Farcical Workspace London ltd

Was looking for Studio space in london, came accross what must be one of the grottiest looking expensive workspace available :

Workspace london limited, definately has a foreign run mean-ness to it, but I could be wrong.

The price list is amusing and this if for garages half the time ? London is definately an overpriced over competetive, aggregious shithole, artists have to move somewhere else not to be milked by the likes of workspace etc.

the efficient looking Mrs ‘Gerasimovitch’ looks happy ?

And the CCTV security camera just screwed into a living tree sets the tone cctv just screwed into tree ? planning on that one ?

But then we all know planning in london is one the most impotent areas, when it comes to people who are just prepared to ignore it, especially when they illegally extend their houses three times without planning permission (you know who you are), and use a multitude of kids and inability to keep their penis in their pants and that being there religious rights, as an excuse for not having illegal extensions knocked down, but then theyre mate works at the council and he can quietly bury the objections, until a time period whereby they cant get knocked down. (I must get of that horse)

I guess theyre name is a homage to the really quite evil “workspace” milker of the creative classes , who’ve spent the last 20 years discovering where creative people have found a cheap building to rent, then they contact the owner/landlord, offer him more money to manage or buy it off him, with all the tenants in situ and then jack the rates up on all the residents, and milk them for all their worth, most often these places turn into business centres with telemarketing and rubbish. Basically if you do find a building to rent at reasonable rates, dont hold an open evening for gods sake theyre will probably be a lazy workspace employee attending to evaluate your building for profit and exploitation.

Homes are not investment vehicles and nor should artistic workshops be converted into fully commercialised industry, for the sake of an individuals profit.

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