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Hah. You should try living in a third world country Brent. The pressures you described are utterly trivial in comparison. Lots of my family is in India, and they are under constant pressure just to survive, not come out with a hit single so they can be on top of the music world. One mediocre album doesn’t wipe out the millions they already have made; fact is ONE hit single and ONE decent album is more than enough to become financially stable and secure, and that automatically alleviates these musicians from one of life’s greatest pressures. They are under pressure from their record label, they are not under pressure to survive.

And oh yeah, none of my relatives (nor the majority of third-world citizens) are succumbing to drug addiction to deal with the infinitely higher pressure of their daily lives.

kegz perhaps you should be living in a third world country too ? rather than mine ? after all the drug free incessantly breeding populational mass the third world is generating, is so much in the earths and humanitys interest ! not ! And perhaps people who are civilised enough ? not to think purely of the pressures of their own “survival” ? allowed you to live in theirs ? its called “ammicability” and “generosity”, and neither of those two qualitys are needed when we just want to “survive”. If foreign people are so fucking far superior in their ability to handle stress and real issues in their country > wtf are you doing here ? surely your country would have dealt with its real “pressures” of “just surviving” by now ? if you were so fucking great at it ? and would be able to get to the fripperous frosting on top of real existence as you like to think it ? where it can afford the arts ? obviously you were enough of a failure in your own country to need to come and plead to live in this country ? and its soft reality ? as you perceive it, man up … stop sucking on the teat of materialism and progress, and living in my country whilst critiquing it and persons like amy winehouse that it generates, return to make your own country great, after all population growth and breeding is something many global populations create theyre own suffering with, india included, ask your grandparents how many brothers and sisters they had ? & as evidenced by you, can export people to my country in unwarranted and unnecessary quantity, this doesnt enhance humanitys cause we dont need “more” people plainly “surviving” we just need more people that make a difference to humanitys cause, before mouthing of about a weak artist … think … of course … artists are … weak from certain perspectives ie “your survival measure of it” they have to be, but by my measure she had the balls to live and create two great albums, regardless of her weakness for reprobate boyfriends and a poisonous london drug scene, and some of this inspired the music ? thats because Artists are certainly not purely obsessed with materialism and breeding lots of children for “survival” as you put it, like people in some of the poorer countrys i’ve visited, your obsession with survival … is just your genes talking, survival isnt enough my friend, all that does is defer the act doing something with your life to the next generation ! humanity hasnt progressed just on the backs of people who were interested purely in their own survival its progressed on those who see beyond it, please evolve, for I predict perhaps if were lucky that once you have several generations of turgid offspring in my country under your belt, we might be lucky if perhaps ‘just one of them’ … might exceed amy’s good couple of albums as a life acheivement. rather than being just a selfish shitting, fucking and eating machine taking up space and resources, which sadly at its base level is just what base human survival you talk about is so sadly all about. We are always Hoping and often especially in our own children, that a flower of worthy difference will one day bloom from the indifferent mud of human existence.

Which do you think it would have been more difficult for Amy to have become

1: a knocked up single mum “surviving” as you put it, lets say on the state ?
2: a person capable of making two great albums ? and winning 5 grammys before she died ?

To be honest point one is being accomplished by millions of women “surviving” in britain today, point two very few women have actually achieved !

My point about your survival argument being pointless except from a purely selfish genetic perspective is clearly made I think ! Like allot of small minded indian people in my country such as yourself, perceive materialism, class climbing and large familys and children and furthering the privilege of those children to be “winning” in life, and you misunderstand this to be what british people and culture is all about ? whereas people who conduct such selfish activitys are not aiding my culture specifically or offering anything worthwhile to me as an individual. Britain is not like India, nor ever, should we be status and wealth obsessives descendant from a fascist birth caste/class dogma, it seems you do not see the greater contribution an artist can make by sacrificing and say not having children or “plainly surviving” ? Truly British people are practically born understanding the cultural perspective that pure survival and breeding and furthering the benefits to ones children, is not enough of a contribution to culture, and this can bear heavily upon them and these people are often artists Like Amy who die young ?

London Street Gangs


A-Road/Evelyn Court, Hackney Downs E5

De Beauvoir Mandem, N1

E5TH Ridaz, Lower Clapton & Nye Bevan E5
-Clapton Square Blocks
-Gilpin Money Gang
-Mothers Square Boys

E9TO5, Pembury, Ballance and Kingshold
-E9 Ballance, Ballance Road Estate
-E9 Kingshold, Kingshold Estate
-P-Block, Pembury Estate E5

Fellows Court, Haggerston E2

Graveyard Boys, Frampton Estate/Well Street E9

Hindle House Thugs, Dalston E8

Holly Street Boys, Holly Street Estate E8

N1 Ryda Gang, Hoxton N1
-Hoxton Boys
-LOM Youngers
-Murray Grove

Jack Dunninz Boys, Homerton E9

KMD/Kingsmead, Kingsmead Way E9

London Field Boys, Blackstone Estate & Fields West E9

L.O.R.D, Lordship/HIllcourt N16

Love of Money, Hoxton N1

MF/Mountford, Mountford Estate E8

MTS/135 (Manor House to Stamford Hill)
-Manor House Boys N4
-Stamford Hill Mandem N16

