages minors below the age of 18 to identify with or sway their sexual orientation one way or another, it is also their democratic right as a nation to make such a choice. Sexuality isn’t something people should be encouraging people to make their mind up about, before the age of 18, Secondarily Russians might say that much older wealthy posh gay men from foreign more liberalistic cultures using their fame to try and tell russians how their culture should be, might seem a little arrogant, especially from cultures whose media class in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s seemed to quite extensively provide silent approval of the sexual abuse of minors by much older people. And there are a few words and phrases that describe sexual life stances I would like to discourage, regardless of whether people are heterosexual or lgbt.

Sexual promiscuity and unfaithfulness, this encourages disease transmission and is not to be perceived as good and normal and should not be promoted by any culture imo at the societal level.

Age abusive sexual predatory behaviour from the old and powerful to the younger less powerful members of society.

Prostitution I don’t think I need to describe why ?

Unprotected recreational casual sex between people in short term relationships.

Culture that promotes the casual-isation of sexual activity or the overt sexualisation of people and culture.

Multiculturalist gang violence – thank you america for this crap.

victoria teenage gang attack

why were these genes ever let in ?

why were these genes ever let in ?

Murderous teenagers wielding knives and a samurai sword ? would you … like to send your kids to the london school where this bunch of walking cunt thugs hail from ? hmm some poor natives have little choice in the matter, as they cant insulate their kids in a nicer school system, as they dont have the money. “gangs are gay” would be the best slogan, if one was allowed to disregard the homophobia of the phrase, to prevent young black male teenagers joining them, as most of these male black teens are probably homophobic in the extreme and would probably if one could disregard the extreme offense to the gay community, be the best insult to prevent them joining a gang, even if it were a grave offense to the gay community, whom I would not wish to offend, as they are far superior people, than these violent thugs.

The truth about the ZX81

Not the first computer I had access to or used that honour would fall to an apple II, but the ZX81 was the first computer I got to own and share with my brother in 1981, we could never afford the RAM pack, as it was a one off gift and the parents would not stretch the monetary input to the ram pack, to be honest I should have written a game or two in basic for the 1k and sold them, as 15-20 lines of basic didnt take long to right, and If I had sold 10 cassettes I could have bought the ram pack, 2nd tape deck to copy with would have been an issue. the ZX81 was an absolutely minimal computer, in fact i would say Clive Sinclair manufactured the ZX81 down to its retail price, full well knowing that most people would have to buy a ram expansion and a better keyboard (which was awful) to make any decent use of this machine long term, as the Z80 was a capable processor, perhaps, more so, than the paired down 6502, but with 1k of memory the machine was really a stopgap or placeholder for machines that would rapidly succeed it. my next computer was the incomparably powerful disc based CPC6128. but the ZX81 built the computer market in the UK on the basis of making machines cheap enough for everyone to afford, such that demand for upgrades and newer machines became part of the general desire of the public. before the ZX81 your average person had no concept of affording a computer. The BBC model B was mainly an education machine and far too expensive except for middle class to upper class rich people almost all computers at this point would have been £300 and up, the ZX81 brought that down to £79.00 and you could get deals such as a ZX81, tape deck and a couple of games all in for £99.00, this was unheard of at the time hence its success, in getting its computing foot through the door of the ordinary folks homes. but it was never going to replace or compete with the atari 2600 console on the gaming front. but it was certainly unlike an atari, was just capable of being described as a fully fledged computer, when you first got this computer out the box, unless your parents were relaxed enough to get you an additionally expensive £5.00 cassette game or two to go with it, the only thing you could do with it was start programming in basic as that was the only software built in to the computer, or type in a listing, both such activities would of course enhance your understanding of writing code, kids today could do with such limited machines in order to draw them into basic code writing. But the lure of the console today is too easy with its vast galaxy of distraction, from the rigour required to code your first inevitably small achievements when learning to code for the first time.

UKIP the only real solution to UK immigration, to reframe and cap masstricht and return sovereignty and self determinism to the UK

UKIP the only real solution to UK immigration, to reframe and cap masstricht and return sovereignty, self determinism and democracy to the UK.

Maastricht treaty the ultimate crime

Mario Monti: ‘I convinced Thatcher that the Maastricht Treaty was a good idea’

see the article here

proof if any were needed, that margaret thatcher was a total idiot, that flushed our border controls and sovereignty down the toilet on the recommendation of an italian idiot. I mean he may not be as criminal as silvio, but he one of that internationally educated class of economic idiots who sucked on the cock of Milton Friedman, mario is an ideolog for the free one market global capitalist ideals that have been proven to have terrible consequences for those who already struggle in cultures around the world, check out chile if you want a lesson in free market economics and the results.

if you engineer due to your personal ideology the dissolution of your own countries borders and sovereign power without consulting the populous democratically, you are basically a traitor to your country, and should be treated as such.