The BBC now asks the “Cheeky Girls” for their opinion on immigration rather than presenting a natives viewpoint

The unending failure of the BBC to represent the native british persons viewpoint, which surely is a failure of remit considering its the ‘British broadcasting corporation’, they are just a filthy propaganda machine for immigration multiculturalism and european liberal wealthy ideology’s, certainly that has been the ratchet effect of propaganda based enforced representation.

bbc propaganda page here

This is one of the most insulting and crass videos created by the BBC, allowing foreign people living in our midst to promote the idea that the british people are lazy and foreign people aren’t, which is why we should always bend over and and allow them to over-run our cultural borders. The BBC is a criminal organisation, committing organised crime against a culture by promoting the segregative multi-culturalist ideology of a minority liberal wealthy power class against another much more dis-enfranchised majority.

Here is the wisdom of a cheeky girl paraphrased by the BBC !

British newspapers have portrayed her fellow Romanians as “lazy workshy people” the Cheeky Girl singer Monica Irimia said in her This Week film on immigration.

She thinks the UK benefits system made it “too easy for some” and the government should do more to encourage people to work.

But the singer said the blame should not be put on immigrants legally claiming what they are entitled to, as she recalled how her record company went under and how she could have lived off benefits in Britain.

She said the prime minister could freeze benefits, but he must not close the door on immigration from the EU. Restrictions stopping Bulgarians and Romanians working in UK are set to be lifted next year.

WTF WTF who the fuck is she to be pontificating about what should be done !!!!!!!

The BBC takes no comment on the post as usual for fear of the publics opinion, as it like to censor opposing or descenting views by not representing them or allowing them airtime in the cultural imagination.

The media the government and industry have exhibited no ability over the last 40 years to preserve or represent the rights of native people to self determinism or true democracy, they have never cared for or asked for the opinion of the native man on the question of immigration in fact they deliberately set off down a road as fast as possible that revolved around ignoring the common mans opinion of this matter, as though in some liberal paternalistic way they knew better, this behaviour as always wreaks of ego and that of the gambler who having made a bad bet rather than learning from it and facing their failure, repeatedly doubles up, continuing with false faith in their erroneous gamble. and in attempt to bolster their own views whenever there is clear evidence that this decision was not beneficial they have attempted to ignore such evidence and turn all the harder full speed for their ideological agenda. This price of this blindness has has been to erode our cultural identity at every turn by the idealogical agenda of the international liberal set, ideology whose net result in practice has always been to shit on the vocal opinion of the native class of poor who cannot represent themselves potently within their own culture power and control structure as they are generally ignored. Politics … like the banks and the media are currently morally, intellectually and culturally bankrupt.

A school with no english pupils and none whose first language is english

complete government failure over the last 50 years to curb immigration is leading to the removal of native british people from their own culture

And who said the process of invasion hasn’t gone too far ? (sorry immigration) christ its not too do with if your children are academically competitive, whether you try hard etc we under utilise even the average workers intelligence in the uk we dont need intelligence, because we dont have an economy geared to provide it with opportunities or a challenge, what we can offer people in the uk is the smallest dwellings in europe, the longest work hours the highest stress, and increasingly the least culturally cohesive culture in europe, why should the majority even struggle to garner the share of meagre over priced resource available in our culture when even being a millionaire in london is liable to buy you no more than a pokey highly pimped 3 bed flat ? a passport may in the eyes of the government make you technically british, but no lazy burocrat’s pen or stamp can ever make you culturally english at a stroke, perhaps you perceive your economic contribution to be greater ? and that is all the british native is concerned over and garners you a right to remain or if your happier to work for less, live in worse conditions and temporarily provide cheap labour, before inevitably aiming to shove your spawn up the class hierarchy, these corporate entity beneficial qualities in the end ultimately dilute the further the minimum standard of civility and living conditions for those natives near the bottom who struggle, it is necessary for hard limits to be put on immigration just to maintain a sense of unity and a sense of cultural identity within a culture, I personally value cultural identity beyond pure economy & money, its to do with the idea that natives anywhere in the world are not substitutable and completely replaceable in a governments imagination at every turn for cheaper foreign labour or more competitively aggressive individuals from elsewhere.

