Nigel Slaters – Eating Together

Christ could this be any more liberal smug wealthy  middle class tuned to tick every ideological bbc agendered box. The word “diversity” is flapped about endlessly, no lower class native British people figure in it, heavens above such people might be offensive to middle class nostrils, it’s basically one ginormous peice of multicultural propoganda – to badly stitch and hold together the broken and now readily apparent mass immigrational multi-cultural agenda the BBC has been hammering unwarranted-ly into the British natives faces for the last 55 years. Complete with little pastiches of arrival storys and the ever growing populations of fuckers from elsewhere taking up space and place, all groups adding to the never ending wonder machine  that is promoted as ‘diversity’. Quick translation – it’s basically just more pressure on struggling natives. The BBC and anyone who works in the industry have got themselves backed into a corner, where they have to endlessly stand apart from the native in promoting a value set the people find it hard to believe in any longer, as those that struggle see the real cost in their own lives.

Automatic account association a flipping nightmare

Automatic account association is something that allot of websites are doing (google logons etc another example would be wordpress sites and logons) and very dangerously in my opinion, sometimes when you resolve tech problems for other people if your not careful the website tries to auto associate a client account with the person supporting them’s private accounts/logins, leaving you with the problem of trying to separate such automatic associations which can be completely inappropriate, again automatic tends to work only for the norm use model.

swearing on the internet – twitters spam filter is rubbish

Yes swearing at companies is fine … because although they try to make you believe otherwise – companies are not “people” … and should not have the same rights as or be treated as “people” … regardless of what american corporate law would try to infer. And yes they are run by employees, but their corporate psychopathy cannot hide behind the front of ‘don’t upset my employees’. Sheeple, may not wish to swear at a corporation … that is their choice, just as its appears to be your choice to lecture others about swearing on the internet, admittedly there is an … ‘agreed overuse’ of aggressive and almost flippant swearing on the internet as exemplified by “Mblyithe’s” comment below as an example. But they’re are some genuine instances where it is needed in order to get some positive reaction from a largely oblivious uncaring deliberately belligerent corporation. “A few manners can go an awful long way” really what … in a tug my forlock – cap in hand … feudally run corporate s******e of a world … kind of a way. Maybe your just saying you have enough money to be comfortable in it? and thereby no necessity to be angry or frustrated ? They’re have been times with many companies where if I hadn’t have been irate on point and unyielding with them, it would have got me nothing … but a sorry “can’t help you”, whilst they direct debited my account every month for the privilege of rubbish service from them. just as being polite is important, so is knowing … when to display your emotion and anger, one cannot always stay calm. Also the amount of unsolicited cold calls and spam texts which arrive are an offence to the right of communications privacy and this generates huge anger in the public and rightfully so, and the indignity of communicating with people in call centres who are just there to waste the customers time as they actually have no power to remedy a situation or the knowledge to aid, without first escalating 2 or 3 levels.

Text selection and copy past in iOS 8 safari = god awful and flakey

If they can sort the god awful text selection issues in safari and flakey as anything copy and paste while there at it that would be good, should never have been released in the state its in. If theres text on my screen that is not a bitmap image > I expect to be able to select and copy it If I wish, and with a single tap selecting a word, a double tap being a line, and triple tap being a paragraph, that text selection analogy has been around since forever – quark did it – no doubt some muppet of a company has patented it up the wazoo or something, because the american patent office will let you patent the sky practically.

Once upon a time … they’re was no ability to patch post release – so software had to be written 5 times better in the first place, as the commercial repercussions of releasing schonky software were serious, now even apple throw stuff out the door on the basis they can patch it afterwards and sometimes the updates don’t even correct the bugs or worse they brick your device, my iphone was fine from the shop and bricked as soon as i updated it at home, sometimes your left waiting a year for pretty obvious bugs to be fixed, more importantly is that they release patches that are worthy of the word that really fix the issues and in a timely manner.

