response to : what the buck show

What the Buck

You envelop my ears like some kind of 50’s jetson kid on an awful lot of speed, im almost feel you should operate your show from the boot(trunk to you) of some kind of pink flamingo’ed Thunderbird winged car in Miami or San Fran, weird the evocation of scene that sets in upon the bullet train of your jack-in-a-box of a vocal presentation. Please always conduct the show from now on with a cocktail in one hand that involves an olive. In England i feel you would almost steam roller anyone else out of a conversation, strange though because our speed limit is higher than yours, your verbal pace must be inherited from somewhere its too peculiar to be self taught. Keep up the good work though I may only bear single videos at a time, as the word count per second is a little draining yet strangely exotic.

A comment on Religion in relation to a muslim v christianity debate on you tube

All religion is a primitive pitprop from uncivilised times when morality needed hard coding, and to be sung like chinese whispered rules through times arrow. You two children arguing about it, is like listening to two brainwashed geeks needling over points in their favourite text book, it just looks weak, any real god would not need nor require your verbal defense. All current scientific knowledge points to the fossilised shell on my bookshelf being around 45 million years old, which puts the recent ramblings of most religions in context. Religions divide all people the thing we have in common is our humanity which at its best is a very fine thing. These unwarranted forms of groupism merely create divisions between peoples, which means society is only really glued together into cohesive community by those people who choose not too choose a specific expression of theyre spirituality, these people are humanity because they do not segregate themselves on purpose. Spirituality is a simple thing and the overcomplexification that religion brings with itself when wielded by humans is a signifier of its falsehood. Morality is something humans can with wield without requiring religion.