28 teaching assistants ! wow that sounds like a costly tax expense to accomodate the language differences or are they unpaid volunteers ? its cheaper for us all to speak the same language, the language of this culture … you know … english.

archers = mind vomit

gay farmer having an affair with east european farm hand ? thanks archers yes thanks allot for the simpering hideous setup its repulsive, turned off as soon as I noted your cynical plot device.

christ almighty is there no end to the … for the sake of salaciousness, grubby cynical bullshit plot manoeuvres and characters, The archers is already this hideous stereotype of rural english culture, but there seems no device they will not stoop to, there is no limit to the depths this nasty radio program won’t got to, to maintain viewership . People in the media seem like a liberalist virus designed to destroy this culture through an endless enshrined multiculturalist polysexual enshrined mantra of rubbish.

the chipping norton set should not have power

why are the chipping norton sets the ones with power

Cameron and his ilk up that way are parasites on culture, lets be honest i would never entrust to such a person with the defense of our borders they live in a false idyll compared to where the majority live, until theyre sending theyre children to a state academy school in finsbury park or brixton, then I dont think they have a right to pass judgement on multiculturalism and immigration as a wonderfull and primary belief, that must be entrenched and indoctrinated into the common people at all costs, such as we appear to experience in this culture, and lockup all those who dont believe in and rally against it, this is a fascist liberal state we are living in that is committing people culture suicide, purely so as to appear super ammicable and non racist in some ridiculous overt who can be more multicultural than america competition. America was founded on immigration britain was not, certainly in the 500 year time frame. ANd i personally feel that the level of immigration and multicuturalism that has been enforced on the major urban centres has been completely out of control for forty years. And this government is no different in investing money to defend the rights of foreign people abroad rather than actually defend our own borders, which should be the primary purpose of any army. Certainly I would be much happier to see someone become prime minister who had seen all sides of british culture, not just from another privileged background such as cameron.

That posh prig who runs London the capital of your supposed country

the charismatic public school prig who runs london

hmm … the grinny dizzy blond lives in a £2.3million house in london, surprise surprise, theres a real measure of what a quality family home in London costs ? and no wonder half of the native poor people in this shitty city, live in permanent disbelief as to how they’ll ever afford to exist in this capital in a civilised family manner, when that price, is what a real home actually costs, and no doubt so much more again for schooling that wont leave you children fit for a soon to be outsourced call centre.

The on yer bike bit, is just politico class camoflage to cover his hypocritical oaf tracks and bamboozle the masses with the I’m one of the common people touch, but hey councils all over London are by insane overpaid eurocrat dictat having to pay for oversized refuge familys and foreigners of all sorts, to live in equally expensive houses and streets as Boris’s, ahead of the british public, and at the expense of my taxes, whilst I myself the single white native urban male have no future or prospect in gaining any kind of property in London at all before it is low enough in price to be bought ahead of me by the government encouraged multiple home owning , property renting monopolist set.

Unless of course as they proffer to oil my situation with that OH SO sweet choice : that is my only option, I can always buy a 25% share in some flat pack, crap constructed, one person worker drone, unsuitable for raising a family, stacked rabbit hutch, of a tacky flat in outer zone 25, as my first foot on the morally rotten ladder, oh cheers truly cheers, yes why don’t I grind my ass off for the rest of my life to make some bastard selfish foreign only worker employing london property developers profit margin fatten, and then even when owning that 25% share still pay another 75% in f’ing rent anyway ! whilst paying double that 25% mortgage back as a loan to some bank who just screwed me with their blackmail about societal collapse unless the money theyd stolen from or illegally loaned to the people, was replaced with a forced public purse bailout last year, so they can readily drink champagne in some tart bar in london this very year, as they hand themselves bonuses big enough to buy said flat outright twice over ? hmm … that sounds just ? why don’t I support that corrupt system ?

