how fucked is the UK today

care in the community leads to this : man leaves corpse under sofa for 10 years found on huffington post

stressful job working in the media working on totally crap reality dramas like holby shitty, combined with media egos and too much alcohol with no doubt status and money issues led to this

but equally there are odd self enforcing justices like this occuring

and then of course there the details we cant help but read and wish we hadnt about corroted arteried fucks injecting drugs whilst having a gay sex threesome ? like this

then of course theyre the russian spies who move through england pick up the accent and use it somewhere else like america to talk bullshit as per usual to innocent americans who are a sucker for it: like this and heres the story on huff again you can still get a touch of her russian accent but damn has she tried to bury it and pretend shes english, this is how porous this country anyone can walk assume some english and walk out and pretend they are english somewhere else . Oh like this property developer but hes a killer which is up a step from crappy spying

well I better stop right here the internet is precisely riddled with all the ammo needed to prove we have got our work cut out to make the world a sane and decent place.

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