Brent largest Diwali festival ?

no public / council money should be spent on foreign traditional festivals in england regardless of taxpaying immigrant demographic in that area.

This is the thin end of a wide wedge to erode this culture from the inside out. Obviously native culture is limited in in Brent ? fireworks manufacturers are up for it, because they can sell more fireworks all year round, if we foster this foreign cultural festivals funded by taxpayers its an endless thing every group will want money spent on every religious observance and cultural trifle . Fundamentally bonfire night is the night for fireworks in this culture. Im beginning to hate people who seem only to want to join our culture for the improved living standards, and do not embrace this culture, and then want to thrust their culture in the faces of the english native, as far as im concerned you want to live in an indian way ? then please remain and live in the origin country of said culture. do not come here to the already fragile english culture and try and overrun it, by setting up little ghetto states within my culture, this is going to create trouble sooner or later regardless of being force fed/marketed an endless diet of multicultural propaganda by governments, councils and international media.

Human beings are natively tribal, and this government has forced english culture into a defensive mode with the endless mass immigrational era, which effectively abuses the section of people who are the struggling english native. And thats a global problem for most small nations, apart from the usa which is, in its current form a culture founded on immigration.

and current immigration figures being record in number, after promises to reduce them by a weak government are just the icing on the cake of this situation, the native has never been asking for mass immigration, only governments and business’s desire it economically, and sooner or later you have to choose between culture and money, I choose my native culture before money because I dont have any stake in either the money, business or property game, meaning that overt population pressure in this isle is not beneficial for me, all it means is more competition for the limited resources in this isle of decent home, quality job, school, health etc.