Forget it … I’d rather bring the whole fucked up sorry system down than aid or support such a selfish hypocritical bunch of self serving cunts, in maintaining theyre precious over inflated private wealth and property portfolios, another reason why the house/land owning set : love immigration : population pressure keeps house prices up, see how nicely everything dovetails for them, another win win … No wonder the system seems to function this way, very convenient the way all the feedbacks seem to benefit this property class group ? who mainly originate form the sixties and to seem to be ransoming all space owenrship in this country out of the reach of their grandchildren, so they can continue to fund a standard of living future non inheriting generations are unlikely ever to see. Now say can you see … by the dawns early light : why a housing crash might for some people be a wished for thing ? to bloody well address and resolve the vast divide and injustice that is splitting this culture in two parts, those whove been made crazily rich through lazy property speculation, and those whove actually done something enterprising to earn the small but pointless savings wealth they may have mustered only in order to possibly one day defect to the unfair side of the property divide ? if it ever comes out of orbit into some human range ? of course free movement inside europe has done nothing but ramify these injustices meted out on the native static poor, in favour of the mobile international self loyal wealthy.

Property crashes are just a rapid and often needed form of wealth redistribution, just as invasions and empire are a very crude form of cross cultural fertilisation and technological propagation, theyres always in any population of this size going to be those that get injured in such large scale dynamic events. Yet immigration the tool of choice, to provide industrial private wealth vehicles with an ever addicting source of better value more compliant labour is too much at the expense and always has been of the native lower classes, it is now no longer well hidden or even in vogue or desired by the public apart, from perhaps the most comfortable floppy haired fuckers in houses worth £2.3 million who foster cheap thai labour as housemaids to do their laundry for them, so they can rush off and have more important middle aged man coffee mornings, with a bunch of likewise eager for self benefit overpaid cunts, who can decide how to wreck the capital all the better in favour of women, minoritys, gay people and the foreign imported types who they surround themselves with ? perhaps they should do their own housekeeping and laundry, rather than normanesque invader style look for some other less fortunate to be their paltry paid slave ? now that the native man doesn’t wish to play ball ? with such schemes as : “i’ll talk and be paid lots of money for messing society up and you can labour and be paid immorally less and pay my tax tab for fucking things up ?”

Immigration as such, is like any over used tool, it should be fully rested for a period, before it itself creates dangerous unrest. And the entrants to this isle fully absorbed and the culture repurposed retooled and unified, written along more public and social lines suitable for a renewal of cultural acheivement.

And note how in this new era the idea of ‘public wealth or property’ has been marketed to mean the most backward and unholy of holy/obvious of economic mistakes, when the concept of public ownership was in fact the only thing that actually enfranchised poor people to believe in their own culture, that we communally had a share in the culture. Its a pity this was replaced with the false concept of new wealth distribution by margaret through selling the public into playing this game called “private shares ownership”, btw “those who dont want to buy shares or cant afford to play will be the losers” and their share will be divided amongst the rest, this was the biggest con ever played as we already all publicly owned what she was selling back to the few, in the sense that there was a transfer of wealth from the whole of people to the private few individuals with spare capital, for a temporary tax relief in the present for us all. Purely because the bureaucracy that governed such public entitys was growing increasingly ill governed, inept and union controlled to succeed financially or so we we were persuaded at the time.

Of course the russians were to have this same trick played on them some point later, and on a much grander scale for bigger natural resource stakes, the general poor exchanged the shares everyone was given for a few days food or were coerced to do by those part of a criminal insider plan (better at least than the british scenario in which we had to pay for ownership of our own shares ?), so that a few priviliged russians like Mr Abromovitch and his oligarch ilk could lord it over the rest of the further improvished russians whose share in their culture and its resources was stolen, so that this jewish business tycoon could build the largest motor yacht in the world : joy joy, I guess thats payback on a nation for the pogroms ? its just a little unjust that the majority should suffer so greatly, for so few to wallow in such pointlessly galactic wealth ? but then i guess too many people are not shot through with a spine of personal morality, and lacking it are perfectly happy to disenfranchise a nation and its population.