Rectory Thugs, Hackney Downs N16/E5

Smalley Thugs, Smalley Close N16

Somerford Grove, Hackney Downs N16

SOS/Shakespeare, Milton Gdns/Shellgrove N16

Southwold, Southwold Estate E5

Springfield’s FInest, Webb & Fawcett Estates E5

Trelawney, Trewlawney Estate E9

Trowbridge, Trowbridge Estate E9

Whiston Road Boys, Haggerston E2
Hackney Gangs: Interactive Google Map

Rebecca Black “this is my moment” hmmm …

since youtubes comments are too short

Practice and opportunity alone multiply repeated in enough quantity can often make even the fundamentally untalented good enough for display, by the third album and the second relationship, she may have gained some emotional integrity visible in a song she makes, if she persists maybe she will get somewhere ? there must be rich pushy parents involved. She will have to recognise the saran wrap shes coated in and cast it off, keep her sociability and positivity and find what is she thinks she can contribute to the conversation of existence, for this is the premonition of a “moment” perhaps to come, and not the real “moment” itself.

In an admite-adly completely different scenario, and only distantly related to rebecca blacks situation, Force of persistence is not to be underestimated, I never would have thought for instance that “nick cave” and his early years psuedo over the top reaching for the deep, sham blues devil voice from within a frail body and a weak voice, could have led to such a great album like the “Boatmans Call” in which he finally attained the voice he desired, and little did he know it was his own, but I guess persistence pays off, and if you want a voice badly enough you sha’ll find it.

rebeccas road is much harder, it involves the castigation of pushy parents, the realisation of the poetic voice and the search for it, the recognition and discardment of the plastic shiny cancer that probably surrounds her. It involves the diminution of youths zealous self love. It will all take a really long time for her to really reach her moment and such is the poetry of life that she may well not even reach it.

New 1st day tuneup “Lifetime User” review and feedback suggestions

ok im not writing this to be overtly negative, I think this program is good and has great potential with a few small fixes and does a large amount of what it says at a speed that is fast enough for me, but needs a few things tidying up.

immediate improvements :

1 the cover art tab should not start searching for artwork by just selecting the tab itself, it should require a button click such as dedupers “find duplicates” button but instead saying “find missing artworks” as currently anytime i click on the cover art i have to wait four minutes as theyre is no way to stop it searching once its started. and this means i cant return to say the clean tab and carry on, whilst it is in this unstoppable searching for cover art state.

2 all processes once started within the interface, should have any ability to skip or cancel said process once initiated

3 Lockups > there is a wierd lockup that occurs on the mac i have experienced many a time, in which attempting to drag some tracks to the clean panel says that it is still processing things, yet in fact it is doing nothing as the clean queue is empty. the only solution to this is to close and reopen tuneup. this lockup often seems to occur after some processing is finished and i have switched application and come back to itunes. OK update so far in the first day of use I have had to force quit the tuneup program about 10 times, its asked me to relogin a second time even though I had already done it after first install. im keeping a tab on this.

Further to this i have paused a clean search and then “clear all” ‘ed it, and attempted to drag some new tracks on only to discover that when if refuses to process the new tracks it eventually comes with the results for the tracks I asked it to stop processing. as though it sort of ignored my pause and clear all commands. I also note that if one just waits say 3-4 minutes then the cleanup panel can be usable again, but with no real explanation as to what caused it to be unusable for that period ?

Ok the lockups are insane I can drag 5 tracks on then i have to wait like 5 minutes before the cleanup interface will alow me to drag another 5 tracks on, so far my first days use impression of this software is bad, these random slow downs and lockups of the interface need to be resolved.

4 you need to be clear whether tuneup is compatible with the keep my itunes folder organised preference option as maybe some of these conflicts lockups maybe due to itunes and tuneup fighting over naming tracks once tuneup has placed more ID3 data onto the track for the moment i have disabled the itunes keep folder organised option in case this is causing issues/conflict with tuneup, i will report back if this makes things more stable.

5 Tuneup has to get better at finding albums as a whole very often it has no problem labelling individual tracks, but is in fact attempting to split up tracks from one album into tracks from multiple albums as a solution to tagging them, in a way that is unrealistic. even when the tracks are known to be an album and are dragged in as a group.

