the chipping norton set should not have power

why are the chipping norton sets the ones with power

Cameron and his ilk up that way are parasites on culture, lets be honest i would never entrust to such a person with the defense of our borders they live in a false idyll compared to where the majority live, until theyre sending theyre children to a state academy school in finsbury park or brixton, then I dont think they have a right to pass judgement on multiculturalism and immigration as a wonderfull and primary belief, that must be entrenched and indoctrinated into the common people at all costs, such as we appear to experience in this culture, and lockup all those who dont believe in and rally against it, this is a fascist liberal state we are living in that is committing people culture suicide, purely so as to appear super ammicable and non racist in some ridiculous overt who can be more multicultural than america competition. America was founded on immigration britain was not, certainly in the 500 year time frame. ANd i personally feel that the level of immigration and multicuturalism that has been enforced on the major urban centres has been completely out of control for forty years. And this government is no different in investing money to defend the rights of foreign people abroad rather than actually defend our own borders, which should be the primary purpose of any army. Certainly I would be much happier to see someone become prime minister who had seen all sides of british culture, not just from another privileged background such as cameron.

Britain effectively ceased to exist as a soverieign entity on the 10th Dec 1991

Britain effectively ceased to exist as a sovereign entity on the 10th Dec 1991, with the signing of the Maastricht treaty, do not delude yourself otherwise, no country which cannot control which persons can enter its borders has control of their own country or any real sense of self determination. Britain was only great when is was sure of its own identity, and was culturally unified in purpose. Our overpopulated isle and your future native progeny are now fully exposed to competition with 800 million people, whose cultures maybe more agressive selfish and less civilised than your own.

This is disregarding the impact of the era of global mass immigration external to the EU into the UK over the last 40 years we have been living under the kosh of, that has compounded the struggling native englishmans situation further.

The hideousy of the female transformation

The hideousy of the female transformation, the power of makeup to mask like transform the face and how fakery has become the norm of human female appearance ?

Why age and plastic surgery make a bad mix

perhaps why growing old gracefully is a good idea ? plastic surgery does not go well on the face after 50 ?

what an actual mask her made-up / fake face is, a few smears of a tissue reveal the reality which probably looks worse than if she had just left her face alone, at least it would have some natural if aged integrity ?

The usual teenage gang violence that typifys modern crappy london

The usual grouping of urban black kids ending up in gangs and somehow stabbing a native kid Nicholas Pearton to death, who was somehow in the way between the two gangs.

Nicholas Pearton I apologise even if no other british fucker will, how this liberal government agenda created a situation where this could happen to you in your own culture.

Oh and where exactly do you want to send your kids to school in london again ? where idiot black gang culture might not end up wasting their life ?

tiresome disgusting and boring, this is what passes for cultural activity and contribution to this country from some young people in london.

I think sentencing for gangs should be as a group and they all get the sentence length of the worst offender in the group at the time of the offence, that might teach them to be an individual instead of a gang pussy.

anjem choudhary needs to go live in a Muslim state

Anjem choudhary making unfounded and bullshit statements, blaming bad evil western culture for gangs of Asians who’ve been gang raping school girls ! Basically idiots are born every day its something we need to be aware of.

Anjem choudhary and his non Muslim western indulging youth, just like Abu hamza who also spent a profligate youth before turning radical, could you please grow up, and if you truly desire to live in a Muslim state then go and live in one it’s not very difficult to achieve, a plane fare will get you there as it did your family here ?

Also he’s another wet sausage who pathetically, steals from the state to pay for his own existence, that’s whys he’s got time to talk crap about this culture.

Saw the fucker in Finsbury park myself the other night, but didn’t cognate it till he passed, I should have turned round and given the shit a peace of my mind, after all he’s so keen on pouring crap in other peoples ears.

Best jamaican restaurant in london ? a hidden gem

As a regular orderer of takeout from this restaurant, im a little worried it doesn’t get enough custom and might be dwindling, this is a selfish interest because, I in fact enjoy the takeaway food immensely at this restaurant, and do not wish to see it dissappear, so im putting my love of the food from there, down on this blog.

The “Hummingbird” in finsbury park : north london is a small jamaican restaurant, that to a large extent is very unassuming, one wouldn’t think the food inside, was so good, whats clever about the food, is the cuisine is delicious yet kind of home made, so for instance the goat curry and fish stew are both delightful, but in a homely way, the food that i have tried has the quality of being out of someones personal kitchen, and to recipes that are sub consciously understood and so deeply ingrained within the chefs imagination, the kind of cooking that is passed on from one person to another, and it is on the food, that this restaurant always wins, the decor is nothing to be spoken of particularly and service seems good, but it is not on these points one would come to the hummingbird, one comes to the hummingbird for the food.

If you want grand service and an immaculate environment then perhaps somewhere else is your best bet, as it is really the experience of dining that your enjoying, some people have complained of the service in reviews on urbanspoon and even holy of holy the coleslaw ? but i dont think they understand that culturally silver service and jamaican food arent synonomous with each other, when it comes to jamaican cuisine it really is about the food and not the service, it tends to be measured by someone you new or remember who made the best this or that, it revolves around a relatives kitchen and what came out of it and how good it tasted.

