Southern Rail cheap tickets marketing ploy.

Exactly what were the quantity of £3.00-£7.50 southern network discount tickets ? as when i checked for availability for may/june/july there appear to be no such tickets available, it is noted your little * indicates there is a limited availability, I Would therefore like to Know the quanity of these tickets that were available ? and what that quantity represents percentage wise in comparison to full price tickets over that period. Its one thing to lure people in with cheap headline ticket prices for them then only to be presented with singles at £21.00 is a partial con. And something that know doubt needs to be assessed by a watchdog/ombudsman as to whether it is just a dubious marketing ploy. ie how many tickets do you have to offer at the lower price in order to legally run the promotion ? without it being misleading.

If I was prime minister I would re-nationalise you in an instant, privatisation was not an improvement for the customer. finding profits for shareholders always make something less effecient. When i calculate in a fuel effecient car, the cost of petrol to the same destination, trains do not work out any cheaper at all, and when the car sharing equation comes in, cars are much more economic, the current pricing systems of the railways is ridiculous, how a system that is a form of mass transit cannot be more price effective than private individual transport I do not understand ? There must be a hell of allot of wasted money in my opinion, mainly taxpayers in order to eek some profit for private investors. visiting the south coast to visit relatives has become an exhorbitant endeavour, which must be considered in advance and budgeted for with great pains, having been a rail traveller for the last 35 years, who possesses a driving licence i have seen it get worse and become an expense to rival that of driving a car to the same destination, privatisation and not ‘the mcalpine road building, beeching criminal alliance of the 70’s”, may yet be the death of the railways. perhaps a penny a mile electric car such as the G wiz is the solution to all this.