6 you need a preference to set which tabs will operate and be visible, if a user wishes to hide a tab then they should be able todo so , features of software should not be forcefully run, if i dont want my processor cycles used on the tuniverse then id like to be able disable that part of the software. (priority)

7 your data collection and use policy should be readable from the software, perhaps a help menu would be good ? so that I know what rights you are giving yourselves ? over processing my data for your own marketing purposes etc, ie is the data you using on peoples librarys being sold on is it anonymous, tuniverse seems dubious in this respect, you need to clearly explain what your business model is in this respect ? if I have paid for software then … I don’t want a scenario in which you are shoehorning me in too being marketed at, using my own data i have provided and using cpu cycles from my computer to do it with, without my permission, especially on software i have supposedly paid for ? ie the tuniverse style marketing, if not turn offable you would expect the product to be the price you pay for a free product ! not a software which you have purchased ie ie the user should have control over tuniverse being run or not as a tab. and if you would have to charge more because there is some kind of kickback for you guys from the whole tuniverse aspect then in reality this should clearly stated up front that the price we are paying for tuneup does not afford us a choice about being marketed at ? especially since in reality tuneup is not disabled / non running as a whole without an uninstall so it will in fact be doing tuniverse stuff even when im just attempting to play stuff in itunes normally without wanting any interference from tuneup, im using tuneup for fixing my tracks not as as social media tool, feature set creep of software is something to be wary of,better to be focused on core features and do them well(answer please) at leaste some ability to choose which parts of tuniverse run, ie a full tuniverse preference panel.

8 tooltip overlay helptext paragraphs for every tuneup preference option, going to the website to read what each specifically meant was a bit of a bore

9 in marketing terms you need to be explicit and clear about the term “lifetime” user, as you seem to be sailing to close to the wind in a marketing sense, with one computers life and one transfer of machine, as that to me that indicates “two machine use lifetimes”, which is reasonable but i wouldn’t call it “lifetime” as that does mean for the duration of someones entire life use, licensed on one machine at any time through that period. the transferability of this licence needs to be clear in this respect as although the lifetime of two computers is quite a while in computing terms as so much changes, it is not a lifetime licence ?

10 since the software is server dependant … you should have a webpage that shows whether the tuneup server is up running or not ie a status page for the tuneup server, as sometimes it appears to say “connecting to TuneUp’s Server” and doesnt get any further. now either this is in fact a software glitch and i need to restart tuneup/itunes or the server is now and again down ? something that I comprehend is always a possibility, but none the less a status webpage will stop me wondering whats going on, when the problem isnt at my end.

11 explanation as to why tuneup wants to catalog my entire track information each time it first starts up with words like importing track information 500 tracks per seond … every time itunes / tuneup launches ? why is it doing this without asking when in reality i will be dropping tracks i want repaired onto its panel anyway at which point it can get track information from the tracks ? without delaying me initially ?

12 A master ON/OFF switch to choose when tuneup is and isnt running ? so that I as a user can choose if it is fetching tuniverse stuff on the basis of what tracks i happen to be playing, ie if i want to isolate my itunes operation from tuneup I should be able to ? as i dont want my itunes stability to be affected by tuneup.

13 tuneup Process prioirty , I notice … that when the cleanup interface is locked up, that bloody tuniverse seems to do all sorts of stuff in the meantime, not that i want it to ! CLEANUP is the priority and always should be of this application if i find in anyway that whatever tuniverse is doing it causes a the clenaup part of the app to lockup or even a minor slowdown, i will be less than amused, i did not buy this app for its tuniverse feature the cleanup part is the priority part for me ! and anything that stands in the way of that is not what i paid for ?

does tuneup do somekind of actual spectral sound analysis to find tracks with very little id3 data similar to shazam ? it seems better than could be attained from cddb based track length analysis.

if you also would like to see the points above come into reality within tuneup then please comment to add weight to this request.

Venn diagrams and the true locations of things genres

It seems to me the greater we understand physics the more applicable venn diagrams become, in the sense that most seem more accurately described by describing the location of spaces that overlap with them, genre in music for instance is rarely a clear description for allot of pieces of music unless it includes two or more genres and this indicates that the musics true location is at the intersection often between genres . Now one approach is to have longer and longer genre descriptions, or permanently bury the idea of precise locations or distinct categorisations, and accept things need tagging with several tags which can be repurposed many ways.

ie music isn’t say “progressive rock” its … “progressive”, “rock” … as this is more efficient as it limits the number of genres yet retains clarity and open endedness.

when measuring very small particles, similarly one can often know the location in space or the velocity and direction of a particle but not both simultaneously with extreme precision, it therefore might be easier to perceive such things in terms of the overlaps of venn diagrams, as this describes effective relationships without the need for precise numbers.

too foten in life we like the clear monotonal description as it enables binary decision making, ie :

someone is “sad” therefore we might “cheer them up”

whereas as most often “sad” caps and simplifys perhaps “sad” , “reflective” , “confused” , “directionless”

we also need a symbol or a tolerance within language to allow conflicting states to both be present in the same location as logic desires currently to deny the existance of such situations as it makes decisional logic difficult, someone can for instance, be in a moment of happyness so tender, it makes them sad by comparison of how far theyre were from that feeling upon reflection, this makes them sad at the same time as being happy.