Dr Who a program that adheres to the agenda of representation rather than great writing

Dr Who … a program that spends more energy adhering to the agenda of multiculturalist representation and obviously so, rather than great writing.
This is a multicultural agendered program rather than british sci-fi

episode 8:4 starts with these
‘perfect predator’
‘perfect defense’

so it could set up ‘perfect hiding’ blah bullshit

lost me right there … complete tosh

and evolution with a survival type Attenborough bullshit mantra

(1) do not start an episode with shit false postulations.

the meme of the behind you type spirit, is a good one, buts its ruined by setting up a false premise

itunes backup – general apple insanity

Ok having Read This thread – lets summarise :
Itunes is as usual bad and tries to stunt the user in terms of file access or controlling anything
when I choose to “SYNC” or “APPLY” that does not necessarily mean I wish to “BACKUP” – such two events I would prefer to control separately
When people manually choose to “BACKUP” that does not mean they wish to incrementally throw information away and remove any older backups ?
As it maybe from the users perspective they are trying to create a restore point to come back to later ?
And apple assume your running the over animated obscure file format drive filling and wasting > ‘time machine’ guff in ordered to be covered in their eco system. I like to see my files when backed up, not having to view them through an idiot party interface, which may disappear or stop working at some point in the future, and wastes processor cycles showing me an a wastefully animated starfield as I’m not the kind of idiot who responds to such guff, remote controlling a machines full screen animated time machine interface on a 27″ screen – worst internet bandwidth waste known to man – yuck.
iphone backups are singular per device and incremental and you are only covered if your running apples heinous time machine
you can never roll back to an earlier software or reinstall the software your ios device came with unless your an arcane nut who stored some SH blobs and want to hoick about – searching endless – often locked apple forum posts or the internet in general.
anything apple does will always be stored in some user incomprehensible format with backup file names like
you can always trust apple not to do anything in a sensible way
why because apple don’t really like users or files or sanity
I can see a future in which apple deliberately tries to obfuscate the idea of “the file” from the users view – I dont trust apple with that.
rinse repeat the usual guff and btw the iTunes 12 slurps D***** D*** < make your own insult up < / censor this apple

Indian call centre microsoft tech support scam

As a person who does tech support for many client, It depresses when I hear of ordinary people caught by this scam, please do not get caught by it, and don’t talk to anyone indian on a phone any longer, indian people have burnt theyre respect by the wilful abuse and criminality of a few indian call centres.

if a dialog comes up on your computer claiming theyre are multiple things wrong with your computer and that you need to call a microsoft technician, then please do not ring that number.

Rosemary Tonks devolved to the one book not her own, scenario

comment re rosemary tonks article

All things break, even things that once were coherent, coherence is beauty … and just as beauty… also fades. Sad to imagine her mind, so washed into the sway, of a paltry dire fiction, not her own. But we must not greave those brought back to the earth, by the gravity of their lives, in comparison with those who escaping, defy such bonds forever… such persons are rare and abnormal.

BBC still trying to defend beeching

BBC still trying to defend beeching
1: Beeching could have mothballed the lines and stations, retained ownership of land and stations instead he expensively and deliberately destroyed them. Making the future re-instatement
And re-use of said axed infrastructure, cost astronomically more in the future privatised prices to rebuild from scratch.
2: He was from ICI, and merely applied the bean counting he learnt in chemicals industry to infrastructure, not an equivalent commodity in any sense, one can reorder chemicals into a warehouse pretty quickly, one cannot get railways back into stock that have have been expensively destroyed.
3: The cost saving and boastful proclamation of a return to profitability never occurred, in fact subsidy went up and up and even exists post privatisation, thereby making the cuts seem more pointless. also it’s not totally vital to make a profit on public infrastructure, that’s partly what taxes should be for?
4: He and his report was used as a convenient scapegoat by successive governments, to cut useful public infrastructure. Really no Englishman should have been found to entrench the governments preset agenda on railway closures.
5: the final truth was that the hand and money of the road building lobby and the car industry was largely behind beechings axe in the rail network, Beeching had to be selected from the chemical industry, as to come directly from the car industry would have been to obvious – though mcalpine had connections etc. and they’re dream of us fitting in with the ‘American car model’ thereby the branch line was set for extinction, as we can’t have small towns not congested with car traffic can we? And where do small towns with visitors which used to have a railway line, put all those cars ? Car parks.

Beeching or otherwise it never makes sense to throwaway and pay to destroy “public” infrastructure, that may become useful in the future with new technology, the same might be said of the coal mines also.

You the bbc were also complicit in playing beechings cause / ideology to the public, no BBC . . . you can’t make Beechings legacy acceptable palatable and you never will, no matter how hard and for whatever reasons you try.