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first of all read the full wikipedia page and cultural details of the country, including the fact that west african immigrants make up 40% of the population.

What you need to understand from reading the wikipedia post, is that under french collonial rule the ivory coast was lumped together with other neighbouring countrys from an administrative perspective into a single entity, and the french as collonial masters defined the country on their terms. and that like most collonially occupied countrys as defined through colonisation, the masters had little to no understanding or care towards comprehending tribal groups or boundarys beyond their own devisive and exploitative interests, you also need to be understood that the ivory coast has a very high immigrant population as high as 40% who have in the most recent and rushed UN western led elections been giving full voting rights and parity without much rigourous checking of identity in terms of voter registration. This has led to allegation of electoral fraud.

The reason why the encumbent gbagbo wont leave is because he and his supporters feel they represent the real native people of the ivory coast, and the reason they are not happy about the election, is because supposed democracy, has just enabled the leader of the opposition party, that mainly represents historically non native ivorians, immigrants and their interests to win the election with fraud and recently enabled loose voter registration. Meaning control and power of the country is being attemptively switched to non ivorian native control, and this has been made possible because of the high levels of immigration into the ivory coast from other west african nations, estimated around the 40% level, this disporate populational section has managed to take control by allying themselves together as a tight unified voting unit under outarra, whilst some of the native population have remained divided by tribal alliances, this has lead to non native control of the ivory coast. And all this the average idiot western watching the news propoganda will never comprehend because the news isn’t subtle enough to enlighten the general TV watching public about the concept of nativity at all let alone in the ivory coast ? perhaps because TV is racist enough to to just perceive all the people of Ivory coast as “black people”, without bothering to comprehend the tribal and cultural differences within the population that are causing the trouble.

The reason why this isnt mentioned in the media, Alassane Ouattara more closely aligns himself with Western / French / US interests and propoganda so all you will hear in the news is how bad gbagbo is, and how he must be removed from power and how he is attempting to thwart legal democracy.

Truth is this complex problem has been a hundred years in the making, and the reason why america or the EU can has no comprehension of native struggle is because one … America was founded on the destruction of a native population for the benefit of the following mass immigrational population, therefore the idea of “nativity” to the average US citizen is a dangerous and non existent concept, and this belief of nativity being non existent they have arrogantly projected onto all soveriegn countrys and populations of the world, just because the US population themselves could not really claim to be native. And the EU with its project of destroying all national boundarys is also non sympathetic to the situation especially that most european countrys were to some extent, colonial powers themselves at some point, and by that activity were seminal in badly defining other countrys globally along misunderstood tribal boundarys, and recreating them along lines useful for their own interests.

And sadly non of this comes out in the wash of broadcast news, basically gbagbo represents the silent ivorian native who wants to vote against more power for those non natives who have immigrated into the country over the last hundred years through various scenarios, and Outarra represents those relatively recently immigrant ivorian interests including those of western powers who are making a power move through their unity to take control of the country.

This situation usually leads to attrocities and civil war, this is what immigration can always lead to, thats why a unified population with a sense of self identity living within well defined, defended and internationally agreed borders has the potential to be a great deal happier regardless of economic circumstance than other messier populational groups with a greater economy but poorly defined populational groups and borders, but immigration is never talked about as ever having any bad consequences by the political / global corporate and immigrant groups who have an agenda in favour of it. truth is gbagbo got roughly half the votes of the ivorian people, ie almost 50% of the people support him ,and the way tribal regions run theyre not going to be happy being ruled by those other regions or groups full stop, first past the post doesn’t cut it in this situation, and the French the UN and America are going to impose their man “allasane outarra” who was born to the north in burkina faso ?, who has had a very checkered past, The truth is ivorians need a native ivorian to stand who isn’t either of these men, but can still pull in enough ivorian votes to get a vote above 60% so ther is at least some unity in the country which is what it needs. Another thing to note that if you live in the west you will no doubt not understand this situation regardless of how you think the news is informing you, and you are not really entitled to pass judgement on how a country should be run, that is a mindset that stems from the colonial era. Net result now is … there is probably going to be civil war.

Let me quote someone else who puts it more clearly than me what is going on and why its going to be trouble : everything below in between the —– is a comment fromthis post by “BaltimoreReal”
————————————————————————— by baltimorereal
Before I begin teaching you ignorant people the Ivory Coast story,

