Channel 4 news now looks like Iranian TV  – lib left Sum of US campaign goes on the attack.

SUM OF US CAMPAIGN against the sun newspaper: re defending channel 4 Muslim news presenter Fatima Manji’s apparent right to rub her faith in our faces through the TV.

Your hating the messenger, isn’t in fact Islam the religion, letting us down by trying to claim when people kill, shouting allahu Akbar they are not however limitedly –  a definite part of Islam? To think otherwise is stockhausen double think. Other religions do not generate the kind of terror Islam does? Of course there are moderate Muslims and some of them good journalists, but having a Muslim presenter wearing a hijab reporting on Islamic terrorism conducted against western civilisation on channel 4 in UK, could be perceived as pretty insensitive. It is not going to go down well with the general populations already established view of lib left media bias? It personally makes me culturally feel like I’m watching Iranian television, there are plenty of people to employ in such roles, her selection however meritorious, will be perceived to be fulfilling some Lib left positive discrimination law and that might well be so. And let’s be honest since there are no doubt many candidates employing a Muslim who wears a hijab is going to be perceived as virtue signalling at the expense of any visual appeal to a wider British cultural audience other than a minority urban lib left elite.

Wearing a hijab or a burqa is the equivalent of wearing a massive gaudy cross round you neck as a Christian? We need more separation in Britain of religion and state in this once historically Christian country, not less. If flight attendents are not allowed to wear a tiny Christian cross of a necklace as a statement of faith, why on earth would a Muslim be allowed to wear a full hijab to present the news? The whole issue is disgustingly biased and idiotic cultural nose rubbing of others religious belief, which should be a private matter, the hijab and the burqa are nothing more than huge public declarative placards of your faith, and I don’t wish to see such religious symbols presenting the mainstream news in this culture, in Islamic countries it’s fine. Anymore than I would like to see all Christian women dressed in a nuns habit presenting the news, religious equality legislation will ruin Britain fully at the rate we’re going, all religions are equally stupid, but they are not equal in their output of insane violent people by any means.