Financial Times is for rich C***S – surprise surprise !

People who can’t afford their own homes cant afford £5.35 per week in order to comment – thats feudalism, so dont expect your website to be full of anything but the thoughts of a wealthy minority.

The buy to let feudal philosophy is harmful for societal cohesion and balance, if Osborne’s measure doesn’t drastically reduce buy to let, we need ‘more extreme’ measures to tax multiple house owners and landlords, oh landlords you’ll just up your rents will you? this assumes you’ll find people who have no choice but to pay it, for a roof over their head, and pay the new costs for you, how convenient to have some serf to pass the financial buck to? I would advise all young people to move to the only affordable areas left in the UK and spend their life energy in such places where homes are more affordable otherwise you’ll be renting from these scum when your over 40, Let the buy to letters have their fiscal home ownership apartheid until no new serf renters are found, try never to pay anyones mortgage if you can help it, but don’t become a giganto mortgage slave either. The system is rotten it needs correcting one way or another.

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