IKEA what are they like ?

Bought some “samla” storage boxes, only to find the lids are a seperate purchase, so I got the lids, now i discover the lids dont clip onto the bases in anyway and that they distort and dont sit properly on the box bases, IKEA has to understand there are minimum standards that they have to meet and selling each component seperately and at an extra cost invalidates them appearing cheap and making them out of materials that easily and by themselves distort invalidates moulding plastic in the first place. fourthly mine seem 1cm too tall for sliding under a standard bed height ?
so lets list the design flaws so far :

• 1 plastic distorts by itself after purchase perhaps plastic not cured properly ?
• 2 1cm to tall for fitting under a bed
• 3 doesn’t include as standard way to self clip onto box base without extra faffy purchasable parts
• 4 when stacked they slide around on top of each other rather than stacking neatly foot of box into socket on lid. (only possible reason for this is perhaps breaking roll resistance when transported in a car but if the lid flys off whats the difference ? )
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Total UK Public Purse refinancing of bad private debt (Disguised as Nationalisation)

Brown why are you calling taking the taxpayer taking on responsibility for bad private debt … …Nationalisation ? when it isnt because all the profitable parts of the companys are being given freely or sold for chicken feed to foreign countrys companys … Santander etc.

Total debt assumed by Taxpayer so Far :

Northern Rock : £100 billion (£3600 for each person in the country)
and thats the least of it read this article to be horrified as to how messy banks have been running their affairs.

Bradford and Bingley : £50 billion (£1800 for each person in the country)
liable to be much more and Banco Santander, the Spanish bank that owns Abbey just picked up : , has bought the £20 billion deposit business and the network of 200 branches probably worth in the region of 100 million in themselves, for 612 million pounds, So im guessing 512 million has been paid to bring 20 billions worth of deposits onto their accounts, perhaps they need deposits ? thats a bit like being loaned 20 billion at 2.5% interest rate.

Total So Far :
£150 billion (£5400 of personal debt for everyone in the country)
we have already agreed to deal with this !!!!!!!
whilst he has passed off the more profitable parts to foreign companys someone go shoot brown

This guy does not need to be in charge of the economy he’s allowed half these disasters to occur by allowing the banks to practically regulate themselves, and in the process is trying to clear them up at our expense … ridiculous … hes saddling us with debt that will depress the economy for a decade.

This is the hangover for the cocaine fuelled financial gamblers/bankers who’ve personally done very well out of the proflegate and fiscally imprudent unregulated era, theyve now got a load of bad chips on their hands to dispose of, from encouraging people to borrow money so they can dis-enfranchise the non house owning set even further, and those that should regulate the economics of the country have been letting them gamble imprudently in this manner, now the games is to be paid for, this syndicate of gamblers cant find anyone who will lend them to keep playing(no interbank lending), So now they palm the cost of the gambling to the average saving taxpayer who wasn’t even in the game and may not even own a house, and was in fact being destroyed by the game anyway. This is just more evidence if any were needed of the criminal nature of society.

lacie black disk huh :S

why the hell do people do unboxing videos, video about opening a case to replace a drive maybe, but opening the box, after purchase, just plain nuts.

lacie disks are ok but not great whats really important is what drive is on the inside of the unit, and how good is the bridge board and power supply, Ive had 4 lacie power supplys failed on me, bought 5 of their products, one of the drives inside one of my 4 lacie external hard disk is on the way out, the drive inside it is a maxtor :(. Seagate , hitachi western digital & samsung are generally more reliable drives. but if you base buying a drive on how black it, is then good luck to you.

Bradford And Bingley public get the short of it

Is there anything that can be done to enlarge the debate over why we appear to be nationalising privately held bad debt ? The profitable parts of Bradford and Bingley, the deposits sector appear to be being sold to A Spanish bank “Santander”, whilst we the public seem to be being forced to assume the bad debt side of the company, can this be explained in anyway except as just financial abuse of the public purse! not sure whether this is the FSA’s role to intervene on the public behalf on this issue, but it seems grossly unfair that the government seems no longer to operate in the publics favour ? why are the spanish get the lean meat and were getting the skin and bone of the deal ?

Why is it that the public taking on privately held bad debt is being called “Nationalisation”. To me its not nationalisation unless theres a benefit to the public to it. This is just government stupidity, the sub prime and over lending no bank reserves necessary culture has devolved into financial fantasy land a long time ago, the government and financial bodys were supposed to prevent this from happening.

BlueRay HD-DVD et al all Optical storage formats obsolete

well sort of … lets look at this clearly…
Am i likely to be burning things to optical disc as a form of personal backup ever again ? …
the answer … NO.