Successive political sets since the thatcher era have done nothing more but repeat the formula and back themselves into a corner with such privatisations until now as the current government returns and opens the cupboard door, to privatise some more, theyres only two things left on the shelf, ‘health care’ basically already so outsourced as to be private healthcare paid for by the taxpayer already and further hidden change along this path, and the pension black hole that is the ‘postal service’, and what do these two final privatisations mean ? the end of that most fair and honest word “public”. And death to that word now means that americas corporate cultural economic wrecking influence on britain is now complete ! Britain is now nought more than a little clone of America in these regards. And in this current era in which we realise the public as an entity, is now threadbare, naked, beholden and in the full sway to private wealth agendas at every turn. This amongst the most foolish unbalanced and ill moderated trends of the second half of the twentieth century. Which has almost irrevocably damaged democracy, as without cultural or economic influence government is but a sideshow, and to be honest the EU has seen to that already, unless of course were prepared to turn toward real and more radical political change.

Screw Boris and all his prig public school scholarship origins or not ilk, they and the media set that promote them are making me ill with their profligate existences leeching off and paid for by the general taxes, whether as the with the media set and there covert taxation the license fee or otherwise.

I’ts the people of this comfortable class whove i’ve come to conclude, whove have had it in for the native poor all along. They all love to be seen on the right side of the “racist against native people” positive discrimination employment law agenda, certainly when it comes to councils or front facing services or mp’s employing personal assistants etc regardless of their criminal records or citizenship status, or dodgy religious activity’s, as it makes them feel better about the slow cross generational genocide they’ve been committing on certain class groups, through steady but certain overwriting with foreign people through unexposed societal disenfranchisement, aimed toward the native poor classes of this capital, who unlike those who implemented it, paid for the consequences of immigration itself. To benefit the more compliant recently arrived foreign anyone.

We should have at least one successful proper french style revolution or class war in this country, to make up for a thousand years worth of dumping on the native poor through immigration or invasion by foreign people at the behest of the self appointed priviliged classes, that seems to have passed for a crappy and inglorious history in this country. and place those at the brunt of it who selfish take more than they need and want to own the excess proportion of cultural wealth, which in turn deprives so many of the minimal required share, to raise a family or really live.

Especially as in the last 60 years the government and media seems to have done nothing but shit on english national identity, by pumping us in the head until were sick to death with propaganda at every turn about how britain needs to be for some unfathomable and unexplained reason a “multicultural society”, segregative or otherwise, aided in this everything american is great, cloned belief, since the fifties by allowing europe to dissolve all sense of national identity throughout europe including britain, and paranoically believing this the solution to preventing a world war from happening again ie to mix everyone in europe up so thoroughly that national identity becomes an embarassment, only availed of and trotted out with flags and pageantry flying, when said governments feel like abusing and killing the lower class ignorant poor theyve engendered in another unjustified foreign war.

This dissolvement of nationality, was probably the philosophy of some obscure 1950’s self inflated jewish intellect or advertising exec in america, who were often the progenitors of such marvellous things as marketing women into smoking for the benefit of the corporate owning tobacco classes (see adam curtis documentarys). And now Have without doubt like most philosophical political influence factors been utterly been debunked of any validity or fallen out of favour, sadly too late of course to undo the damaging effect incurred at the time of such transitory, false and sadly unsustainably fashionable thinking.

How awash we are and fucked over and endlessly dipped in and bathed in an endless melange of convoluted and deceitful propaganda in this country from birth to death. This being the main reason to remain apart from all things, including the successfully executed and difficult to extract oneself from propaganda of everyones childhood, as it is all equally poisonous, whether its nostalgia or manipulative politico programming designed to hinder and injure you or certain class groups, who fail at being selfish and internationalist enough in mindset and agenda. (ie in the historical sense > like the normans lol).

