The reason why Laurent Gbagbo wont leave and why the west want him out > just for the record > ivory coast the truth

first of all read the full wikipedia page and cultural details of the country, including the fact that west african immigrants make up 40% of the population.

What you need to understand from reading the wikipedia post, is that under french collonial rule the ivory coast was lumped together with other neighbouring countrys from an administrative perspective into a single entity, and the french as collonial masters defined the country on their terms. and that like most collonially occupied countrys as defined through colonisation, the masters had little to no understanding or care towards comprehending tribal groups or boundarys beyond their own devisive and exploitative interests, you also need to be understood that the ivory coast has a very high immigrant population as high as 40% who have in the most recent and rushed UN western led elections been giving full voting rights and parity without much rigourous checking of identity in terms of voter registration. This has led to allegation of electoral fraud.

The reason why the encumbent gbagbo wont leave is because he and his supporters feel they represent the real native people of the ivory coast, and the reason they are not happy about the election, is because supposed democracy, has just enabled the leader of the opposition party, that mainly represents historically non native ivorians, immigrants and their interests to win the election with fraud and recently enabled loose voter registration. Meaning control and power of the country is being attemptively switched to non ivorian native control, and this has been made possible because of the high levels of immigration into the ivory coast from other west african nations, estimated around the 40% level, this disporate populational section has managed to take control by allying themselves together as a tight unified voting unit under outarra, whilst some of the native population have remained divided by tribal alliances, this has lead to non native control of the ivory coast. And all this the average idiot western watching the news propoganda will never comprehend because the news isn’t subtle enough to enlighten the general TV watching public about the concept of nativity at all let alone in the ivory coast ? perhaps because TV is racist enough to to just perceive all the people of Ivory coast as “black people”, without bothering to comprehend the tribal and cultural differences within the population that are causing the trouble.
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