ebay rip of sellers no doubt about it.

ebay fees in total are so far running at 18/19% of my sales total, and this for serving some web pages up for 20 days ? Ebay is a FUCKING RIP OFF !!!.
so let me clarify ive taken 1102.00 in sales, ebay have in fees so far charged me 196.00 in relation to this
my postage costs are around £200.00
so in total ive made around £700.00

and this isnt even taking into account the 3% theyre taking for me to receive money, or the the 3% they also make on me paying those fees with paypal ?

My work :

now lets get this straight im providing my goods, writing clear descriptions and edvertising material for the sale, taking good photographs of each item, cleaning the items and carefully packaging and taking them down the post office.

The delivery persons work :

he is taking the parcels physically to my customer.

ebays work :

serving a few web pages for a couple of weeks and taking some digital payments, all of which is automated and involves no persons actual labour.

Why the fuck are they skimming 20% of all peoples second hand good sales ? for practically no work

FUCK ME do ebay need some competition the reason this shower of shit can get away with this behaviour is because they have a monopoly, and they justify it to feed their greedy fucking shareholders. whilst everyone else is actually doing the work.

and how the fuck do these chinese sellers make any money at all ? in this scenario ?

if ebay were doing google mail theyd be charging 50p per email, how these theives get away with it i’ll never know