Anyone who tells you were living in a classless society today is quite obviously not awake, the native man who believes in any kind of national identity and unity of culture in this country has quite deliberately been placed in the “under class” of this country for the last forty years and branded a racist to boot. And forcefully been persuaded to transpose and divert his national passion, to belief in supposedly more harmless things football clubs, tv entertainments and fripperous consumerism of every kind or of course as throughout history the truly life damaging religion, of alcohol and its cult-like reverence for its consumption has been used to divert energy from fruitful societal change.

now back to the diversionary starting point of this tirade :

Has Boris got this other chinless wonder woman up the duff ?
is he still living with his wife ?
and how is he profligately able to rent a second flat up the road, is this an indicator he is perhaps overpaid ?
or is it perhaps a sign that means the johnsons familial branch is good at holding its wealth within the family ?
and do we care ?
are we meant to care ?
is this all part of some elaborate form of societal distraction from solving any real issues ?

My children or family, which as yet dont exist, or make up any native constituent in my own country or local school, nor could they perhaps, as ive been programmed to desire to live in a house ill never be able to afford ? and to send them to a better school than is on offer, to such an extent, if they did exist I would probably never get them into a school of any acceptable merit, unless I fake religious belief for some entry into a religiously selective facist school who are still somehow a state funded school which my taxes pay for, yet I wont get into because I refuse to subscribe in some maximally flawed religious bullshit morallity parable from the pre medieval story telling past ? only to be outclassed by some polish or south american/african missionary indoctrinated catholic immigrant family who are more well versed in cheating a primitive system of religious fervour approval, by ass kissing the local vicar ? and lying on a form about attendance ? who wants part of this sick regime.

I certainly don’t care about Boris’s Johnsons private life, or who he has or hasn’t had sex with aledgedly. Its one of the things I’d least like to think about.

Sadly and pointlessly, and to my own self detriment I care about the state of my country my culture and the condition of the decent native poor, to such an extent it hinders my own ability to progress within this corrupt culture, how can this wiffwaff priviliged berk solve any of the serious and so apparently intractable problems of this capital when he is undoubteably part of the problem and stems from the wrong side of the wealth fence. Just like his ex college chum Cameron.

How are both of them, so blind as to see the class injustice and hypocracy that is blatantly apparent, by these two muckas from the same school having so much power between them in these years. Not that clegg is any better, as if liberalism ever represented britishness except in the same milkyness of spine that saw the native people in the isles attemptively written out through invasion by more self serving aggressive populations from abroad, I’m sure the people who shook hands with the danes or broke bread with the anglo saxon invaders initially or collaborated with the normans in their evil intent were milky liberals also. What the liberals don’t seem to comprehend in their pursuit of power, is the last 40 years of english politics have in fact been a liberal era in nature, and I think the native poor have just realised that liberalist mentality of over-ammicability to all and sundry was in fact at their own expense, what the hell was the multicultural agenda but liberalism run rampant. Do they that fear any sense of national identity and unity of purpose realise it this propogandised liberalism rammed down the unrequited throat of the british populous, that in and of itself will eventually engender further right agendas.

Its as if England which was on the verge of solving the last remaining societal sickness of class segregation in the 50’s was prevented from doing so by a class who decided to shit on their rising class enemys by bringing in foreign people to replace those classes, and claim it as some kind of self glorifying moralism. Rather than let their immoral position of overt cultural power and privilige, be further eroded. And today what evolution of power and control away from those priviliged classes do we politically see today ? practically none in my opinion. Unless you consider the minor handover of some power directly into literate and upper class aspiring/admiring and immigrant hands as a marketed and overt gesture of “equality” to mask other deeper societal injustice’s, rather than to even cognate or attempt to resove the disenfranchisement of the lower native classes ? Or any of the other propogandas of recent times, with the overt favour towards further multiplication of groupist division and regionalism theyve engendered in the cultural psyche or the feminisation of culture generally. of course the overt and total division they have engendered in the culture between the landed/house owning, and those on the other side of the fence who must live in rented insecurity beholden and at the mercy of their property owning overlords who control and unfairly share the majority of power and property in this culture, how similarly this parallel’s with times in our historical past ? this last one is probably the greatest and most permanently entrenched divide.

