Suspended jail sentence ?

What is the reality of the words “suspended jail sentence “, do people actually ever serve these suspended sentences ? or is this a quiet way of slipping under the mat, that these people rarely serve the time they are convicted to serve ? like the swiss I think this bulgarian and all foreign people without citizenship of this this country who commit crimes, should serve their sentences at their home countrys expense and be repatriated to their country of origin, and refused entry into the UK in the future. This arangement could be likewise meaning all british people abroad serve their sentences once convicted in this country, ie the country of origin should pay for its own troublemakers ? unless that country in which the crime is commited are happy of the jail warehousing business. ie its 5 times less costly to house a prisoner in bulgaria say than here ? In the UK we are equivalently spending £49,200 a year on each prisoner when cost burden of related benefits for dependants are included, and this an insult to the struggling poor paid less than this per annum in this culture, who pay for these prisoners welfare through their tax burden. To be honest the conservatives should wake up to the idea of outsourcing the long term sentenced violent prisoners within the prison system to russian prisons or somehwere where the burden on the taxpayer is much less, after all all theyve outsourced all the services for decent taxpayers, why not the services that serve the criminal ? problem is the eu human rights brigade would go mental and prevent us from doing so, even if we democratically voted for it, because in reality the EU is over-ruling democracy in this country at every turn.

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