os x App store is a pile of DRM shit compared to the old software update

It’s one thing to force us to use, this DRM cash till app store on us, its another thing to foist a load of buggy shit that doesn’t work and degrade our experience of the OS through the app stores crappy functioning, why does apple seem to be making such backward fucking steps these day, my prediction is the company is too large and they have too sucessfully insulated themselves from user feedback, meaning they’re incapable of seeing how shit they’re software is in the field in actual operation.

App store is a pile of DRM shit compared to the old software update

same updates appearing twice but only one working from the os x update iPhoto 9.4.3 being a case in point and it not explaining why the update wasn’t working ?
app icons appearing wrong and blurry after updating in the dock
some appilcations failing to install at all and then not appearing up as updates that need doing afterwards, lost two system updates after this safari 6.0.6 being a case in point and now im stuck on 6.0.4 as app store doesnt think theyre are any updates?
mis-registering whether apps are installed at all, ie percieving them to be installed when theyre not etc ?
and refusing to allow re-installs of apps

App store is badly written and buggy as crap compared to the old software update system

And the fact they attempt to deny you from installing apps any other way than the app store by default is fucking criminal, considering the kind of crap they’ve thrown on Microsoft over the years for anti competitive practices.

grr this is annoying at least software update didnt fail like this, and why doe we have this new system so apple can tie in the cash register deeper into the OS thats why.

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