Barclays tout new faster payments system Whoopee Doo

Now it might only take 1 day to send and recieve payments, I bet you when it comes to them making a profit, they can make currency trading transactions 30 times a second, but dealing with our money were supposed to get wet, about the possibility that they can transfer money in a day ! Christ !

A computer transaction should be down to the second … not a day ! Its hard to imagine we’ve lived for 20 years during a heavy computer usage era, in which transactions took three day to register within banking systems. This improved service announcement is about 20 years to late.

whoopee doo

comment on new macbook pro review

re this macbook pro 2008 late model review :

glossy displays arent that hot :)

Lets face it apple have been ignoring user complaint and feedback for some time, the glossy screen only approach is just more sign of this, also the ibook motherboard failures due to design flaws and apples deliberate avoidance of recognising such issues, utterly detestable, the new brick based macbook is just pure evidence that the strength and thermal capacity of the plastics based books were not sufficient for them to last. That shot you show of the reflections on the glossy screen is fantastic evidence as to why this glossy only approach is misguided, unless apple expect all its users to live in diffusely lit gloomy caves whilst operating their macbooks. For a company that has a cash warchest of 25 billion, they should have recalled a few more of their worst design blunders, and saved their loyal users from paying the price. Ive been using apples since the days of the Apple II europlus and i think their attitude is getting very arrogant towards their users.

Drive repair Mac os X

having checked out allot of drive repair utilities available in mac os x recently due to two drive failures, im coming to the conclusion, that allot of them them are rarely usefull for real life situations, an example of this would be drives that dont mount whos partioning/boot/mount sectors have become corrupt, in this situation most repair software will barely work in this situation at all. What is needed is a utility that will kind of re-initialise and create a fresh mount/partition info so that the drive can be mounted and repaired from there. Also any of the of the other recovery methods become ludicrous on drives beyond about 80gb as the length of time to perform scan operation on the drive may take upto 4-5 days on a big drive, which is unless your utterly desperate for the information on the drive, an unacceptable lockup of the individual computer that most people own. ie can you afford to have your only machine locked up scanning a disk for repair purposes for 5 days ? I was getting a quote of 198 hours for a scan without any guarantee the drive would be recoverable this is pretty pointless.

Flaws sent to Oyster help

I have two Query’s:

(1) : I see on the help website, people talk about jorney history statements not appearing in there hotmail accts. What I would like to know is there a way of having the website sending me a monthly statement via email of my journey history, as this would be very usefull to me, as currently I would like to interrogate my journey history beyond 8 weeks past, therefore if you cant hold more than 8 weeks worth of data, then could you please add a feature whereby I can subscribe to get a monthly/BiMonthly email statement in say PDF, containing my journey history for said period. As this would enable me retrace my movement for accounting purposes etc.

(2) When are you going to sort out the problem with Oyster being as usable as a ‘travel card’ in terms of travelling on rail networks to get to detsinations within Zones, Clapham junction comes to mind, as this a real annoyance and needs sorting on behalf of the public. As this is a real failing, in comparison to the old system.