bad software manufacturers – nemetschek

As a person who supports businesses running with many legal licences of vectorworks costing thousands etc, they dont really understand when they try and open some files sent to them that they cant because, whomever worked on the file may have used a pirated version ? The fact nemetschek whip the legal user for the piracy of others is absurd, especially as the reverse is not true. Truth is Nemetschek are one of those software companies whose dominance on the landscape architecture scene, is only made possible by them using a locked proprietary file format and binding all their users into it. It would only take a few of the big architects to switch to an open format and software at half the price that will do the job for the rest of the industry to follow, As represented by this straw poll, most of the people using vectorworks dont like it as a peice of software, and nemetschek should read that sign clearly, most of your users dont like you or your format, Never make your legal users pay the price of others piracy. And im not even taking into account even how badly written or slow the software is or how bloated its file format ?