looking through old BA course handouts

clearing out some stuff the other day I came across some course handouts, my retentiveness / laziness ? had prevented me from destroying from when I was a student on my degree course, and it made me realise how much a waste of time most … purely academic study is.

I began reading handouts with titles like :

time management : by liz lydiate

some lazy lecturer just photocopied this dull book excerpt, peice of crap and handed out thinking it might pass for material we wouldn’t be able to question the validity and purpose of. I dont think I read it at the time and having read it now, I can see why i didnt bother reading it the first time round, its the kind of pointless tail chasing academic piffle written by someone who probably got a PHD in writing lots of piffle and doing nothing productive in life, except trying to pass on dull obvious advice couched in language designed to disguise how stupid it is ? it made me realise the last 40 years have seen a proliferation of academic papers and articles which often serve no purpose they are merely the excorcism of some extremely dim witted mental noise of some pointless academic, especially when you leave the fields of maths and science, so much, of good life practice is based on real experience and learning and verification from personal experience, which is why books telling you how to manage your time invariably fail, because only by practice may any functional routine be established, belief in such advice writings is required, a kind of faith just as great as any religion requires.

Academic titans themselves seem to reach some kind of critical mass, in which they end up with so many letters after theyre name, that eventually they just get more accolades from other academics who impressed with the previously attained letters after theyre name, presume, that everything that flows from such academics must of course by their nature, be intellectually valid, which sadly becomes a kind of unquestioning feedback process, leading to more guilding of their activity, whereby theyre hired by another academic institution that validates the insanity even further.and this all on subjects so subjective as to defy any possible verification or valid proof, such subjects we shall not mention for theyre shame is known, and this leads to some of the most pointless dissertations known to man.

if you ever want to really laugh, have a look at eisenhowers decision grid, my god what a histerically pointless diagram, makes you wonder who this idiot was, effective time management for me would involve not reading 75% of the lazy photocopied academic handouts lecturers push onto you, in the vain attempt to justify their seemingly redundancy proof inflated salarys. academia should always be coupled with real world practice, as in isolation academic works often become grand, delusional, windy and uncoupled from any useful purpose in the real world.

another super dull totally academic and now pointless handout we received seem to be an extract from a book by ian tomlinson about consumerism, which mainly consists of observations on cultural consumer trends and partly a political bash at conservative policy and the north south divide ? but truthfully looking at this the book does nothing except drain ones life and is in itself and effective waste of time, the book although pertaining to be an intellectual elucidation of ill observed truths, is in itself no more than a perverse form of consumer entertainment for extremely dull academics, whos main desire is to be paid to observe rather than attmempt to honorably change the world of which they criticise for the better or at worse though wishing to pretend to be just observers. generally provide a very partial presentation on a subject, impartiality being close to the vanishing point.

an excellently pointless diagram in this tomlinson book is called “from heirarchy to fragmentation” ? which uses the word “true connoisseur”, no academic work should contain such a word considering such a thing cant be proven to exist, except in a purely subjective sense. any concept, expression or saying that is prefigured with the word “true” is definately unstable and of questionable validity.

As I got through these photocopied handouts it made me realise how in fact there is so much academic literature that ideally should not make it into the digital era, and that in fact “the death of information” is an essential phenomena. if we are to progress to an era of enlightenment and truth. for too much noise has been injected into the the stream of human consciousness. it also highlights sadly that video still has the potential to decimate many a bad academic literature when transalted into such a form, because when you move some information into a visual form, it weeds out language that is being used to disguise the frailty of concept and non evidential or rigourous thought that passes sadly for valid intellect in the academic world.

One of the handouts was accompanying material, to a film called “Orlando” which btw is definately worth watching, but the handouts ? … As I often say “Art cant stand for itself”. yet so many people seem to make a vicarious living, speaking on behalf of it, or writing pointless articles about it, or mediating the “Art” for people who are incapable of perceiving they have the skills to be observant and comprehending of it, themselves without the guiding hand of propaganda, of an external “intellectual/academic” authority figure, whose main purpose seems to be as a disseminator of noise on the subject they are acting as mediator for, who is often merely repeating the dubious information or an extension theyve built, on the information they unquestioningly accepted in their own time of study, like chinese whispers its so easy to see how falsity can easily become embedded and established as agreed knowledge ?

some of the articles related to the film which were handed out had titles like :
“demisytifying traditional notions of gender” = pointless noise
“acheiving a state of limitlessness” = almost pointless noise
“immortal longing” = not to shabby