Ed milliband Vocal butt trumpet for the unions F him

I might hate the cameron government for its weak and inneffectual inability to cut immigration figures, but on this front hes right, the public sector pension figures for payments in and out have to add up and make fiscal sense, the difference cannot be subbed up and exploited from poorer recompensed private sector workers.

Public Sector Workers should try it in the private sector for a year, they’d soon realise they’ve often got it easy in contrast to most poor private sector workers, self employed, I’m self employed I earn under £16,000 a year and will no doubt end up on the state pension, The idea these public sector workers with their nice comfy pensions want to preserve their pot, and arent prepared to pay for the actual cost of providing the value in their own pensions, the poor private sector taxpayer with rubbish or no pensions can’t sub up these people anymore, the pubic sector seems riddled with self entitled balding union men, feminist women and immigrants all bonded together by the magical solidarity of the desire of money from the taxpayer. And allot of these public sector workers are employed to serve another group of people who live under a false umbrella of self entitlement the benefits system. Theres a building with solar panels near me called a “refugee therapy centre” ? No public money should have been or ever should be wasted on this kind of rubbish. The only valid point the public sector workers have is the the bankers have not yet been made to learn any lesson, they are still to be dealt with. If anyone was to be taxed it should be the bankers, but lets be honest if you let the unions get their selfish way they can wreck an economy > I lived in the seventies I remember. You cant expect to be given, what you aren’t paying for, simple logic.

Some public sector workers get three years severance pay ? at the taxpayers expense ? wtf I get 0 severance pay in my line of work, you just go out and find new work …

“The workers united will never be defeated” ? that kind of crap is only valid in a culture that lives by economic sense and and has the spare / slush capital to pay for such bullshit sloganistic diatribe spouted by the ignorant, public sector workers have never generated the taxes necessary to pay their own wages, that responsibility comes down to the private sector.

Decent men and women day in day out … being attacked ? emotive and unproveable language ? decent how would anyone know ? attacked ? attacked plain emotive, an insistance that you pay in enough money, to pay for your own pension draw at the end its simple money logic.

Pensions over the last 20 years have always worked on the wrong assumption re working population doubling, pensions are not a pyramid scheme, you need to pay a measure proportionate to the money youd eventually like to take out, money doesn’t just magic out of anywhere. revisions to the compensation offered in peoples pensions is dependent on economy and markets just like anything else. Which currently are in the tank and will remain so for some time.

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