liberals incomprehension of trumps appeal

here’s a comment by a leftists individual re trump

looking at this pic he reminds me of a fish feeding with those lips!!!

a reduction-ism re trump if there ever was one, they’re not really interested in investigating and comprehending why people might support trump ?

Here is my response from a moderated centrist perspective:

if ‘any’ of the other candidates had a strong policy re: mass immigration and talked honestly and boldly about it, and the importation of people who are bringing in primitive belief systems in their ideological baggage, many of whom, are against western value systems and would hold their belief ahead of their national identity, Trump would have little traction in the US. His appeal lies with lower to middle class America, which due to divisive identity and entitlement politics and a weak economy, has is in fact been polarizing people against each other in the US, this problem has largely been ignored in the USA for 50 years, this community is no longer happy about what the government is doing in its name, subscribing to the tenets of the USA is no longer required which is weakening cultural unity, this is in fact a global problem,

    it can to some extent be reduced down to be a virtue signalling war between the idea of integrative homogeneous cultures and multicultural segregative cultures operating within the territory of pre-existing defined nation states.

. whether they be founded in their current form on mass immigration such as AUS, NZ, USA etc or not.

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