Shale Gas Fracking in Britain

Anybody who thinks there are few consequences to this is deluding themselves, and the idea we will do it better ? its the same damn companies, with the same shareholders to please ? its rubbish, the only ones to benefit will be the companies there shareholders the landowners and the small number of employees, the general public will see little benefit, they cant guarantee what will happen to the water supply if they get it wrong, they dont fully understand how as yet undiscovered pre-existing geology may interact with this drilling, we aren’t getting any better guarantees than america this a desperate attempt to garner energy so as to not face the idea this island might be at capacity in terms of people and providing energy for them, the greenhouse effect from methane pollution is far worse than carbon pollution, methane is 20 times more greenhouse effective than carbon dioxide ?, if methane continuously leaks into natural cave systems and escapes from a myriad of exits the pollution consequences could be much worse for the environment than imagined. We have no guarantees what chemicals will be in use in all the fluids used ? Fracking is a fiscal steamroller sweeping the globe, we have not got the full cost/loss/benefit analysis.

Britain – pre it’s descent

1939 Britain in colour

A Harmonious Britain apart from the wealth divide, Britain before the democratic self determinism of the native was irrevocably distorted by a ego’d ideologically driven minority, which altered that harmony – at the expense of the conditions and voice of a majority. A View of the last summer before we spent so many british lives defending the rights of so many countries to their own ‘national’ identities & self determinism. Which for some unfathomable reason post war, has led to a fascist liberal ideology being driven forward at all costs leading to the fatal blow of the maastricht treaty. To create what ? some form artificial slave-ment of this once fair isle to another form of german led hegemony, government and the word public now so weak its may as well be private owned, and govt debt defrauding the pretence of democracy – Heinous – and now as with allot of british history we must make a fist of the mess that has been created by others and carry on back to some form of distorted unity.

Pizza Express – Halal meat – Critique of Russell Brands liberalist views

You throw the word racist about like its liberal blackmail confetti and a get out of jail free card for a liberal to win any argument – just like anyone else who wishes to work in the media > the range of opinions your allowed to hold and still have a career – is set for you by the necessity to keep your position. Stop trying to shove your spiritual beliefs up anyones posterior – you quite obviously have done too many drugs, theres a lack of centering & a largely manic brain fizz to your fuzzy viewpoints, also comedians having political opinions is generally pointless – since their stances on most views – are reductionist in nature, binarising issues for the sake of amusement or wit . I think if we were to remove the pseudo radical-ist political overtly liberal engaged element from your humour – the comedy remaining wouldn’t be sufficient to justify a career – The Pizza issue is about companies ‘silently’ pandering to a ‘minority 2000 year old religious pressure group’ to alter our nationally agreed slaughtering method to suit their desires to a more primitive slaughtering method, truth is – In the normal british method the birds are stunned to unconsciousness before there throats are cut in our slightly more evolved slaughtering method ? And this Halal business is all being arranged without voting or labelling in what should be a secular open democracy. I want to know what is or is not Halal so I can choose if I wish to avoid it – thats my democratic right.

Adam & Paul – Film – Midnight Drug Cowboy in Dublin 7.5*

A variant Drug-ee Midnight Cowboy in Rain Drenched Dublin, two dun-fer
deadheads work out how to spend the remaining hours in their own
personal hell. There’s some very consummate acting from the two lead
roles,and lots of lovely character acting, an unashamed range of strong
urban Dublin accents, some nicely comedic situations and relations,
some nice bits of cinematography and some touching moments, worthy of
viewing for those accepting of its strong themes of addiction poverty
and no hope grime, though there some similarities between this and
midnight cowboy, its updated for the modern age and stands elements on
its head without too strongly pulling on the emotional levers that are
obviously available, and the truth is this story is perpetual and
endless, we tend to iconify and re-project that small proportion who
win, but the opposite portion are the truer story, the ending was
inversed and more modernist and harder to swallow but true enough to
itself and very valid. A tale for those who understand the dark end of the street is
in nearly every town everywhere.

HUGE – film review – 3*

A Valid filmic attempt … but Subconsciously littered and heavy with youth multiculturalist schmaltzy programmatic London themes. Crazy skinhead appearing apparently lacklustre comedian needily courts 2nd/3rd
generation immigrant as comedic partner, buttons here are pushed way too heavily, cheesy montage, overplayed and instantly appearing passion / emotion / bonding expose etc various very stereotype or unfleshed
unbelievable characters litter this supposedly comedic / confused film, which seeks and desires to project an agenda on your thinking on multiculturalist society, young people in restaurants living in large
nice shared houses with twee Jewish gypsy grandmothers in the suburbs, and the English restaurant boss is inexplicably somehow the bad guy … yeah, I suppose its comedy ? though im not sure where its emotionally
aimed and it lolls around all over the place without the subtlety too make the manoeuvres its attempting. I’m not exactly sure which UK or London this film is based in, but its not one I recognise from any era,
its that kind of programmatic media invisioned version of somewhere London the UK film industry likes to liberallist project. soft glow effect overused throughout, ends in a cut short manner with a heinous
montage of implied sacharrin ending. Not funny enough – not believable in any of the places it attempts to go, falls between all the stools … lands nowhere.

An identifiable cameo-ish appearance of Ralph Brown of Danny Withnal fame will with cognition tease for recognition upon your eye.