Bullshit catchall posh phrases used by lazy bureaucrats to not respond – whilst pretending to

The exact kind of phrase bullshit undemocratic government departments will use to not reply to you when they pretend to be replying and pretend to be interested in “Your Say” or “Your Feedback”, when in fact it would be more straight forward and honest to admit theyre care for no-ones opinion but theyre own, they will send you back letters with bullshit phraseology like this>

“We note your comments, but I am afraid it would not be appropriate to comment in detail on your points at this stage”

what stage ? … you mean the whole stage prior to you having made your decisions by yourself already, where my input might actually have a slight possible chance of impacting the process in an notable and real democratic way ? instead of just allowing you to write your own ticket as concerns the bullshit process you operate in a feigned pretense of democracy, so as to lazily garner yourself an easy bureaucratic salary ?

these statements are signifiers made by people who know they have the power and situation to be able to ignore you, whilst claiming a good salary and doing little.

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