ebay charge too much and is a ripoff

I worked out the other day using an ebay calculator

that in total for a £400 Buy it now item – in total with insertion fees, final value fees and paypal fees –

    ebay are taking in total around 20% of the purchase cost of the item in charges

. and that includes taking fees on the cost of your postage whatever that may cost you – in my case £20 for the particular item, they even charge compound paypal fees on the proportion of money you receive that they will end up taking off you in charges for the auction ? whichever way you look at it ebay is a rip-off, why because thats more expensive in total than selling through a physical auction which normally charges 15% to the seller and alot less for vehicles? a web service like ebay should be around the 10% of purchase level of cost at maximum, otherwise its less cost effective than a physical auction? we should all have an ebay strike where we stop listing stuff for a week in the year, otherwise ebay will never listen.

its time to start using other sites ebid amazon etc

To me this strikes me as absurd that their software website service cant be done more efficiently than for 20% charge ? especially for people with 100% ratings ? what insurance do they need ? ebay must be making huge profits or squandering lots and lots of money and not running the site efficiently enough imo?

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