Why the mental healthcare system currently doesnt work

Care in the community was over and indulged ideology, Deyan Deyanov is a perfect example how open borders policys and the data protection act, and the current mental healthcare system is creating a triumvirate of total failure.

The re-development of psychiatric hospital’s and mental asylum’s into housing estates, has basically been a total disaster, murderers should not be entitled to the use of the data protection act. this has to be rectified immediately

The open borders policy of europe means our systems are open to abuse and pressure from every mentally unwell person in europe this is unacceptable. Also you need a translator for every foreign case who comes along, the cost of that alone is ridiculous. people should be repatriated for mental healthcare to their country of origin regardless of the “ECHR” view on human rights. What they’re entitled to is the healthcare system of their country of origin.

Secondarily care in the community basically means a scenario of rotating people into and out of a bed, maybe people get a bed for a week or two two then they are turfed out and another person is rotated in. resources aren’t the issue, the destruction of the long term asylum, is the issue.

“Our detailed investigations, into the treatment provided to Mr Deyanov are continuing and it would be premature to offer comment at this stage”

bullshit language used by political types

“any response we are able to provide is likely to be limited due to confidentiality restrictions imposed on us under the Data Protection Act”

the data protection being used as a shield to hide behind in terms of not providing any useful information, the behaviour of evil self preserving shits.

dayen dayenov

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