Tea Bags consistency of flavour for a standard quick brew shootout.

Recently bought a 40 bag box of PGtips : highly dissappointed :-( pyramid bags is just bullshit marketing and they appear to contain less tea per bag in my opinion …

pg tips pyramid bags

also they appear to spend most of their time bragging and doing marketing bullshit with their monkey puppet, cute though it maybe, this aint great tea.

should have gone “Tetley” tetley tea bags, a tetley brew is in my opinion consistently a better performer than pg tips, which may well be overbranded tea warehouse floor sweepings in my opinion, that tips business sounds like some kind of ploy.

Some own brand finest ranges aren’t too bad but i guess tea is very variable and its very much dependant on how long the stuff been sitting around and how long its been exposed to too much air and oxidised a bit too much. sometimes you buy a box and the flavour is good, but often nowadays its just dissappointing. but I would say that a tetley brew up is consistently, of a better quality for basic tea brew than PG’s offering. Obviously there are other brands that can be thrown into the ring yorkshire etc, barrys, bewley etc, the problem there not always available nore are they particularly any better or consistent either, this is the problem with commercially packaged and distributed tea bags, so really my comparison here is really between two brands you can get almost anywhere in the UK, I basically beleive tetley is more consistent and of a better quality than PG. And this is the real problem buying tea bags which really do perform flavour wise, and can be consistently purchased wherever you maybe and whatever time of year, maybe its the blends involved etc, but i would say that tetleys blend is better and wherever ive been has generally been more consistent in quality and flavour in comparison to PG, though neither of them are really bright performers, quality wise, those mythical cuppa’s seem to get fewer and farther between in my old age, but it is a surprise when you taste a cup and all of a sudden you have a nice cup of tea, tesco red label aint bad probably better than PG but still not great. And the value brand teas seem to taste like PG tips but worse ie even greyer and weaker in flavour.

Im sure someone in the industry could tell us whether the problems involved relate mainly to the blend choices, time of production, warehouse storage, packaging, general manufacturer buyer trends, put it like this I think the taster who buys for PG, must be a heavy drinker whos recked their pallete as this tea is just not satisfying.

Although obviously a well sealed loose tea kept in an airtight teacaddy from a quality loose leaf label, and brewed in a proper pot, has a chance of being a much better performer.

PG tips too often to me seems to come out a grey dead looking tan brown colour and lacks depth of flavour and fresh vigour to its leaves, whereas tetley often has a less jaded more subtley orange palour with a stronger and fresher vigour to its pallete.

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