not big news ? sports teacher resigns Oh and ego’d bribe of police :

This is what sports teacher resigning story’s sound like in the US

no wonder national debt is increasing in America like it is when sports teachers at university’s are paid this kind of money to wank about and resign in a shower of bullshit marketing language, non disclosure and wont sue agreements. my god who the fuck cares ? oh actually its a bit more interesting than that the guy just happens to be a douche also Hey I didn’t have to read it, but its just more proof if any were needed of the extreme disparity between peoples earning arrangements, even though they’re just as shitty and flawed human being if not more so than the fully underpaid nice people of the world, but hey the premiership in this country is all the proof we need that sport should be heading for a good financial crash as all these sports are bloated with debt ego, vanity immorality and self importance and overcharging for what equates to a bit of crappy entertainment.

but then amercians really did export ego and money are everything to the rest of the world, as personal mantras for the modern shallow human being to aspire to. His knickerless accomplice was not doubt also a moral captain of industry, thats why shes so rich and so knickerless, and claiming their societal status meant they could get illegal actions scrubbed from view, because theyre cool and the protectors of legalilty should bend the law in awe of there greatness.

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