I would like to let you all know a few facts
1) Africans never went to Europe and the Americas and start slavery
2) Africans did not colonize themselves … Europeans have always done bad things to Africans (including the Clergy)
3) Politicians lie all the time … as much as they breathe
4) Sarkozy was the mayor who married Alassane … the so called winner and democrat … if this is not evidence of a risk of bias I don’t know what is …
5) Alassane governed the Ivory Coast for 3 years and managed to put Gbagbo (the democrat in the opposition and only opponent to the dictatorship) in jail for a year
6) Alassane is not considered to be Ivorian by Gbagbo’s voters (46-52% of the population
7) Alassane the winner doesn’t want a recount … what is he scared of? Maybe because a simple recount will show that he cheated and punishment against cheating is the major deterrent every democracy has to prevent cheaters
8) The Army put Gbagbo in power in 2000 after the military dictator tried to steal the elections from Gbagbo (Gbagbo had no money and no military at the time) … all the nonsense about Gbagbo being a dictator
9) Gbagbo is from a group of tribes that constitutes about 15% of the Ivory Coast population but he gains his support from other tribes (that’s how he got the 46-52%)
10) Alassane, even if he won, will never be president in the Ivory Coast because half of the people do not think he is a citizen. He got to be a candidate because France and the USA (as part of the plot) forced the Ivorians to accept this imposter in exchange for peace in 2002 (when France and Alassane’s rebels attacked)
11) Sure he can govern over a burned down Ivory Coast
12) This is not a simple battle between who won or did not win … it’s a national identity battle
13) Can you let someone with doubtful citizenship be a candidate or president in England or the USA? I am sure you would say “over your dead bodies”. The Ivorians have been saying that for 10 years. Alassane’s cheating now confirms their fears.
14) Alassane/France’s rebels attacked Gbagbo in 2002. Two years after Gbagbo came to power. He did not have a strong army but the Ivory Coast military was able to push the rebels all the way to the center of the country. The USA and France asked the Ivorian army to stop so they could retrieve their citizens. It was a ploy to bring in rebel reinforcements. This is why the country is split in half since 2002. France armed the rebels some more and Burkina brought in more rebel troops. Gbagbo survived because Angola sent in weapons and troops to face the French and rebel troops. The USA and NATO would not sell weapons to the Ivorian Army to help defends itself. France even refused to send weapons Ivory Coast had been buying from France since 1945 (deposits). The eastern block is who Gbagbo turned to to get weapons. Gbagbo then turned to them for business (oil, telecoms etc …)
15) France tried several unsuccessful coups against Gbagbo afterward
16) The so called 2010 elections are just another episode in this Ivory Coast nightmare
17) Alassane is an uncle Tom, non-Ivorian, and murderer; friend of Sarkozy
18) Gbagbo had 8 years to prepare the Ivory Coast military. No African country can defeat that army (not even with UN African troops, ECOWAS and the French troops). Gbagbo is not crazy last time I checked. He is still there because the Ivorian people support him. No dictator can survive the barrage he’s been handling so far
19) Goodluck will be making the biggest mistake of his political career if he listens to Sarkozy and Obama
20) ECOWAS troops will run or come back in body bags …Goodluck will lose the elections in Nigeria (he probably won’t even be selected as party candidate)
21) Liberia and Burkina will be attacked and the Burkina leader will be dislodged
22) Get your popcorn and TVs ready for the horrors coming out of that place
23) Rwanda will be nothing
24) Many people forget that the French and Alassane’s rebels formed a coalition with Charles Taylor to dislodge Gbagbo in 2002. In return, Gbagbo and the Guinean president finaced two rebel groups in Libaria to dislodge Taylor (MODEL and LURD). Those groups allow peace to come to Liberia. Those rebels are still in Liberia (even if they act as if they dismantled). Some are in the Ivory Coast because they are from the Ivory Coast.
No a wish but the reality you do not get in the so called “news”. All they do is repeat the propaganda from Sarkozy and Obama

So people before you comment on a situation you know nothing about please educate yourselves, then join the conversation when you think you’ve learned the minimum

————————————————————————— by baltimorereal

4 thoughts on “The reason why Laurent Gbagbo wont leave and why the west want him out > just for the record > ivory coast the truth

  1. I am a westerner and I agree with everything “baltimorereal” has written above. I am very familiar with true Ivorian s. I believe that African people should start to cherish their life and stop allowing the Western world to manipulate and take!!! Stop discriminating against each other. Your battle is not with the West your battle is with each other…….meaning…., tribes, religion etc. Until you guys can fully understand this and work together to preserve your way of life and culture this will continue on well after I am put back into the earth. The majority of the resources left on this earth is now mostly on this continent. There is no reason why any African should be poor or at least living a middle class life. You consistently send your people to the west to become educated. Then take that education back to your countries and start factories, employ people, build and invent, become respected around the world build a power house to compete with the rest of the world. Stop allowing the west to manipulate. Tell your leaders to stop being greedy and share the wealth and the trade.

  2. Democracy is democracy, if there is 40 percent immigration into cote d ivoire, that is a bizarre and tragic situation for C d’I… and there is no solution… are the immigrants actually nationas of CI? do they have nationality cards? i guess in an idea world CI woud have not given nationality to all the immigrant populations? democracy is still the best way to decide things in any community.

  3. I am a Westerner so I’m unlikely to be biased against myself ? and I’m certainly not a colonial apologist, as most of the bad stuff was done well before I was born and im certainly not taking any responsibility for things i havent actually done myself, thats my rational perspective, truth is outarra is not a clean man, he has blood on his hands also even if not always directly. “condescension” you say ? what you dont like the tone ? well if you dont like what you hear you can always go an read the BBC that great propoagandist non independant news mouth-peice, they will provide you with your opinion if you let them.

  4. Your post is awfully biased against westerners. Try rewriting it without so much condescension. Now one thing you’ve missed out all along is that Gbagbo himself kills civilians too.

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