Blizzard warcraft Forum Censorship, region transfer.

Blizzard has engineered the forums to ignore feedback and create an aura of fear, in an attempt to censor descent or argument with blizzard views within the threads.

The forums are run by blizzard :

all companies/product forums should be operated by companies independant of the brand they have been setup for, where the power of the company/brand their related to, has equal or less weight/power to that of the users, if the forum is owned and operated by the brand, then it just gives itself all the power it needs to fully censor the forums to the point of uselessness to the users. Forums are for the users benefit and not the company, its where the user gets to have there say and not the other way round.

lack of forum anonymity :
Because your forum posts are now totally associated with your warcraft account, you can likely have your char banned for posting anything blizzard doesn’t like the taste of on their forums, which means that any real argument, from the users point of view is moderated to the point of bland sacharin uselessness.

No active subsciption means, no way of commenting or posting on forums in most active areas.

Blizzards forum law means you must have an active subscription, to post on the forum : ie if you have a battlenet account and have suspended your wow subscription, you cant post anything to most of the forums threads, regardless whether your reason for inactive subscription, is due to an issue you are trying raise and get resolution for on the forums. And lets face it whether I Have an active subscription or not, I purchased and have a licence for the game product you sold me and should be able to comment on that game. The image snapshotted from the forums implys my game licence has expired which must be bullshit ? my active subsciption has expired but not my original licence for the game, unless you somehoew magically invalidated my serial ? I flippin paid for ? which would be against trade descriptions surely ?

The above forum reasons is why I have to put this discussion here because I can’t comment on the thread on the actual blizzard forums, this post was created by raedel and refers to the usual ignored region transfer request as to why region transfers have not been made possible. blizzards reply are in italics raedels original post in bold italics and my responses to blizzards weaksauce replys in

indented quotes

Whenever they want to play on their acct. at my place we just go into the and change it up a bit. So i don’t see it as a client-side issue. If it is, what exactly is the issue clientside? .

The issue client side comes to what Locale you have installed & what happens on patch day.

Your change only works as your going from English on the US realms to English on the EU Realms. As you can imagine it may cause a problem if you were switching between say French and US English.

There is a folder in your Data folder that’s name is 4 characters long that denotes what locale you have installed. This contains region specific data in it. The data in them has subtle differences between the locales.

    This could be resolved by allowing people to do this region transfer, only once per account per year. The process would go something like this, first you would choose a server in the the new region. Once the new server was decided, the subscription would be made inactive, for however long the process would take, then you Blizzard would automatically exchange/convert/swap say the US the game licence number into a different region one ie EU etc, and deactivate the old licence number, and then the characters would be re-associated with this new game licence, and the chars moved to the pre-chosen server, then the subscription would be reactivated, and a mandatory redownload of the game or game patch to convert the client or wtf mod perfomed by the game client to correct for the region would ensue, all for say a fee of £25.00 say, this would be fair ? if worse comes to worse id behappy to buy a new copy of the game in my region of choice if this made the transfer easier for blizzard ? The likely uptake and unforseen abuse of this would not cause mayhem as it would be one off per account per year, and most people would not desire to operate out of the wrong region as their are disadvantages all the way for raiding/pvp etc. And the greatest uptake of this region transfer servcie would come from very old subscribers who got trapped in the wrong region due to developing their char on US trials, before the EU trials existed, and those who have moved physically between the different regions after creating characters.

The issue on patch day is in one Locale the patch may be out but the other region it isn’t. For more on that please see

    make the region transfer service only available only when the versions between regions are in parity between update cycles … simple ?

05/31/2011 02:52 AMPosted by Raedel
Internet these days is ridiculously fast so i don’t see how the physical locations of the servers play a role in a data transfer between servers as a paid service. It would probably be more expensive. Im not sure exactly how large an amount of data this would surmount to, and if possible i would love an estimate from customer service. It can’t be that much since most of the data is in code and the server-client connections use the code to call up renders from the data already on the server-side computer.

Well for one thing the Customer Service staff are not the server technicians. So I don’t think the technical difficulties that may arise.

It’s possible a security issue. With one Facility in Long Beach / Irvine CA and one in based in France it could just be an issue of not being able to physically pull your character data out of one server and put it in another. I understand that if you can get the data out you can copy it securely over the internet it’s just I don’t think their systems are designed to do it.

    thats right their not designed to do it, what we ARE ASKING YOU as the provider of the game to do : is to “DESIGN AND PROGRAM THAT FACILITY ?”

05/31/2011 02:52 AMPosted by Raedel
By process of elimination this leaves the server-side difficulties as the main issue. Is the problem then on the serverside client’s coding being incompatable between regions?

You missed something out here.

Blizzard Entertainment Europe is run from France with servers in France. The US side is run from California.

As I said above it could just be an issue that the systems were never designed to have data pulled out of them and data shoved into them in the way your proposing.

    and ? why is that a concern of the customer ? If I can email between two said locations, you can if your hearts desired find a way of transferring characters between regions ?? its a network ? you heard of that idea presumeably ? it means you can transfer things between two locations ? if you can backup my character ? you can backup it up to the backup drive of a different region and then install it into the new server from there ?

You have good suggestions the only problem here is the CSF staff are not the developers or programmers. You need to put this sort of thing in an area the Community Managers and/or developers would see. That would be the General forums AFAIK.

    now we get the truth basically were to talking to a customer facing wall of people that are unable to communicate with the coders of the game and make any useful changes at the request of the users ? in others words asking you to do anything on this forum is basically pointless ? give me the email address of the server software coding team, if you dont have meetings with them ?

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