The taxpayer the ho to pimp for everything without consent

we were spending £7.8billion on foreign aid ?

labour until youre refounded never darken my door.

to think of the state some of the poorest people in this country to live in, most unable to afford homes, especially those not claiming, those who are waiting for their finances to improve before having children. The poverty of their education the enshrining and encouragement of their ignorance, and all this neglect of natives so that tax revenues can be spent helping foreign people out. I mean £7.8 billion where are the spare tax revenues floating around to wash away on this, I think a 4.8 trillion national debt says otherwise ?

destitution in london

you cant try to stamp out all destitution, it will somehow still exist, the universe abhors order ? some of these men are triumphs of wrecks, and they need help, some people you can put in a house , and they will stilll find theyre way back to the street, simple as. theres a girl been outside my supermarket for 12 years who i know quite well and help a little, shes been through all sort of drug rehabilitation, special courses, rehoused she still comes back to that same spot one way or another. and she still cracks a smile better than i can ? life hasn’t beaten you till your dead

macpro rules … NOT !

re some apple fanboy

hmm you trolling or what, ive been using macs since the day of the Apple II . the Mac pro is the most expensive least upgradeable computer in the world ? powerfull most certainly, but server level processors make it inordinately expensive, and why dont you just throw in a new graphics card in a mac pro, oh sorry thats extremely unlikely to work ?, your power supply dies, well thats not standard and a total **** to swap over oh well, upgrade cooling and overclocking? no, hackintoshs are more practical, ask my £2500 dual G5 that dies for no good reaon after 3 years and is too expensive repair, i suggest you go poor more money into steves account because he loves apple fanboys like you, he pats you on the head and unzips his fly.

RAISE interest RATES fuckers, the house owning set, desperate to cover arse and keep their greedy gains

unwelcome ? according to the bbc one more minister thinks a rate rise is necessary.

rate rise unwelcome ? to the house owning set maybe ? every fucker who can’t afford a house is begging for interest rate rises and a crash to correct the last 15 years of government encouraged greed that has made the multiple house owning set a super wealthy elite at the expense of those who don’t own a home of their own to live in, this is now the divide in society. Also a rate rise would benefit those whose savings in the bank savings account get interest of 1.5% or worse ? and who’s money is constantly devaluing due to inflation rising faster than savings can repair it ? secondarily this devaluing in wealth is not aided by the governments profligate public finances which spell “public finance bankruptcy” whilst they still burn tax revenues paying for a bloated welfare system, so that this false economy means are actual currency is devaluing anyone’s saving. The problem Continue reading

human rights benefits stopping ?

This nation is on its knees everybody in this country needs to stop thinking about their dummy being taken away, there is no such thing as entitlement ! its an allusion of once wealthy societys, ask an african or a chinaman, find a job, or better still create your own work and if possible export something that actually adds value to the country rather than just circulates the same diminishing stale money round in circles, stop thinking someone took something from you ? did you pay for it in the first place ? if you get a payout because some corrupt law firm got you something, who is paying for that payout ? all your doing is stealing money from other people which future generations will have to pay for. starvation motivates people trust me, if we go further down this road of lethargy and benefits self entitlement things are only going to get much worse. Human rights are for those nations that can afford it ?

HS2 debate

btw I once worked on promotional material for UKultraspeed a maglev solution slightly quieter no rail friction, one of the many variations on this high speed train theme, these projects are old ideas, statistics can be easily manipulated, what you have to remember is the public is now ultra cynical because of the number overpriced disasters theyve been lumbered into paying for, london tube improvements for instance ?! between now and eternity that have gone horribly over budget and delivered not enough value, hence national debt. True airplanes are more polluting and generally less efficient, putting anything in the air usually uses more energy, but Continue reading

the self love cult, of the banker elites :

the self love cult of the banker elites :

Once ive worked out which bank to move to, to take my deposits, i shall be moving, barclays are just more evil in the world, and average salary at barclays capital of £234,000. thats for a staff of 28,400 investment bankers. so lets read that clearly they have a wage bill alone for people who gamble in the markets of 6,645,600,000, these people are lining their pockets by Continue reading