housing benefit reform weakening ?

Interesting to note that the government is delaying the implementation of limiting housing benefit to £250.00 a week for individuals, is this the sign of the fact that they dont have the balls to implement any of their policies ? also interesting to note that this new yet to be enforced minmum : £1000.00 per month that is on offer is 2.5 x more than what i spend on rent per month as a single individual living in a flatshare in london ? does this mean to say that for a large number of years people have been claiming housing benefit of well over £1000.00, at my partial tax burden expense, so they can live in a flat of their own and I live in a flatshare ?

YES is the answer, theyre must be huge numbers of people living in flatshares in less than jolly conditions, who are in fact paying via their taxes for a whole load of lazy sponging cunts to live in better conditions than themselves ? when didnt I notice that the housing system in this country had become this profligate and aggregious iniqitously unfairly distributed system ? that damages and assualts the active and self sufficient to often serve the terminally dependant ? notice that this £250 a week goes upto £400 a week for four bed propertys, presumably only available to the breeding claiming sort, who have worked out that having sex without a condom is profitable if you are lazy ? And the truth is, which class of people benefit the most from these sums of money being spent, The minority of multi house owning renting landlords who receive this money ? basically the housing benefits system has over the years evolved to benefit two types of people :

1: the lazy who perceive they are somehow entitled to free housing without working for it, and are prepared to have children to get it.
2: and those who equally lazy wish to earn good income without working, by renting those propertys to that people who claim housing benefit.

these two groups of people in my opinion are operating in covert cahoots to defraud those who belong to neither groups 1 and 2, and these groups is whom the housing benefit system serves, the people in culture who pay their own way and pay taxes, appear as usual to be the dummy patsys of this culture, who foot the bill for everything and must suffer to afford the excesses of others.

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