Second Life Marketplace , lack of relevance in search results

bad search results relevance wise

Ok this is feedback re the marketplace, my sales on xstreetsl used to be like once a day, since the changes LL wrought, moving xstreetsl into the marketplace and then removing magic boxes and implementing their new system, all these disturbances now mean, I seem to get no sales per day, that is my experience of the impact of LL’s decisions, obviously SL avatar numbers have changed allot since then, so it cant all be lain at your door re the changes you have implemented, but the effect is dramatic, Now this bothers me, but a much more damaging problem is the lack of relevance of search results in the Marketplace ?
for example – humour me –
do a search for banana or any fruit orange etc, fruit happen to be the things that I sell.

The fact that the specific individual banana objects, barely turn up on the first pages and instead island sets and clothing coming up instead shows how awful the search results formula is, even when set to filter by relevance, how are people supposed to find relevant objects except by wading through multiple pages of mainly unrelated stuff, I know this cant be helping sales for anybody’s objects. The results it returns on page when I search for banana ? > a stripy b&w shirt top is coming up, well before a banana fruit of any description let alone the banana i am selling, This needs resolving, I certainly also find it ridiculous the top level categories and a “food” category does not even figure in that? you’ve buried it under Recreation and entertainment ? why ? who would think to look there ? The net gist of my arguments is that marketplaces search results are effectively making it look like there are very few such bananas on second life or any relevant objects, ie the quality of the search results are really very poor when it comes to being relevant to the search criteria used ? LL really need to work on this. This could be resolved by a not relevant to search results button ? which Marketplace learned form or ranking single keywords higher than overuse of unrelated multiple keywords ? whichever way at the moment the search results in marketplace arent very good, and im not just saying this for my own benefit im saying it for the benefit of the search results in general.

Use of pointless and ill thought out headline statistics, designed to engineer opinion in the simple minded.

heres was the marketing slogan

“FACT: More coal is consumed within 600 kilometres of beijing than in the entire united states”

As a paid supporter of Greenpeace, No doubt there is too much coal use and pollution from it near beijing and I agree with your belief in caps on coal, this is understood, but I disagree with your use of statistics here as marketing, as it seems a little weak when described this way, your talking the diameter of a 1200 kilometre wide circle around beijing, thats a very large area of 1,130,973 km squared ? maybe there is better and more meaningful statistic to use than this, as I think people with half a brain for mathematics wouldn’t be too shocked by that area use unless they understand the amount of coal consumed in that area ? the ratio of coal v nuclear energy production between the two countrys etc, as im sure the majority of americas coal consumption occurs in an even smaller area ?

the word “FACT:” in caps as though its being shouted, though it may be a fact, the question is what is the real relevance of the fact … surely ? some facts are positive and are some are negative, its the weight of a negative statement and fact that is important, as the severity in meaning of such a statement will bring attention to an important cause, and it is vitally important for organisations who should work at the moral end of the spectrum and fight to preserve the truth at all times, otherwise they undermine their own position and argument ?