Not to say that jamaican cuisine, cant have great service because it can, but i never attend a restaurant, purely because the staff are bending over backwards to make me feel like an important person, im not interested in feeling like an important person, nor do i go just for a beautiful interior, a restaurant can have great service and a lovely environment, but if the food isnt the main attraction, I dont go, and where the hummingbird really wins is purely on its food. So with takeaway, you will get just as good an experience with the food as you will with say in the restaurant. the difficulty with the menu in any restaurant is being able to dive around the menu enough to truly get the scope of its cuisine, the stews, the dumplings, the currys, and all the assorted sundries that can be ordered complete the picture, even the drinks can be bespoke if thats your thing, irish moss etc.

I would first of all try the goat curry(probably mutton but heck) or fish stew takeaway and if you like it, then go for a sitdown and try out the rest of the menu. Ok the takeaway menu could be accused of having a fair amount of rice, and not enough sauce No doubt, if you were inclined to perceive it that way, but unlike allot of indian restaurants the rice is not purely there to bulk out the sauce element, the rice and peas, which acompany allot of the dishes is a thing in and of itself, not everything is sparkling on the menu but then i dont think i have ever been in a restaurant where every item on the menu was as great as every other item, as with any restaurant its a matter of finding the things that are great, so often a restaurant is ruined by picking an item from a menu that doesnt delight, and never returning, which is often why i think restaurants could shorten their menu to that they do well and grow from their, which is sometimes why i think fast food that turns into a restaurant can sometime work well, because fast food is so competitive an environment in a big urban city that if you don’t make good food that people like, you will dissappear pretty rapidly. some of the best and tastiest bites come from food stalls that have thrived on delivering one tasty and original food experience, and grown from their.

The Hummingbirds : coleslaw

Its difficult to explain why the coleslaw, also available with the takeaway menu is so good ? I think it comes down to someone making the coleslaw the way they would make it for themselves and have done so for years, who cares about things being done right, which in this age of costco bought mass produced catering size everything is in a way a symbol of the quality of this restaurant, and how even all the sundries in a restaurant, benefit from thought and consideration in their preparation, its a delicate coleslaw, finely shredded with an almost sweet tinge perhaps coming from the carrots or an additional, yet it makes supermarket coleslaw look like a joke product. The coleslaw tasted by itself will tell you what attention, is put into what is served.

I heartily recommend the place, whether to sit down for a meal or just to pop in and get some takeaway, my favourite’s are the goat curry and the red fish stew, but when i find things i like, i tend to stick with them. Its a casual place there is no need to dress up, its a little on the downlow, and a little unassuming, but to me that is part of its charm, but now again I pop in and i think they could do with a little more business which is why im showing its some love on my blog, to counter the few reviews on urbanspoon that were negative.

you will, if your anything like me, find yourself going back again if its nearby to order another takeaway, we should all support those of our local restaurant that though deserved of it, dont have the customer attendance of the timeout rated restaurants that always seem busy beyond their brilliance, those in finsbury park being the pappagone and La-Porcetta, which always seem rammed and to me though pasta and pizza vary in quality it is not something that greatly excites me as a cuisine, though the starter, scallops with warm rocket salad converted to a main in pappagone is particularly good, but if finsbury park were to lose the “Hummingbirds” Jamaican cuisine it would be losing allot.

Hummingbird Restaurant
84 Stroud Green Road
Finsbury Park
London N4 3EN
020 7263 9690

Who are the real poor in the UK ?

Well the claiming classes whose rent is paid for by taxes are as always protected from real poverty by claiming from other peoples taxes for theyre survival, they are not the truly poor, these state paid for renting people are in league with the multiple house owning landlords set, to defraud the taxpayer of lots of money. As they dovetail nicely together for each others benefit.

The landed and farming sets have for the last 40 years been supported endlessly by european farming or set aside subsidy, so the landed are protected, except from their own inability to claim subsidy. set aside is a bit like a benefits system to encourage lazy farmers to do less, which has encouraged them to be unproductive, a bit like a benefits for the unemployed has created jobs for foreign workers on this land.

The key workers have benefited from endless government fosterance including entry into cheaper property and mortgages, now as concerns nurses in this country most of whom are foreign imported for instance, this policy seems to be benefiting foreign imported people mainly. And now the armed forces personnel are being moved on to this key list ? easier access to mortgages etc, who have always been daddied by the state and the parent figure army organisational body in general, until of course they leave the forces and get a sudden shock as to what civvy street is all about. Extra token funding for schools in which army children go to makes sense, to compensate for being moved around so much.

I went to 12 schools and didnt get any compensation academically for the disturbance, the subjects that suffer are pyramidal ones maths and english, science a little, but less so. but its this idea of positive discrimination that gets me, people are so thick they dont realise its reverse class racism, preferential treatment, rather than as it should be equal treatment for all, except those who “too well” serve themselves ie those with criminal tendancys who attempt to defraud every system for their own benefit, and those who genuinely weak and to moral would suffer too much, you may measure the civility of a country by how the least able survive it within it.