Even in supposedly poor countrys like Colombia, people have pretty much when dictated by necessity gotten away with, however poorly building their own housing, and if society doesn’t provide for a reasonably priced supply of housing ? why not take such a seriously life crippling issue into your own hands ? After all the native for the last forty years has had to see this precious housing be given away to all and sundry from abroad ? And now the only choice to wreck this country by further over development or face disenfranchising entire generations of non claiming english natives out of affording family life, unless theyre prepared to turn morally dubious and push theyre nose into the trough of the now unsustainable benefits system on the verge of collapse, and through tokenised low level life maintenance lose any sense of credibility of voice and stance within culture.

These benefits which too many natives and foreigners alike have grown accustomed to and feel a false sense of entitlement toward, at the expense of the non claiming tax paying poor classes, those who put more in, than they take out, including many of those who seem as yet unable to gain the resources necessary to even start or attract the possibility of family life. Unless like those proportion of immigrants clear and free of the burden of british cultural programming, who arrive fully prepared and unburdened by any sense of cultural impropriety, to abuse the weak bureaucratic systems and throw themselves into hock with kids they havent planned how to afford, except by bailout, from the overly cautious and carefull unbreeding british taxpayer. And in the process perceive that this is the wonder of the british system and that everyone is at it, in which magically the lazy and selfish are paid for their children breeding activitys, even by those as yet who have no family of their own ? through moral belief in waiting to be able to afford it.

To be honest there has been little evolution between today and the 1800’s for me personally in my standard of living ? we dress it up with technology entertainment and overwork, but truthfully I’m worse off than my native great great grandfather and theres no doubt in that for me, whether its measured by family size, wealth or house ownership or societal recognition, britain then was a smaller stage then, but still lying self promotion and social charisma and enjoined attendance to the duncery of culture, sadly as now seem the largest key to societal success and recognition, whether backed up by any true potency of intellect/creativity/skills or not, which is why of course Boris and his pointless flopp mopp draws in the emotionally retarded, And why billy liar blair succeeded also, not that such jobs aren’t poisoned.

And most of this has been compounded by that once “screw the man”, overly everything foreign loving, hippy dippy, sixties set who regardless of theyre talk turned out to be ultimately avaricious and selfish “man” in that expression, who seem to own and have stolen everything from the future generations of young poor, unless the young people in question are of course part of that 60’s class group whose familial mentality of inheritance, sees them alright across the generations, pity my familial group evidentially seem endlessly to throw any gains away through history with some inbuilt sense of rebellion, self sabotage and desire for more than material gain. But its that sense of independence of mindset even from ones own benefit, that has always enabled the intellects within my family to confound the control and power classes generally, with understandings of culture and its inequitys as yet unwritten.

Thank god for death, infertility, insanity and the erosive and corrupting nature of power on personality, without which the world would probably be owned in its entirety by a handful of familys. though many fearful conspiracists would beleive that number to be marginally higher number in theyre vision of reality.

We live now in an era of Impotent government which is the dependent slave of private industry, prostituted by overpaid Bureaucracy, consultancy and quangodom, overruled by europe at every turn, in an aged emasculated an un-evolved democracy, that has only given the common man a vote on which set of indistinguishably similar duffers get the chance, to ruin the country for another four years, and this the same for pretty much the the last 80 years. Boris is just another face in a long line of emasculated and pointless politico fame icons for the plebbs to falsely perceive as a focal totem of their supposed democratic powers in action, and to gain distractional entertainment from, in their dont look at the truth, spiralling down the pan of crumbling british culture.