Passport Revoking please & deportation to Morrocco for this c**t Mohamed Bouzalim and his family

Passport Revoking please & deportation to morrocco for this c**t and his family

I wish Mohamed Bouzalim and his hanger on family, permanent ill for the rest of their pathetic immoral theiving lives, stealing to the tune of £400,000 from the tax paying public of this country, by lying he needed his 5 family members to look after his not disabled ass, the evil bastards this countrys benefits seems to attract. I want the ability to revoke passports for criminal behaviour for 10 years after attaining it. The councils the buracracy the weak pathetic-ness displayed all round are benefit systems and border the ineptitude of government GAAARRRRRHH GRRRRR FFFF********CK !!!!!! and I a man who has never claimed a single benefit from this culture, These people drive me angry as hell !!!

complaint to camden council and the dept to work and pensions >

Dear Camden Council >

As a person at the age of 39 who still cannot afford his own home in this capital, doing it the hard way that has never involved claiming anything,or having the advantage of the “bank of parents”, who has never claimed any benefits of any kind, but successfully employs himself and pays his own way and taxes who lives without debt of any kind, I am furiously angry regarding the ineptitude you the public servants display in the Case of :

Mohamed Bouzalim >

I would like an explanation as to how you can as the public servants we pay to employ seemingly waste the taxes, people pay, people like me who pay such taxes and cant afford a home of their own in their own native land , on providing so much benefits to foreign and recently naturalised people and their family’s in my culture ? WHY ?! who are often claiming illegally ? £400,000 !!!!! and citizenship for him and his criminal family ! and he owns a home in leighton via this ? DISGUSTED !!!

there’s a kind of insanity involved in the money you seem to be throwing around on our behalf, most often funded on government and council debt that the tax paying public of the future tomorrows youth will inevitably be burdened with and for what reason ? when allot of the claims are fraudulent or systems to easy to abuse seemingly ? or even the benefits legally claimed to generous to warrant large numbers of claimant’s bothering to seek or make their own work ? It appears those english people remaining stupid enough to pay for their own existences and taxes and who dont claim in any way, are a dwindling number ?

How can you as a council involved explain your incompetence in this matter ?

I shall be likewise putting this complaint to the department of work and pensions > who seem equally at fault ?

your response or lack of it to my email address will be noted, I as an individual at least, can no longer let the flow of incidents like this slide ! regardless of the stress or hate towards culture they seem to induce.

d morgan

if you would also like to follow suit and complain to camden council click here or the department of work and pensions email here > even though they claim they will not respond …