Religion in culture today

In my humanist opinion its now time to stand up and say … all religion is a medieval divisive irrellevance in the world today, im perfectly happy that sexual rights issues are causing religious fracturing, as religion has had its fair turn at destroying the unity of this culture with over the top belief, in happy clappy multi-culturalism, as christians by their doctrine have to beleive in a church open to all, ahead of any sense of native cultural unity or identity. All things provide some benefits including religion, whose legacy of music and architecture cannot be denied, regardless of the suffering involved in its creation.

Religions now apparent fracturing, is compensation against churches that have survived in recent times by acting as communitys centre for mainly foreign peoples, who have been indoctrinated abroad by morally dubious missionary work, only to then move to live in this country and zombie like maintain ailing religious attendance and activity in this culture by taking over churches and using them as a place for masonic like, self serving ethnic minority community activity, and ostricising the non attending native even further in the process, sadly it is the traditonal branches of christianity in this country that are being subsumed by this fracturing, and the other branches of religion, islam etc that are cohesively on the rise, this distresses me greatly for a country who historical roots of religion stem from celtic/christian origins. But this is the price christian religion will have to pay for having meddled and messed with native peoples the world over, whether in the uk or elsewhere.

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