Apple announcement : the truth about quality and cultist behaviour iphone 4g aerial

We all know the iphone 4 aerial issue is a real design flaw, something that would normally warrant a recall ?

whats the minimum Apple should do ?

Offer all of the 1.7 million iphone 4 users a free bumper or case delivered free of charge, or $20.00 towards a case of their choice on the apple store, that is the absolute minimum, at the moment they charge theyre customers for their bumpers to fix this ? apples users might as well pay to be ravaged, their evangilism for apple appears absurd, to any mature human organism.

$20 x 1.7 million = 34 millions dollars maximum to solve the issue, for apple thats a drop in the ocean, they have a cash war chest to cover rubbish like this in the 20 billion region. And its only steves arrogance that has prevented him from seeing this as the real issue it is, you cannot sensibly ask your customers to hold your phone a certain way for it to work !

Steve man up and do the right thing, youve already caused allot of damage to your market perception with delay and denial. Not that I dont know the dark secrets of many other previous design flaws youve got away with because people are to slow and thick to assert their rights.

like :
• Some models of Intel core2 duo macbook pro cooling systems, sometimes incapable of preventing damage caused by overheating of graphics chips through extended use.
• Some macbooks and macbook pros came with faulty nvidia chips (nvidia/apples fault)
• Lombard laptops with motorola G3 CPU’s unable to run macos x
• Lombard laptops modem sound issue, patched away.
• No cable strain relief on the transparent wired Apple pro mouse, very high failure rate.
• solder issues on power chips on white G3 ibook motherboards
• failure rate of G3/G4 ibooks in general abnormally high, to the extent of some users having them replaced once a year over a three year warranty period.
• Graphics chip failures on some ibook G4’s due to overheating and bad nvidia chips used (industry wide but heck).
• the nipple scrollwheel dying very quickly on the mighty mouse. solution was a wierd cleaning regime.
• 27 inch imac initial release high failure rate and big issues with screens
• Sudden power supply fan noise and death on some mirror door mac towers, and G5 mac pros.
• G5 imac capacitors failing causing fuzzy screen syndrome within a short lifetime.
• G4/G5 mac desktop machines unable to sleep with third party usb cards in.
• some G4 ibook 12″ machines theyre airport slots became faulty, and prevented the machines from booting until the airport card was removed.
• Ethernet port failure on apples generally a bit too high, or not syncing at the right speed (which i see allot of)
• firewire chipset variation from the Texas instruments variety to cheaper 3rd party chipsets causing huge incompatiblity issues between chained firewire devices and general instability of firewire, when it used to be a more rock solid interface then USB. Hence motu 828’s often being bundled with firewire cards that were known to work properly.
• the fact that SCSI and firewire were supposed to be hot swap but very often did not work out that way.
• How older keyboards can sometimes power some USB devices and others/newer ones not ? and the randomness of this as a trend
• Some USB ports providing enough power for devices and others not especially on laptop systems big variation in design here.
• the fact that they glued too many devices together, and went for a policy of making their batteries and components innacessible rather than accessible in newer designs.
• artifically hampered hardware, flashing dvr drives to have lower read and write speed maximums than they are capable of, for quiter use but still thats the users choice ?
• artifically low ram expansion options, compared the chipsets possible spec
• promoting some ports and ignoring others, most noteably esata ? limiting external drive performance in terms of copying with the newer drives.
• inacessibility of hard drives on allot of older laptop models.
• the overuse of BGA chip packages when the industry has proven a high failure rate with chips soldered this way which consume power or get hot (graphics glitching, RROD, YLOD etc)
• Solder reformulation from leaded to lead free solder, leading to a whole series of machines released whose lifespans were artifically low, until this formula was resolved (of course the military had a special dispensation to use leaded solder, they didnt want to lead the field on that one ?)
• USB ports to close together to connect two devices side by side on the new unibody macbooks
• slippy shouldered Apple designed USB connectors on their cables that have no grip for removing them from USB connectors.
• the nightmare of connecting ipods/iphones/ipads generally to several macs due to ruddy DRM rubbish
• the ipod dock connector being a terrible design generally

to be honest i could go on for hours about the faults with apple design, they do an amazing job generally but they suffer from too much pride to ever openly admit their mistakes.

Well I can barely remember them all theyre have been so many things Apple has got away with not recalling, by not anouncing the issues and dealing with those who complain quietly on an individual basis or not making much fanfare or apology, until the disquiet has faded with time enduced apathy, and people gullibly by another machine.

Apple isn’t better quality for its higher price than any other manufacturer, go view a genius bar anywhere in the country for an hour, to see the quantity of returns, and you will realise they are just as badly built design wise and flawed quality wise, its apple gloss and software wizziness the machines are sold on, and lets not even get started on software issues, except perhaps to mention the find function, hasnt worked properly since 10.1.

iphone 4g no keynote video visible ? thoughts

anyone got the link to the iphone 4g keynote video (comment back), with the stuffup or has it been pulled to protect the overly precious about itself image of apple, by getting rid of an onstage fluff by pulling the video, they’ll use that fluff to make a wifi blackout at newer keynotes be sure, theyll probably start confiscating peoples tech or something before steve gets on stage.

What we do have access to video wise ? is a fucking advert on the apple site (obviously thats a unintentional metaphorical karmic joke representative of apple itself) A new advert has been released we can all lapup like the shmucks we are, with ives and steve and the crew all cooing into cameras and calling it another fucking … “revolution”, i’m begining to get serious marketing fatigue from this shit, god these fuckers need some fucking humilty and a lack of ego for gods sake, or theyll stop fitting through doors, the iphone needs some promotion with a small p and for the rest, it can sell itself, but the marketing onslaught ? which is Steve’s true skill is relentless, it makes me sick. Jonathan Ives in particular, being once upon a time a British person, should show some evidence of reserve in his character, but all he can do is blow Apple corporate cock, because his apples shares value must keep growing and giving him a corporate erection. Soon theyll be dancing onto stage like Balmer in “dance monkey boy dance”, because they know that an incremental upward tick in share value means they can all buy a new prius
for theyre dog or some such tech mad rich guru guff. Oh to have a british technology company to show how you could create products without all this endless egotistically framed self congratulation talk. Even the audience don’t necessarily whoop on cue in the keynotes any longer to every point, much no doubt to Steve’s chagrin.

Geesh theyve made the phone better, its not a damn revolution all over again Continue reading