Imagine if the army … is only just capable of bending the prime ministers arm to try and help theyre members out, what chance does a native individual who belongs only to this culture, and not any minority or heavily membered lobbying group etc, Have of getting his voice heard ? … None is the answer, the individual today is no more powerful than they were 100 years ago. If you dont belong to cartels and groups, your fucked for any representation in democracy unless of course you have recourse to money to attain it, or to enable you to be immune form the vaguery’s of culture in the first place. this is the truth kids learn it now !

Immigrant people are these the poor ? not if they’re claiming asylum or have achieved citizenship, as in reality they are treated just as well or more likely better, than native people on benefits, how you may ask ? well because they are given priority on housing, and from the arrival are inculcated into the system of claiming and how it works, and the councils have european based obligation to house every fucker from this background, and will claim better than a native person who has moral qualms about claiming.

Oh of course people who cheated on the benefits systems and were asked by the government to repay the money, have now been informed they dont need to, if you cheat the benefit system we will not ask you to pay anything back, these were people who failed to notify of a change in circumstance, so now even benefit defrauders appear to have free rain to misbehave.

the small business entrepreneur and the self employed dependant on their ability are in fact not favoured in anyway.

But the real poor, are the native young poor today, who through moral background and upbringing are just above the claiming classes, yet never rich enough to afford property, this is the true poor, for the taxes on money they earn are spent on helping everyone else without receiving any benefit themselves, ie they are putting more in than they receive, and the meagre savings they have are not rewarded with proper interest because the government are holding the interest rate so low in order to benefit the multiple property owning class. they also now realise the baby boomer generation have pretty much sewn up property ownership in this country to such an extent, therye beginning to realsie they will never own property unless they inherit or take control politically enough to affect real change in this culture.

This government is evil, for it benefits only those of immoral nature who shout and demand for themselves out of the pockets of those who are less vocal, its a form of bullying and extraction from certain a lower middle class people who dont own property.

We definately should of at some point in history had a revolution in this country, as the french did for it would have cleansed the land of all those who think it is moral to disenfranchise the many, for theyre own benefit and that of small cartel of other self serving elites.

Today these family names and types still have the majority of power in the land, they dress it up with the idea of being politicians and democracy, the only democracy anyone has in this country is to elect a a differentially branded set of similar class duffers to come in and fuck theyre country up once every four years. If you think that is democracy of any worth then you are sadly deluded.

The only way to send this government a message is to have a mass protest of money withdrawal from banks and store it under your mattress, or at least move your money to one of the last cooperative banks that doesnt have shareholders, move into the claiming class for all your worth, until the system is broken, and spend as little money as possible to bring the economy to its knees, until the government decides to listen to that small non house owning, non claiming poor person who contributes more than they take from the system, yet seems to get gipped in terms of our opinion being taken into account decision making wise at every turn, by this supposedly democratic process, by every loud mouthed minority group of self servers.

the government has not represented the people of this land for 40 years, it has represented the few.

Abu hamza retaining his falsely obtained British passport !

Because he claims he was stripped of his Egyptian passport we think he would stateless > rubbish > the evidence for the loss of his egyptian nationality is scant. The Egyptians are just trying to avoid taking the fucker back, and his citizenship stripping if it did occur. Was post our move to strip him of his British citizenship, ie a deliberate attempt was made to avoid accepting him back .

Screw Abu hamza I don’t want him and his overprogenating dick, breeding and living in my country, were already spending a fortune of taxpayers money supporting his vast family on benefits. If we can’t strip Abu hamza of citizenship, this country is fucked from a democracy perspective because the wishes of the people are being ignored.

Making him stateless as far as im concerned is not an issue at all, after all those who are truly upset by him becoming stateless can obviously decide to adopt and foster him into being a citizen of their country.

And as for his extradition to the states, speed it up theyre are way to many concerns as regards his human rights stemming from europe and that duncery of middle class eurocrat wankers, there are plenty of people in secure max prisons in america and I dont see the european court trying to protect them from such imprisonment, its a delaying farce hes always pushing trying to take the piss out of justice and judiciary in this country.

GP wages too high ?

perhaps ads like this is why we need 3 times as many qualified, if not working GPs in this country/the world, so we can get their wages from being astronomical and unjust down to reasonable levels ? after all if they were being paid something like 33k a year we could afford 3 x as many of them ? and that would lead to better healthcare overall, being a GP should not be the perceived god like specialism or such a disgusting route to huge wages that it appears to be ?

As a person who does a good job at their profession who earns 16k per annum such as myself, and suffers at the hands of an NHS GP surgery system that seems to make these GP’s inordinately rich ? whilst theyre not providing a quality of care for the majority of patients that is of any scientific reasonable merit, or of much practical use to patients ? I really dont see why currently GP’s are paid so much, except by sheer undersupply ?

and thank god there are some moral born people in the world like Mark Jopling who though part of the privilieged set is prepared to speak out about the inequity of the system :