Uk taxes paid amazon apple google

There is indeed a relevance in apple amazon and google paying more corporation tax in the country’s in which they generate revenue. But let’s be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing the value creation that amazon generates for the customer, also happening from governments to the voters, lets say the governments of the eu get an extra 1 trillion by closing loopholes, and thankfully luxembourg stops getting stuffed with revenues ? what’s the betting those same eu governments have an ever greater ability to squander that tax generated ? investment wise than amazon do ? That money would be instantly sucked up and disappear into a bloated benefits system often exploited by foreigners, it maybe we need to recoup that tax. But I can assure you the government will squander as usual whatever is raised . And in terms of tax avoidance I’m sure the the foreign owned and run small shops and cafes in my high street would be closed and empty if it weren’t for the cash economy and the shenanigans of claiming losses year in year out, not that rates aren’t killing most businesses there. But It seems to me that most businesses in my high street must survive by making big losses, with hidden cash based cash flows that don’t register, that’s my conclusion anyway ? Of course there are the success story retail outlets in the high street paying taxes but I think they represent just a small portion of the struggling high street. But weirdly the entrepreneurialism just goes on, even after I’ve seen 6 restaurants open and close within a year. The sector where are still making silly money and paying little tax if any the property rentals sector. That needs tackling just as much.

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