Rent controls legislation against property speculation and the buy to let market, interest rate increases.

yes we need to have rent controls to break the vicious cycle, house prices increase, rents increase, buy to let market increases, inflation increases, creating more societal division, people driven to benefits increase as wages don’t increase in relation, government debt increases thereby decreasing perceived value in the pound internationally, soon we might be at parity with the dollar!, government holds base rate artificially low to reduce its own interest payments on its exponential looking debt, were close to a greek like tipping point, interest so low makes it not worth saving money especially when interest rates are half inflation, further devaluing the pound which makes it harder for everyone to afford the increasing house prices and consumer goods/ food, unless wages increase which causes competetivity to go down which reduces gdp and economic output, the only solution is capping government debt, setting rent controls at a lower rate than current rents, and de-incentivising buy to let and multiple property ownership, to cap people pressure on housing through importation, and wean the UK business of cheaper more pliable foreign labour dependancy, to defuse the housing market so as to lower debt burden invested in property mortgages, and its associated short-termist profiteering on property values. once rents are capped 20% lower, to thence cap housing benefit successively and lower it in relation to reduced house prices and capped rents, and genuinely un-house council property sub-letters of which im sure is around 5-10%, whilst increasing the base rate, and transfer the cost of housing benefit, back to the employer by increased wages. reducing our global competitiveness, but seriously our economy is really overheated and distorted even in this recession. perhaps for the government borrowing to be invested in gold and then borrow against the gold, as it will increase in value and reduce the cost of re-payment required. we borrow £2.3billion a week increasing the debt.

fundamentally the banks encourage a debt society as it was in their interest, and the government followed suit, such that its personality from a fiscal sense is modelled after the averagely imprudent citizen, and they are now in cahoots to protect their imprudent fiscal natures, as the shock of anything else is against both their personal fiscal interests, in other words the gambler with debts always want to sit at the table and gamble some more in the hope of leaving it with less debt than accepting responsibility for the debt hes created.

belonging and politics

you should belong to three units in life only one of which should exercise national political power.

The Individual
The family
The nation

anything else is supernumerary and designed to distort real democracy

The individual should be the only politically active unit in an idealised democracy and all decisions local or national should be informed by the composite measured views of the whole of the individuals there-in’s collective opinion on offered decisional questions.

euromove attack on UKIP

euromove you are biased a biased organisation and quite obviously a propaganda mouthpiece for the european union ? as a struggling native of a country whose sovereignty the european union effectively destroyed in 1992 with the maastricht treaty, without providing a democratic referendum to the people who would be subject to it, I would say you have been the greatest threat to all the people of europe’s identity in the last 2000 years, I despise your website and the fetid and bloated bureaucracy that is the european union and wish it nothing but ill and dissolution.

The propogation of the idea that borders are bad

reddit rests its hat on the partisan binary use of trite wit and not balanced argument

F**k Borders ey – ? John Lennons “imagine” as he clearly suggests in his own lyrics, makes him a dreamer, No borders means – no sovereignty, means no cultural self determinism, means no natives, and eventually no identifiable meaningful cultural differentiation, except for a few dances for the tourists, ask how the native indian population would be without the mild respite of reservations and lands ? where giant international corporations get to move the cheapest most pliable labour forces and migrate them to where they wish to conduct they’re business, admittedly merica was founded on immigration in its modern sense, & can never shirk that statement, but imposing such ideologies on other nations is another matter, I for one quite clearly realise that a borderless world, could lead to the most depressing form of consumer based totalitarianism human history could have ever imagined, the world run by corporations for they’re benefit, and people just an abused permanently en-debted labour force within it for the sake of a roof and food to survive, democracy effectively a spineless mirage to distract the masses, some say were already there. Give the immigrant three generations and see what he thinks of the border then.

The Mastricht Treaty in 1992 combined with schengen in 1995 effectively dissolved european borders and effectively by implication sovereignty and national self determinism also, all of this done without resort to a referendum for all but three of the european nations populations involved, that was the turning point, ask europeans how they feel about it now and you will discover there average citizen who struggles has become worse off, Europe is run by the germans for the germans, there is almost complete economic dis-harmony between the nations, that isn’t what Churchill imagine when he created its predecessor the EEC for trade, had he realised it would eventually end up dissolving sovereignty, he would be appalled, as it would have undone his prior defence of britains sovereignty.

The cost of space in which to live a life … in the UK

A tighter border means less people pressure on housing, but those that run the economy want to keep the workers here under pressure, so the border is porous, & space is expensive & dont delude yourselves that increased numbers of people and slow building rates of inappropriate & undesired housing, does not impact rental costs or house prices … how can it not? when the building rate does not match demand or provide a cost effective alternative as wages have in relative form declined, were caught between the cost of land in london, regulations & labour to build new being too costly, and that which is built of being unsatisfactory quality, meaning new builds are bad value generally, here do you fancy a 25% share in a poxy block flat in far east london, & you can pay the other 75% in rent, WTF! forget that. Combined with people pressure through immigration into the major english urban centres, the government has failed to reign in the housing market, preferring to fantasize house price increases are a valid part of the growing economy , whereas really they have very little value to us as a nation except as a lever to put pressure on people & to lower living standards, compared to say something really economically useful like exports. Over the last 50 years the government has let the buy to let / rental market run away with itself as an investment opportunity for the multiple house owning wealthy, since rent caps were abandoned in the 60’s, at the expense of the non house owning classes, increasing societal division. Half the people on housing benefit are largely a cost to the government in the first place, because rental prices are beyond the reach of low wages thereby the government is subsidising big businesses costs, unless your an economically efficient immigrant living in a bedsit or flatshare. And in this recession the government protected the property speculator by holding base interest rates, rtificially low, making better profits for banks & preventing a housing bubble correction from occurring, as it has in america. The only solution is to reduce people pressure on the housing or to build allot more housing somehow affordably & at a good standard without despoiling the environment, to be honest rent capping needs to be re-introduced as punishment for the profiteering thats occurred over the last 40 years in the rental market & slow the market down, using a base rate increase to cause the hard medicine of price decline, as the cost of housing is damaging our economy by disenfranchising and dis-heartening the people who actually work for a living rather than invest, this would require government intervention, but the lazy government still has faith in the idea of free capitalist markets resolving such issues by themselves, which they have failed to achieve, as the market is only interested in profiteering rather than providing affordable housing to make a more equitable society, and all the holistic benefits societally that might flow from that, watch the “spirit of 45”, developers can’t cost effectively solve this problem whilst satisfying investors monetary greed, housing standards are poky, awful & declining. were between a rock & a hard place im afraid … welcome to England ! ;(