Olympics posters so bad its unbelievable > tragic Gross inept and without greatness of any kind >

Olympics posters so bad its unbelievable > tragic Gross inept and without greatness of any kind > expensive mistake after expensive mistake, if this is going to promote the olympics, I apologise to the people of britain, expensive risk all commissions should not have been offered, an open competition in which any photographer, graphic artist, illustrator or artist could have fairly competed to supply a design would have been better. plus a few selected talents from various media could have been selected by a knowledgeable panel in their fields.

The only way to properly resolve the immigration problem.

pity your average joe cant earn £17,000 for 4 months not working being fed and watered in a holiday camp. proof if any were needed the asylum system is played like a game :

hardcore solutions to our immigration problems, ones that might actually turn the inevitability of the numbers around.

0: Stop handing out UK citizenship to all and sundry, especially rewarding those who are expert system abusers.

1: Have an Asylum holiday, no more asylum seeking for the next 5 years all applications rejected outright.

2: Make the airlines responsible for rejecting people at the boarding gates for not having the correct visa’s or proof of identity, make the airlines carry a snapshot of each passport from a person that enters the plane. Any country that uses an accredited digital passport may avoid the digital copying procedure of their passport.

3: Fine any airline that fails to be able to identify its passengers, and if repeat offending suspend them from landing at our airports

4: Make special legislation to bar recently euro naturalised immigrants from settling in the UK for a certain time period, 10 years for instance.

5: Enable a proper work visas scheme, in which the money is paid upon departure from the country via the government to a third party recognised body in the country of origin and distribution of funds from there, is privately insured against misappropriation of receipt of funds, including a special rate of tax for such workers, the business that requires such workers will accomodate and feed the workers in the case of factorys on site and be responsible for there welfare whilst working in the UK, and will be registered and regulated under this work visas scheme. Companies that require individuals or a number of workers less than two will be allowed to house the workers via private addresses but will be responsible financially for the abscondment of workers, and that such work visas are only issued once the worker has funded and shown their own return ticket, the workers are accomodated by the business that requires the use of foreign workers. The workers may only work under such schemes for a maximum of 3 years at a time and a minimum of 1 year at a time.

6: only single people are allowed on such work visas, falling pregnant whilst on the work visa means the resulting baby is a citizen of the foreign country and not a citizen of britain.

7: cap all education visas to 100,000 per annum reduce the cap each year by the number of people that are found to illegally remain in the UK, beyond their academic visa.

8: Cap all European immigration, require visa’s and tracking of said immigration, limit the current years euro inbound immigration to match euro outbound immigration the previous year.

9: For a child to be born british the parents must have at least right to remain status in the UK

10: Set a Cap for the resident population of england, and promote a recommended family size.

11: No immigrant is allowed to claim unemployment or housing benefits for 12 years after arrival, to ensure no burden on the state.