The quality of citizens who make theyre way into english culture


found this card on the tube, if any indicator were needed as to the quality of people this government lets waltz over the open door of our border, with their pathetic ineptitude, and how the influence is devolving, now we have bad juju fixers operating in london, I wonder whether he works for cash only and claim the benefit to ?

Robinson In Ruins : review

If you like action films with bruce willis in, please … move along … move along, there is nothing for you to read here.

Please bear in mind this review is not made with reference to the first two films in the trilogy and that having seen the third i will now go back and fully view the others, as this film makes me curious as to perhaps the ill appreciated merit of the first two.

Robinson in Ruins ?

for me it was a a cross between a visual complete culpepers herbal, combined with a new form of visual psycho-geography, densely researched and interlinked, the visual Continue reading

community channel tv … as usual meaning the opposite

If you read the schedule, it sounds like a guardian readers love-in, its all water projects in africa, black cowboys, disabilitys and everything foriegn that the comfortably well off, selfish I’ve got mine middle class types, love to indulge in, when their ignoring the issues of injustice in their own land, because it might mean they might have to stop and comtemplate their own selfishness for a moment.

Its all you would think this “community” of britain is now made up of, if this “community channel” is in anyway representative now, india this, china that, housing projects for ex offenders, according … to how this channel represents us, thats what the community is now in this culture. Jesus christ it makes you want to vomit, how we have this endlessly multi-culturalist overseas gazing, foreign loving serving and promoting bullshit propaganda rammed down our throats from the comfortable media types, to reflectively represent our supposed fing “community” back at us today. When you look into the mirror that supposed to reflect the british cultural community, all you see is everything but it. The media has been trying to program us with it for sixty odd years, Englishness is a happy clappy community of world peoples all living together in harmony ?!?! fucking not ! and whose expense was this at ? the english disenfranchised, and who, was this cultural experiment instigated by, without reference too or referendum given once, to the people it was going to affect, that comfortable class of political assholes who had power in the 50’s and 60’s, and it became so enshrined and unquestioned, that since then it has never been questioned as policy until its too late to do anything about, england committed cultural suicide. I just happen to be one of the generation who are old enough in this current time, to see the whole change and grow disdainful of the programming, which now leads to my own extinction. Never beleive in any sense of country or identity in this country, because if you live in england it will be used against you.

Fuck this channel it makes me so angry beyond dimension, community today is a word used to manipulate and further batter the beleaguered native peoples of this island into an endless self prostration and worship of that which isn’t british, let alone english, at every turn. In London today there are so few English people left, and resident, in the area I live, as to make their presence a token afterthought, a few old half dead ignorant, ill educated, unhealthy old people waiting for their place in the queue to an unattended co-op incineration.

This multi-cultural experiment has almost killed any sense of “community” in England. I wonder whether those who immigrated over the last 60 years, to this now fucked up country, and took whatever the already disenfranchised no voice native peoples had left from them, ever paused to think of what damage theyre presence might be doing to those classes who already had no voice and no power, I doubt they paused for even a moment as to whether presence might outcompete, and drown away a voice only just finding it feet from a thousand years of unjust and practically unchecked feudal and class privilege and stratification, as with all human beings who only seem able to concentrate on their personal well being and situation, I doubt they even stopped for breath, and comtemplated the impact on this native culture and its fragile cohesion. They were here for one thing, the ludicrous concept of approved off segregative multiculturality and the welfare and materialistic benefits of moving to a western civilised nation ? and now we must live in one of the most fractured cultures in europe, where only the filthy media can manage to programatically paint over the population, a thin veneer of happy clappy multicultural shine, over the deep dark well of discontent and distrust that now marks our culture, which in endless denial we refuse to recognise.

And Europe ? that rubbish just allows the more self agrressive commercialist types, self promotional internationally minded, culturally non denominational self servers, to roam further and abuse those less self agrandising gentler types in other nearby lands, I don’t Identify with that either.

I do on the other hand Identify with all the native peoples of the world and their fundamental right to maintain theyre own cultural identity whatever it maybe, determine the direction of their own culture, so as to enhance and maintain that beneficial biodiversity of human cultural groups. But the culture of the country of england is being slowly and inexorably overwritten by a culture of, approved of class replacement with foreign people. By a class who as of yet, have not had to compete with, or pay the price of such immigration, that they approved of and legislated for.

Community there is no “community” in England here anymore, Oh theres ethnic minority community representation and religious community representation, and sexual community representation and other such inhuman masonic groups serving there own self benefit, but is the english native community represented fairly by politics and government from within that maelstrom of speratist voices ? in my opinion that hasnt occured for sixty years.