70p on monthly line rental, infinity broadband BT not thinking big enough.

70p on monthly line rental in a recession ? why ? stop employing so many useless employees in call centres, pointless branding and self image excercises for designers and advertisers in unecessary self promotional campaigns, save the money elsewhere othe than hitting the customer, become more efficient, stop presuming on price increases, and promotion to hide weak offerings, as far as i’m concerned line rental is an outrageous charge as it is, with other services, you pay for use of a service, but not for remaining connected ? no doubt it seems an invaluable income resource to be able to put up land line rental when perhaps your revenue from call charges decreases, cheers for stealing another £8.40 of me per annum for no other reason than you’d like the money to pay for more wasteful expenditure ? to some whom you employ, it might be beer change or not much of an increase at all, perhaps because they are earning too much ? in an inefficient company ? for those who dont waste money, its part of the endless trend of the public being squeezed, i’ll find it original when you manage to reduce your line rental and not increase it, if you were making the increases, so you could fund bringing fibre into my house and not just to the local cabinet, and offering 1gbps connections it might be worth it, after all
there are probably more landlines in the UK than people ? so you could say, just this increase should generate 68 million times £8.40 or around £500million no small change ? as it is its probably going get lost subbing up, over the top BT pensions or employment welfare schemes or something, if you thought big rather than small with 1Gbps fibre optic connections directly into peoples homes the bandwidth would be so excessive, that the necessary data for landline voice communications would be piffling, almost hardly worth charging for in the scheme of things.

the 40mbps ifninity brand broadband why thats about 16Mbps per second faster than the ADSL im getting already ? network speeds normally times by 10 when theyre major evolutions ?
intital broadband offering
512kbps (my first broadband(10 fold increase))
my broadband today
24,000 Kbps(theoretical max(48 times increase))
infinity broadband
40,000 Kbps(1.6 times increase)
I guess thats what fibre to the local cabinet buys you ? or are the new increases to be milked out of us micro incremental upgrades 60mb next year 80mb year afterwards ? flick of a switch or soft/firmware upgrades ?

But the with traffic shaping what customer knows what theyre actually getting anyway ? my friend got infinity broadband to discover at certains times of day his connection speed decreased to 4 MBps ?

you do realise the Fast ethernet network standard of 100Mbps was invented in 1995 dont you ? and gigabit 1000Mbps invented 3 years later 1999 ?
The only way your going to get reliable 1000Mbps into peoples into homes is with optical inside the house, so perhaps you better start thinking about stealing a march on the world and providing us with that kind of infrastructure early, after all the economy could do with it ? that … I would give you £100.00 as a one off fee if it went into a pool of customer money only for that purpose and to guaranteeably deliver it ? I guess when you invest in research to cheapen the cost of quality fast and easily installed, fibre optic connections then we might see this occur ?

In the end BT should only be able to make one charge to people, a fixed monthly charge for a guaranteed more symetrical connection speed with unmessed with/filtered bandwidth. pity that companys like to spend so much time marketing about how wonderful they are than actually delivering on the potential of technology.