House prices relative terms since 1936

But if we want to talk about the real killer item for native british young it’s property value increases in houses. my grandfather bought a detached house with a large corner garden, lounge, dining room, 4-5 bedrooms for £600 outright with no mortgage in 1936 in Shirley Birmingham, after having saved up to buy it (was lost to the family after his death during my fathers teenage years), in real terms the relative cost including inflation would be £31,332 in today’s money, that house in actual price terms today would probably cost around £400,000 pounds today. The british population in 1936 was 47 million, today it’s not even double that in the UK so population increase doesn’t justify it quite ? US in 1936 had 127 million people and they now have well over 307 million today. I guess in relative terms we must have built very few houses since 1936 ? and more broken family’s, but a 12.5 times increase above and beyond inflation ? whichever we don’t need more people in this crowded island till they sort this housing issue out.

Meaning since 1936 it’s become 12.5 times more expensive for a person to buy a family home in britain ! not including the doubling of that initial price cost by the now essential bank mortgage required to be loaned today in order to buy it, in others words by the time you paid off that £400,000 today you would have paid back roughly £800,000. meaning that multiplier could be as much as 25 times more expensive ? since your not buying outright ? obviously with deposit a bit less ?

No wonder young people are dis-enfranchised by the I’m alright house owning property speculating set ! they’ve benefited from a 12.5 times property increase in relative terms.

When an asylum seeker in this capital is given a family home paid for by housing benefit they are equivalently stealing in value the equivalent of winning the lottery in london for a poor person who doesn’t use the benefits system ? such is the value of a family home in london, and this wanker governement keeps dictating that all these foreign fuckers must somehow be housed at whatever expense, because of bullshit human rights law ? nobody has the rights to live in a £700,000 pound house off benefits ? at the tax expense of the native non claiming poor … its insane, houses are worth too much in relative terms to be giving houses away in london like this > God I hate what this country has become. And the government wonder why there is a growing distance between the moneyed powered housing set in government, and the young self reliant poor of today, who seek the standard of their forebears, home and family.

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