Why ? well …
a basic internal blu-ray burner Price £160.00 pounds
amount one BD disc can store ? 25gb
cost of single sided 25gb disc ? £8.00 or more.
time to burn the disk … roughly 45 minutes to burn a 25GB BD ?(not a 4x drive to expensive)

At the moment you can buy 750gb external drives for a slittle as £85.00

So for the price of a burner and a disc or two, you can get 1.5 terabytes of permanently online storage ? the equivalent of having burn’t 60 blu-ray discs ? and having them hooked upto your computer in 60 blu-ray drives ? and you would have spent more than 45 hours of your time burning those discs.

so as a usable online storage medium its not worth considering, now if your desperate for small numbers of high capacity off site backups and money is no object then blu-ray might be worth considering, but to be honest a stored offsite hard drive not in general use would be almost as good a measure, and you could even afford to mirror it at this price with a second drive and you would still have an easier solution than a blu-ray one.

So in my opinion maybe blu-ray drives only real use are for sending large media files in the post, but only just, but usb storage keys will soon be equally effective at this when 16gb sticks come below £8.00 which i doubt is that far away.

Sky News

Switching to Sky news today, I noticed a huge section of their output appeared to reporting on whats going on in the world of sports ? surely since they have a channel called “Sky Sports News” ? they could restrict this sports news output to that channel? sports news is not news, its a form of entertainment, what does or doesn’t happen in sports is not relevant to the very serious times we face today, when you really want news and face a barrage of advertising interspersed with which captain or which tossy overpaid wanker has changed club, who gives a shit. More news less sport, fuck sport.

Why trading is parasitic.

Why dont you go and build something make something, create something, rather than speculating on the labour of others.

101 in trading : “BE SELFISH” trading is not a philanthropic act, how do we make money without making something ? we gamble, speculate and exploit situations to the detriment of someone else and to the benefit of ourselves.

And now were gonna bailout the damage this egotist trader class, has had a good hand in causing, screw you all ! learn to be human someday.

Whats really ill with the american culture

The liberty of people as you talk of and written in the constitituion, was what was hijacked in spirit by the capitalist corporate side of america as a written instruction as if ordained by the goverment that they the corporate world had the liberty to behave in ultimately selfish immoral ways against the people and nations as a whole destroying democracy in the process, and setting up of a hypercapitalist fascist state run for the benefit of the few, and now it appears they have control of and are financially backed by a freely open and rapeable public purse. The greedmongers finally got burnt and they want daddy to bail em out, cause they threaten the populace with recession like its their power to bring it upon you. IF the recession comes it will be the needed hangover to pay for the 30 years of immoral government, operating a fantaserial imprudent fiscally unsound policy : take the hit, its the only way back to solid ground, remove this shower of shit and shallow humanity you have as representatives for your culture, Institute process to guarantee the quality of people that can get to play at governing you. This problem is the world over, we just bailed out a bank here in the UK with the public purse “Northern Rock” they should have let them swing for their fiscal inprudence, but no we won’t let the banks learn their lessons, it should not have happened, but we the tax payer get no vote on the matter, gordon brown is like bush just on businesses side. Half the company hes gonna help bailout are related him his familys and buddys in one way or another.

Technology’s Cheap Deceptions

Dear Canon

Your products have proven to be acceptable in comparison to most other brands, and though a little pricier than others, you are often going beyond the minimum standard, whereas allot of brands will just get up to the minimum standard that will enable them to make a sale, and often purchaser’s of their gear, will begin to realise their statements about product quality were more clever marketing, than an actuality, and often gear like this which isnt trying very hard will end up on ebay within 2 years or broken and junked within 3 years, leading to a depression in the consumers mind in terms of spending, as it often seems spending on gear in itself is a pointless act as your pretty sure your going to get swindled. This is sometimes due to the fact that often when brands adhere to a standard they fudge or fake reaching it.

examples of this, which no manufacturer should find themselve prone to, might be :

• unformatted capacity being listed as capacity (everyones at it, the EU should legislate against it)
• interpolated resolution being listed as resolution (lots of cheaper brands at this interpolated should become an illegal marketing term)
• number of colours reproducable being fudged ( Apple laptop Lcd’s comes to mind)
• dpi not referring to registerable points of colour rather a point that is used to create a patch of colour. (all printer manufacturers)
• product build quality so low the product dies within two years.(almost all manufacturers guilty of this)
• un-replaceable parts that mean products die early because batterys, print heads or some other part etc cant be replaced. etc(Apple ipods, Epson etc) Continue reading

Barack a Bilderberg accepted man ?

I think he might look like change, but i think he’s a chosen man acceptable to bilderberg which is a bad sign, he probably should be avoided. Promising way too much, prone to dramatic rhetoric, that he will fail to deliver on, his views on military aggression are little different to bushes, or worse skitso depending on whom hes talking to ? The oily politician tongue in action.

My prediction he will get elected and there will be little will change, but then i guess thats an easy bet to win. And why do people want presidency so eagerly when they must appreciate the real difficulty in making powerfull positive change. The problem with politics is trying to please too many people, As to really have a mandate for change, you must have a view which in places will definatley oppose others views to be goodly effective, or they’re will be no movement towards a better situation.