Wondrous Obsessions: The Cabinet of Curiosities – review

Wondrous Obsessions: The Cabinet of Curiosities

Presenter appears to be a foreign student who never returned “home” – no doubt wrote a few papers, on nothing of much relevance as most academia seems bent these days and has got a professorship in said flannel subject, from some soft liberal university and now it seems has a TV career talking in the most stilted and mannered version of an affected posh english accent. Hmm bearable just – if one tunes out the accent. Little novel or precise is divulged, felt like an ill focused magazine show about the age of collecting in the the 17th century, didn’t feel I learnt much by the time it was over, the educative content of such shows needs to go up. The program itself displayed parallels to the last fake curio exhibition it discussed, where people deliberately blur the line between entertaining piffle and truth conveying signal, I did not come away enlightened and it rang a little perhaps, as though a slight of televisual story telling had been washed over me, leaving me uncaring for the merit of the programs existence or not. Certainly compared to many other great documentaries one could spend ones time viewing. Not quite true … a few things were learnt re Ashmoles connived control of the Tredescant collection which rings true, and Tredescants role of the no doubt ass-kissing kings gardener giving you enough wealth and access to acquire such a collection. Im sure the post is still as comfortable and well paid.

cabinet of curiosities

ebay charge too much and is a ripoff

I worked out the other day using an ebay calculator

that in total for a £400 Buy it now item – in total with insertion fees, final value fees and paypal fees –

    ebay are taking in total around 20% of the purchase cost of the item in charges

. and that includes taking fees on the cost of your postage whatever that may cost you – in my case £20 for the particular item, they even charge compound paypal fees on the proportion of money you receive that they will end up taking off you in charges for the auction ? whichever way you look at it ebay is a rip-off, why because thats more expensive in total than selling through a physical auction which normally charges 15% to the seller and alot less for vehicles? a web service like ebay should be around the 10% of purchase level of cost at maximum, otherwise its less cost effective than a physical auction? we should all have an ebay strike where we stop listing stuff for a week in the year, otherwise ebay will never listen.

its time to start using other sites ebid amazon etc

To me this strikes me as absurd that their software website service cant be done more efficiently than for 20% charge ? especially for people with 100% ratings ? what insurance do they need ? ebay must be making huge profits or squandering lots and lots of money and not running the site efficiently enough imo?

the House the 100k built – cough – bullshit – the homeowners who built a £205,000 house of the back of speculation – more like

bbc iplayer

Lets be honest, £90,000 plot plus £100,000 budget plus 15k contingency means its a £205,000 build. its called maths ?

its just rich homeowners playing with money they’ve creamed from speculative property market. just like grand designs this programming represents a small wealthy minority.

London’s Lost Graveyard review : more societal propoganda to repaint history to fit liberal ideology

It gets easier with time to identify the programs whose covert agenda is subconscious societal propaganda, which is to be votive for the Mass immigration-al multiculturalist agenda’ed of the minority liberal power set and their ideology which is that multiculturalism is somehow magically morally righteous and superior, regardless of it deleterious effect on those who struggle, this whole programs aim it seems, at its outset, was to try and paint a parallel between mass immigration-al british culture today and the cultural makeup then 265 years ago, no real clear statistics and numbers are given after all why bother with science, lets just selectively pick examples instead, re-iterate the words foreign people allot who are often selectively picked out – as the people of interest and apparently the lives of interest, lets claim british people in general to be immigrants to london, yorkshireman foreign, because that fits the agenda we want to set, and that london has always had the same immigration-al makeup it has today ? bullshit ! ie apparently the bethlem graveyard is of course a heartfelt immigrant story. Note we are given little scientific numbers or percentages from the exhumations which will compare the ratio of british people versus foreign and comparison of that today – no its implied that then – just as now Britain has always been mass immigration-al multi-cultural society, which is false assertion, that all things are the same. This program is precisely illustrative of how history is altered and painted to the agenda of those liberals whose need to re-arrange our perceptions of it. And subtly label programs with epithets like “casts new light on the people who built london”. The british mans skeleton investigated is of course a man who dies of syphillus, what a convenient choice of portrayal, selective one wonders ? Like most programs today there is little statistics or hard facts presented – mainly a skewed tail is woven to portray a plebeian programatic and ‘access’able story’, that someone else has a desire and agenda to tell, rather than the facts of history. And in this case the surnames of those involved in the program, highlight were handing out plenty of good jobs to foreign people it seems in archaeology in london. why excavate 5000 people in the first place ? why not leave them in the ground did they need removing ? do the buried have rights ? or are the poor dead – just objects for our entertainment? and whose paying for all this and why? it seems to me archaeology today is a tax on building anywhere in Britain ? after all dig a whole anywhere theres bound to be some archaeologist who needs paying off – for you to have a right to dig it.